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Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Chapter 159


Zhao Hai quietly listened to Laura. He hadn't thought that this matter would have such dire consequences. He clearly understood that if a civil strife happened within the Purcell clan right now, then it would affect the entire Purcell Duchy.

While Zhao Hai hated the Purcell clan, that didn't mean he hated everyone that lived inside the Purcell Duchy. If he really hated the whole of the Purcell Duchy, then he wouldn't have sold the Purcell clan food during this food crisis.

However, if civil strife really happened in the Purcell clan, then all that they had done before would've been in vain. The most important part was the impact of this to Laura.

Zhao Hai wouldn't let Laura have an accident right now. Laura was the only channel he had to sell his products from the Space. If anything were to happen to Laura, he wouldn't be able to find and trust others to sell for him. With regards to Zhao Hai, this would be a large blow. Right now, the development of the Black Waste still needed a lot of funds.

Looking at Laura, Zhao Hai asked, ’’What about Buffy?’’

’’I heard that Wind Saint Buffy is going to explore the Carrion Swamp,’’ Laura replied. ’’However, I think this is an ominous decision. Going to the Carrion Swamp isn't good.’’

Zhao Hai froze for a moment and couldn't help but smile. He really hadn't thought that Buffy would unexpectedly still want to go to the Carrion Swamp,. Fortunately, he hadn't brought the slaves out of the Space. Otherwise, as Buffy went on his way to the Carrion Swamp, he would possibly have seen them.

’’Miss Laura, what do you mean by that?’’ Zhao Hai asked, looking at Laura.

’’I came here to inform Mister about the situation in Casa City,’’ she replied. ’’Also, Mister should be prepared. Mister should pay attention to any large firms who may be cornered and act against Mister out of desperation. Furthermore, we are currently ready to make a deal with Evan and help him seize the authority a Grand Duke rightfully has. In the entire Purcell clan, only Grand Duke Evan can work with us. Since Grand Duke Evan has some conscience, he will still care about the lives of those commoners currently living in the Purcell Duchy.’’

Zhao Hai nodded. ’’I have no problem with that. Rest assured, if you require any help, then we will come to your aid. Also, I still have more than five hundred thousand kilograms of bamboo rice. If you wish, you may pick them up.’’

Laura was surprised for a moment. She really hadn't thought that there could still be so much bamboo rice in Zhao Hai's hands. This was too unexpected.

Naturally, it was impossible for Zhao Hai to lack such stock. Zhao Hai had started stocking up even before Laura ran out of her own stored food. To be exact, the amount of bamboo rice that he had stocked up for emergencies wasn't only this five hundred thousand kilograms. Instead, it was nearly 1.5 million kilograms. Zhao Hai hadn't put them all out at once, but only an amount that was enough to last them each trip1.

Laura was overjoyed as she said, ’’This Laura thanks Mister. If this time around, we lose the battle against the big firms, then those big firms are likely to start releasing their own stores of food. By then, Mister wouldn't have any need to prepare such large amounts of food.’’

Zhao Hai was somewhat taken aback, but he understood what would happen. If these big firms really did help the Second or Third Elder seize power right away, then they could reduce the price of the food they release. Then the market in the Purcell Duchy would be stabilized for just a short time. They would help the person whom they supported in order to secure the position, which would initially make them lose some money.

Although this was the case, if the person they helped could seize the position, then they could lord over the market within the Purcell Duchy. When that time comes, if they wanted to make money it would be a piece of cake.

’’Alright Miss Laura,’’ Zhao Hai said, nodding. ’’I will say it again;if ever you encounter any trouble, you may come here to Stony Mountain. I can protect you even against a Rank Nine.’’

If it were before, then Laura would have been suspicious about the use of ancient magic tools. But now, she had no doubts about it. Don't forget, Green had used something like that. Although she hadn't seen it, Green had indeed escaped from a Rank Nine expert and kept his life. This was fact.

Similarly, Laura now understood the value of an ancient magic tool. Laura bowed to Zhao Hai and said, ’’Laura thanks Mister.’’

Zhao Hai chuckled. ’’Miss Laura, when you left this time, you wanted to attract the attention of those people, right? If so, then don't hurry and return. Stay for dinner. I have prepared the fire fish dishes Miss Laura likes to eat.’’

Laura complied, smiling, and agreed to stay for a while. It wasn't the time to eat yet, so Zhao Hai arranged a room for Laura to stay and rest in.

After Laura left the parlour room, Zhao Hai looked at Green. ’’Grandpa Green, what do you think of this matter?’’

Green smiled lightly and said, ’’We cannot control them, so just let them fight each other. Anyways, there is no benefit for us there. If those big firms really dare to move against us, then we won't be polite.

