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Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Chapter 154


Chapter 154 - Wind Saint Buffy1

Machine Translator: Shif

Editors: Argos Yesu

Green knew who this prestigious voice belonged to. It was the Purcell clan's First Elder, Kaiser!

Green was aware of who Kaiser was. He had some contact with him, but not too much. Thus, this made his understanding of him very limited. Kaiser gave a bad impression to Green as Green felt he was a very hypocritical old man.

However, this hypocritical and arrogant man was currently standing behind another person. This other man looked even more arrogant. He seemed to be of an elderly age with his white hair and beard on his head. His face had wrinkles that looked as though they could clamp mosquitoes dead. He wore a very ordinary magic robe along with a very common wand, but his expression wasn't ordinary.

His face showed a trace of impatience while his eyes weren't truly focused on anything. He wasn't a blind man however. On the contrary, it was just a performance that showed off his arrogance. He simply didn't place any of these people in his eyes. For him, it seemed as if he felt that everyone's presence here were nothing but air, even for these adults..

He had the qualification to think as such because he was one of the two Guardian Deities of the Purcell clan, Wind Saint Buffy!

Wind Saint Buffy was a very interesting person. He was a genius magical talent of the Purcell clan and liked magic very much. He hadn't married in his whole life as he had focused all of his energy into the study of magic laws and in practicing refinement methods. His interpersonal relationships were a complete mess.

The Purcell clan only asked him to kill. Thus, we could say that from the very beginning of when he started learning magic, the Purcell clan had made him their sword. Whomever the clan wanted killed, he would kill. Another thing besides this matter was that other than being a murderer, he was also a practitioner.

Others had said he was a lunatic. Some say he was a cultivation madman. But no matter what, he was now a Rank Nine Deity. His existence was a Deity, a Guardian Deity of the Purcell clan. Perhaps it was because of his dedication and madness that he could have his current achievements.

Buffy hadn't killed anyone for many years. He'd been a Rank Nine Deity for a decade already. But since the time he had reached Rank Eight, he still hadn't killed anyone. That was thirty years ago.

This time, Kaiser had gone to request his help in removing someone, so his appearance was him giving great face. Remember, Buffy had a strange temperament which was on par with his famous talent in magic.

Upon seeing Buffy, Green's expression couldn't help but shrink. He was very clear how strong a Rank Nine expert was. He was also clear about their self-respect for their own status, which wouldn't easily allow them to attack a lower-leveled expert. Even if they got involved, they would still act with honesty. But Buffy was not the same. Buffy was an unreasonable person for him to face. He would murder and kill people and wasn't an upright person as he usually used sneak attacks.

Upon seeing Buffy appear, Green immediately put his heart on guard. He was on full alert as he watched Buffy. Towards Buffy, however, he still stood there, seemingly defiant.

Inside the space, Meirin had also been paying attention to the situation. Upon Buffy's appearance, her complexion changed as she told Zhao Hai, ’’Master, please get ready to let Green back into the space at a moment's notice. This old foggy doesn't want to live he'd even dare to face a Rank Nine expert.’’

After seeing this, Meirin had understood it all. Before, she felt that Green hadn't seemed quite right. But in the end, even if she felt something was wrong, she couldn't tell what it was. Now she knew that Green was prepared to face a Rank Nine expert, thus, he had looked a little strange.

Zhao Hai stared for a moment, then his complexion changed. ’’Grandma Meirin, you said that the old man standing there is a Rank Nine expert?’’ Zhao Hai referred to the old man, who, of course, was Buffy as he didn't look any older than the others present.

Meirin nodded her head and said, ’’Yes, that old man is named Wind Saint Buffy, a famous figure for nearly five decades. He was a cultivation madman, a cold-blooded killer. Once he became a Rank Five magician, the Purcell clan had kept him in order to use him to kill. It can be said that his entire growth process was one of murder a very terrible person.’’

Zhao Hai's complexion changed. Although he hadn't seen a Rank Nine expert before, he had still heard of the prowess of Rank Nine. Since Green was the person he most cared about, right now that Green was facing a Rank Nine expert, Zhao Hai almost immediately pulled him back into the space.

Although Zhao Hai didn't immediately do so, his attention was completely focused on the outside. As long as they made a move, he would immediately pull Green back into the space.

Green looked at Buffy and said with a sinking voice, ’’Kaiser elder, what do you mean?’’

Kaiser looked back at Green. Laughing like a fox, he replied with a deep voice, ’’Green, today you didn't come here to break off the engagement. Instead, I'm telling you this: we will be the ones to withdraw this marriage. Here's the marriage certificate.’’ He handed over a piece of paper that seemed similar to a razor sharp blade as it flew towards Green.

There was a custom in the Aksu Empire. If two sides were engaged, and suddenly a side wanted to break off the engagement, they should first raise the initiative and must give the opposite party a copy of the documents of the engagement.

