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Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Chapter 155


Chapter 155: Magic Peach Treats The Wound

Machine Translator: Shif

Editors: Argos Yesu

Upon entering the space, Green spat out a mouthful of blood. Zhao Hai and Meirin were shocked for a moment, then they quickly ran over and grabbed Green.

Green was pale, though fortunately he was conscious. Zhao Hai held Green and asked, ’’Grandpa Green, how are you?’’

The weakened Green looked at Zhao Hai and said, ’’Master can rest assured, I won't die. However, that was a Rank Nine deity which I can't resist.’’

Green's body didn't show any signs of being wounded. There wasn't even a bone that was broken. But after Meirin checked on Green, she saw that his meridians were injured.

If it were only a flesh wound or a bone injury, then it wouldn't be too serious and would just take a little time to recuperate. But if it were the meridians, then it was a very serious injury. It may not hurt much, but fundamentally, there was a chance that one could not be restored to their optimum state.

Zhao Hai wanted to say something when Green interjected. ’’Master, please go back to Fort Iron Mountain. Immediately transfer all the people there and pack up everything, even the undead, back into the space. This time, the Purcell clan would surely send someone to go there and it might even be Buffy who would be going.’’

Zhao Hai was shocked for a moment and hadn't reacted. Meirin, however, immediately said, ’’Master should hurry. A Rank Nine expert is fast and if Buffy arrives earlier than us moving everything, then we're done for.’’

Zhao Hai immediately nodded to Meirin. ’’Grandma Meirin, I'll leave Grandpa Green to you. Meg, Woodhead, follow me.’’ The three complied1 and followed Zhao Hai to Fort Iron Mountain.

The three people appeared in a flash at Fort Iron Mountain. Woodhead immediately organized the slaves so that they could enter the space in the shortest possible time.

Zhao Hai had actually placed various things around Fort Iron Mountain. Now, there were too many things in Fort Iron Mountain, so he could only take as much as he could. He went first to take the millstones and rollers, then took the rabbits and finally the people in the valley.

Zhao Hai hadn't taken and removed the corn seedlings, allowing them to grow well. Buffy wouldn't be able to see the corn seedlings anyway. Even if he could see them, he wouldn't be able to recognize them.

Zhao Hai spent a day or so to collect everything. Then he let loose the undead in order to destroy the castle. Afterwards, he took them back inside the space.

The slaves also had a lot of things to pack up. Although some of these things were worthless, for the slaves they were very important. They weren't willing to throw this and that away.

Zhao Hai really had no other means to take them away. Finally, after a busy night, Zhao Hai finished packing up by early morning. The castle was also restored to its originally ruined appearance.

Looking at the situation here, Zhao Hai couldn't help but hate the fact that he hadn't expected they would go back into the space. This wasn't even because of the Magic Beasts rioting, but rather because of humans.

However, Zhao Hai felt thankful as after they entered the space, a figure appeared within Fort Iron Mountain. This man was Buffy. Zhao Hai took note of him while he was in Fort Iron Mountain. Zhao Hai felt shocked. For the first time, he understood how powerful a Rank Nine was.

From Casa City to Fort Iron Mountain, if they hurried along the normal path, it would still take a month's time. Even if Zhao Hai used his oddly shaped undead, it would still take half a month of rushed travelling2.

What shocked Zhao Hai more was the fact that Buffy didn't walk or run, but rather he flew through the air without anything to aid him.

Zhao Hai was shocked after seeing this scene.

’’The greatest ability of a Rank Nine was to fly through spaces. Therefore, they were called pseudo-gods or Deities. Buffy entered Rank Nine more than nine years ago. As a Rank Nine, he is considered to be a powerful existence. Also, look at his appearance. It seems like he didn't just come here to look for us. Master, please tell Drunk to be careful. Buffy might be entering the Carrion Swamp.’’ Meirin said all this sullenly as she sat beside him.

Meirin was in a bad mood. Green was badly hurt this time, with a lot of his meridians injured. It was difficult to think about his recovery. Even if he did recover in the future, they feared that he wouldn't be able to return to his original state.

Zhao Hai coldly snorted. ’’Alright, we'll just cut off the supply of food to the Purcell clan. Let's see how they can cope with that.’’

Meirin shook her head and said, ’’Master, it is not good to cut off their food supply. If we do, it will lead to retaliation from the Purcell clan. Even if we're not the ones they will retaliate against, what about Miss Laura? We have no choice but to think about her too.’’

Zhao Hai looked on calmly as he firmly shook a fist and said, ’’Such a thing like this is considered finished? I am not that willing to reconcile.’’

Meirin took a breath and patted Zhao Hai's back. ’’Master, we need to endure for now. Later, once we are powerful enough, we can fight back against them.’’

Zhao Hai also took a few breaths to calm himself down. This time, he really was furious. Green was an elder whom he respected. Since he had come here to the Ark Continent, Green had been continuously loving towards him. It was like he were his own grandfather since he cared so much for him. Now that Green had been injured by the Purcell clan;how could Zhao Hai not be angry?

Zhao Hai calmed down, turned to look at Meirin, and asked, ’’Grandma Meirin, how's the situation with Grandpa Green?’’