’’On the other hand, inform Drunk and tell them to pay attention. If they see Buffy, they should immediately return. So what if Buffy is going to the Carrion Swamp? For so many years now, a lot of Rank Nines have entered the Carrion Swamp. In the end, only a few have come back alive. If Buffy were to return alive, we can first observe. If he is injured, then we must keep him here forever. That way, we can break off one of the large arms that supports the Purcell clan.’’

Zhao Hai slightly chuckled. ’’I didn't think that things would actually become like this. And remember, Laura had said that Evan secretly helped us. Do you think this matter is true or false?’’

Green, with a deep voice, said, ’’This matter is likely to be true. I felt that the ways the Purcell clan did things had been a little different and this doesn't seem to be Evan's doing. I had seen Evan before and he didn't seem to be an ungrateful person. I always felt that it was very strange. Why had Evan changed so much after becoming the Clan Lord? Also, our clan had been assigned to the Black Wastes and actually hadn't been exterminated by the great aristocrats. I had always felt that someone had assisted us with this matter. If my guess is correct, I am afraid that it could only be Evan.’’

Zhao Hai nodded and asked, ’’Then, should we help Evan?’’

Green smiled. ’’This isn't something we should intervene in, so as to avoid exposure. If, however, we do put our feet in, it will likely usher in a counter attack from the collaboration of the Purcell clan and the large firms. You must remember, our current status right now is that of a black magician. That kind of person isn't popular on the continent.’’

Zhao Hai thought about it and then replied, ’’Anyhow, right now we can just be onlookers. We cannot let our identities be exposed. Therefore, in this matter, we won't participate. In any case, Laura will surely help Evan. If Laura fails, it could be considered as us failing too, so I fear we wouldn't be much help.’’

Green smiled. ’’It is true that right now, we just can't let our identities be exposed. Once exposed, we won't have a place on the entire continent to go to. Fortunately, with our present status, people won't dare to act rashly against us. As long as we don't initiate any trouble, we shouldn't have a problem.’’

Zhao Hai nodded. ’’However, if necessary we should also give Laura some help. If Laura does fail, then we won't have a place to ship our products. The Space produces so many things. If we aren't able to sell them, then that wouldn't be good.’’

’’That's fine,’’ Green replied. ’’If Laura really encounters danger, then we will surely help. After all, our relationship with them swings both ways, so nobody can say anything about it if we help. ’’

Zhao Hai nodded. ’’Grandpa Green, please go and greet Laura. I will go and ask Grandma Meirin to prepare lunch. I will also tell Drunk about the news about Buffy along the way.’’

Green nodded and turned around. Zhao Hai went into the Space where Meirin was currently teaching the slaves. He moved her out of the Space in order to prepare lunch. Afterwards, he told Drunk of the news about Buffy, warning them to be careful.

Although the slaves were sad when they entered the Space, they looked far better now. It was thanks to Zhao Hai's decision to hand out the blue-eyed rabbits. After they entered the Space this time, Zhao Hai gave them meals with lots of meat and vegetables. Such treatment was far better than compared to when they were outside of the Space. This made their mood slowly become better.

Moreover, Zhao Hai had promised them that the things they left behind before entering the Space would be given back after they go out, so they shouldn't be worried. He continued to let Meirin teach them how to read, which made the slaves feel even better.

After hearing that Zhao Hai wanted her to prepare lunch for Laura, Meirin felt very happy. In her view, Zhao Hai had just decided that Laura would be his wife, although he hadn't declared such yet. At least, Laura coming here often would be good. It would be even better if she came every day.

Zhai Hai looked helplessly at Meirin's expression. After moving Meirin out, Zhao Hai didn't bother leaving the Space. He simply stayed inside, waiting till it was time for dinner before exiting.

Seeing Zhao Hai's reaction, Meg couldn't help but feel relieved. She really did fear that Zhao Hai would also like being with Laura, that when the time comes he wouldn't want her.

Zhao Hai didn't go and teach the slaves. Instead, he let them take a rest. Then him, Meg, and Woodhead sat in the Space's spatial hall. He reiterated the news that Laura had told them earlier to Meg.

Meg really hadn't thought that matters would end up like this. Zhao Hai wasn't even finished talking when Woodhead interrupted, ’’Good, go ahead and let them fight each other. The more they fight, the more it is going to be favorable for us. If they fight each other, they won't have time to give us trouble and we can stay secured.’’

However, Meg's concern was actually for another matter. She looked at Zhao Hai and said, ’’Master, if the Grand Duke Evan really did secretly help us, then won't your engagement with the Purcell clan still be valid?’’

Zhao Hai smiled and said, ’’That would be impossible. After all, the marriage proposal had already been drawn back, thus, it is not effective anymore. Even if Evan had really secretly helped us, we will only look for an opportunity to help him back or I'll allow myself to make a deal with them at a later time. Also, I heard that Evan's daughter doesn't have that good a reputation within the Purcell Duchy. Our Buda clan cannot take in such goods. Our little Meg is better than Evan's daughter by a thousand times.’’


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