Green looked at the piece of paper and lifted a hand. The paper landed in his hands and he carefully read the contents. Its content were very ordinary. It stated that the Purcell clan agreed to the proposal of the breaking of the engagement that the Buda clan required. As simple as that.

Green received the piece of paper and placed it carefully in his arms. He looked at Kaiser and said, ’’Green would like to thank the First Elder.’’

Kaiser looked at the appearance of Green, smiled strangely, and replied, ’’Do not thank me, Steward Green. I had granted your request, so it ends now. But you should also give something to me, right?’’

Green looked at Kaiser. He knew what he meant, but he still rhetorically replied, ’’I do not know what the First Elder wants, please tell me what it is.’’

Kaiser sneered and said, ’’What's wrong? Has Head Servant Green already forgotten that some time ago, there was a Magic Beast riot in the Black Waste? We sent several people to look into your situation, but we hadn't thought that you would actually kill them. Green, you should probably know whom you had killed, right? They were members of the Purcell clan. Do you think that you can just kill any member of the Purcell clan? You should give me a detailed account of it.’’

Green's eyes flashed with coldness as he watched Kaiser. He snorted and said, ’’Kaiser, do not put an act here. Why did you send people to the Black Waste where the soil and weather was known to all. Now you want an account from me? Alright, I'll tell you: they had brought weapons and intruded into my Buda clan's territory. They were clearly up to no good. So, did that explanation suffice?’’

’’You!’’ Kaiser looked at Green angrily. He hadn't thought that Green wouldn't budge, even after seeing Buffy. In this case, since he didn't budged, it made the people there a bit puzzled.

But he still didn't think of it so much. He just wanted Green dead today. No matter what reason Green said, he could not be left alive. With a cold voice, he said, ’’Green, this is your Buda clan's fault for forcing me. Don't blame me for being impolite.’’

Green sneered. ’’Do not be a hypocrite here. You know who forced who. You even invited a Wind Deity to come. How much have you paid to him? Even if I am polite to you, would you let me off? Stop dreaming, Kaiser. You're gone, your rule over the Purcell clan will be over!’’

Green spoke of a sore spot of Kaiser's. Even though he ruled over the Purcell clan right now, Evan, Second Elder, and the Third Elder were actually unceasingly struggling for power with him. Dealing with them was a struggle that he couldn't cope with. This feeling of powerlessness was something he had never felt before. But it was precisely because of this that he prefered to act and use a brilliant victory so that he could firmly hold his position as the First Elder.

Kaiser looked at Green and maliciously said, ’’Good, Green. You are unexpectedly being unappreciative. Then do not blame me. Wind Saint Sir, please begin.’’

He had just finished saying those words when Buffy's body emitted a bluish-green light. This bluish-green light was difficult to visually observe as it hit Green with a speed that had gone beyond a person's imagination.

A green guard shield appeared on Green's body as a mass of white mist simultaneously appeared behind Green. Upon noticing the mist, Green's face couldn't help but relax. He laughed and said, ’’Kaiser, you want to keep me here? It won't be easy;even a Rank Nine expert cannot keep me here. Purcell clan, wait till you hear from me!’’

Green's body was covered with a white fog which then turned into a misty cage. His whole body completely disappeared as he finished speaking.

When Green completely disappeared, Kaiser hadn't been able to react. He hadn't thought that this would happen in any case.

Just then, Buffy suddenly calmly said, ’’That transfer scroll didn't have any magic fluctuations. It appears to be ancient magic. Ah, that is a good thing.’’

Buffy's words made Kaiser recover. With a pale face, he said, ’’Your excellency Deity, did he run?’’

Buffy coldly snorted and said, ’’No one can escape Buffy's hands. Though the magic he used was very mysterious, my Wind Bladedge still hit him. He was seriously injured. After today, his Rank Eight strength will slowly fall. Where is he from?’’

Obviously, Buffy had not perceived the words that they had spoken. He regarded their existences, along with Green, as just wood. It's no wonder. After all, the strength of a Rank Nine, compared with a Rank Eight, wasn't just as simple as a difference of ranks. People who weren't Rank Nine would not appear in his eyes. Even if he sees them, they would just be ignored.

As soon as Kaiser heard what Buffy said, he was overjoyed. He was very clear that if Buffy really was excited by Green, then during the second time he made a request, the entire Buda clan wouldn't be able to run. He quickly said, ’’Enshrined Deity, the Buda clan had made a mistake before and was sent to Fort Iron Mountain in the Black Waste. I believe you can find them there.’’

Buffy nodded his head and said, ’’I was just thinking of going out to the Carrion Swamp to explore.’’

His figure flashed, disappearing from the area.


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1 巴菲 - Bā fēi. Buffy is a nice fit...


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