Meirin frowned. ’’It's not good. His meridians were injured and if they aren't properly handled, then his strength will regress. It may be impossible for him to become a Rank Eight expert again.’’

Zhao Hai gritted his teeth and punched the table with his fist. He hated himself. Why couldn't he enhance his level faster. If he did, then there would be better herbs that could be planted which could help Green recover.

After thinking about the herbs, Zhao Hai suddenly remembered that in his space, there were four magic peaches that were left untouched. When he'd received the magic peach, the space had prompted that the magic peach's flesh could cure injuries.

With a thought, Zhao Hai turned his hand and a large peach appeared. He handed the peach to Meirin and said, ’’Grandma Meirin, please give this peach to Grandpa Green. The flesh of the peach could cure his injuries. However, I don't know much about the effects. Also, please leave the seeds.’’

Merin certainly knew what the magic peach was. However, she hadn't known that the flesh of the fruit could cure injuries. Now that Zhao Hai had taken it out, she thought that it might be possible.

Meirin immediately took the magic peach. ’’Ok, I'll show it to Green.’’ She stood up and walked out of the room.

Zhao Hai stood up and said, ’’I'll go with you.’’

They went to Green's room where Green lay on his bed. His body looked so weak. He had a pale face and the usually serious and strong old man looked so weak right now.

Meg was the one taking care of Green. Meirin entered and immediately placed the peach in Green's hand, saying, ’’Eat this immediately. Master had just taken this out and said that the flesh of this peach can treat wounds.’’

Green was stunned for a moment, then he remembered that there was such a thing. He slowly sat up and impolitely raised the magic peach and took a bite.

He had just eaten through the skin and felt the peach juices flow out. Green hastened to suck it all in. The whole magic peach turned into peach juice and then something different as it flowed into his mouth.

After he extracted all of the juice from the peach, the skin of the peach also turned into liquid and was sucked by Green's mouth. Now, only the seed remained in his hands.

Yes, the magic peach's seed core was different. The seeds of a normal peach had a natural looking pit, while the magic peach's seed was smooth. It was about five centimeters in diameter, dark brown in color, and had a white dot at the center. This small dot bulged. It looked nothing like a peach seed. It looked more like metal, a bit like a scaled down version of a grenade.

Zhao Hai and the others couldn't help but be curious as they saw the peach pit. Although this peach pit had been inside the magic peach, the surface wasn't sticky and it was actually very dry.

Green felt heat flowing through and surging within his body. He quickly placed the peach pit down and started cultivating.

Slowly, the heat flow grew bigger and bigger. Along with his Battle Qi, it flowed throughout his body. His damaged meridians, as long as this heat flowed through, would immediately feel comfortable. This feeling... let's say it were like your whole body had soaked in a hot spring.

Green also studied the Wild Dragon Battle Qi3. In this world, Battle Qi was divided into two versions. One version was the attributed Battle Qi while the other was the non-attribute Battle Qi. The attributed Battle Qi only applied when the attribute of the body and Battle Qi were consistent with each other. Only then could one practice this. For example, if one had a wind element physique, then they could study Wind element Battle Qi. If one wanted to study water element Battle Qi, that would be impossible. They might even get injuries on their meridians, or have an accidental magic discharge.

Although this type Battle Qi had such a limit, it was undeniable that such Battle Qi was powerful. Moreover, practitioners with their own attributes that coincided would have a much faster speed while practicing. This attributed Battle Qi, however, was generally controlled by major clans, with little of it divulged to outsiders.

The other Battle Qi was the non-attribute Battle Qi. This non-attribute Battle Qi meant that anyone could learn it, no matter what constitution their body had. This was the non-attribute Battle Qi.

Non-attribute Battle Qi was also further divided into two parts. One was low-level and the other was high-level. Low-level non-attribute was very common on the continent. Every magic military academy4could learn it. Even the army taught some practitioners such non-attribute Battle Qi practice methods. Wanting to get a positive results from cultivating low-level non-attribute Battle Qi, however, was very difficult.

Another type was the high-level non-attribute Battle Qi. This type of Battle Qi's power wasn't any worse than the attributed Battle Qi, and the number of people that practiced this was very rare in the continent. The Buda clan's Wild Dragon Battle Qi was a type that belonged to this group of high-level non-attribute Battle Qi.


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1 If people remember from before, Stonehead is also supposed to be here. No idea where he went. Anyways, the three here includes Meirin. So Meirin, Meg, and Woodhead complied.

2 Earlier, when Green traveled towards Casa City for the withdrawal of the engagement, he did not leave from Fort Iron Mountain. Instead, he moved from Stony Mountain towards the road between Casa City and Fort Iron Mountain. Then he changed back into butler attire and rushed from there.

3 狂龙斗气 - Kuáng lóng dòuqì. I kinda like how some TLs use Douqi, but it can literally mean fight, struggle, battle Qi. Kuang is Wild, Crazy, Mad while Long is dragon. Wild Dragon Battle Qi.

4 魔武学校 - Mówǔ xuéxiào. Literally Magic (魔) Military (武) School (学校). 魔 or Mócould also mean Devils.


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