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Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Chapter 153


Chapter 153 - How Long Does It Take To Drink This Pot of Tea1?

Machine Translator: Shif

Editors: Argos Yesu

Zhao Hai shook his head and said, ’’The Night Shades are observing the Purcell clan right now. However, I think that this time I'm afraid they'll never let us go easily. Grandpa Green, you must be careful with this. Maybe you shouldn't go to the Purcell clan right now and just wait till another time so that we'll know what they want to do.’’

Green shook his head. ’’No, we must withdraw the marriage proposal. If I don't see them, they'll just get suspicious. I really wish to know what they will be doing.’’

Zhao Hai stared at Green and said, ’’Alright, but you should always have the Ghost Cane with you. I'll also keep the Night Shades there to observe them. Once there's movement from the Purcell clan, I will immediately inform you.’’

Green nodded as Zhao Hai received some transmitted information from one of the Night Shades that stated the Foreign Affairs elder, Stern, was currently traveling towards Green's lodgings.

Zhao Hai told Green about the situation. Green smiled faintly and said, ’’Stern will be coming to get me. Master, I'll exit the space and see what the Purcell clan plans to do.’’

Around this time, Meirin and Meg entered the villa. Even Rockhead and Woodhead had come. Zhao Hai also wanted to know how the Purcell clan would plan to deal with them.

Zhao Hai saw Green move to go out and immediately said, ’’Alright. Grandpa Green, you must bring the Ghost Cane. This will make it easier to contact you.’’ Green nodded and held onto the Ghost Cane as he appeared in the hotel room.

The Ghost Cane had an ability. If Zhao Hai wasn't the one holding the Ghost Cane, he could use it to communicate with the person he entrusted the cane to while staying within the space. Furthermore, their communications wouldn't be heard by a third party. This was what Zhao Hai concluded after conducting several trials.

Meirin and the others looked at the screen in the living room as they observed Green. Green sat in the room and closed his eyes. With his eyes closed, he began to recuperate his energy.

Green was aware of the problems when he went to the Grand Duke's Mansion this time. Fearing that the matter wouldn't be good, he knew he needed to keep himself in good condition.

Stern didn't let him wait too long. Pretty soon he knocked on the door. Stern then said, ’’Head Servant Green, it's Stern. The Purcell Grand Duke has a matter to discuss with you at the clan's mansion.’’

Green stood up and went to open the door. He stood in front of Stern and waved his hand towards the inside of the room. ’’Stern elder, please come in and we can discuss it.’’

Stern shook his head and said, ’’Mister Green, the Grand Duke is currently waiting for you. Please hurry and head over to the Grand Duke's Mansion as soon as possible.’’

Green narrowed his eyes which made Stern nervous, thus revealing that he was acting fishy. Although Green would like to know what the Purcell clan intended to do, he wasn't stupid. He let go of the door and walked back into the room while saying, ’’Come in and sit for a while. I had travelled a long way and feel very tired. I wish to drink a pot of tea first.’’

Stern looked back at Green, gnashing his teeth with hatred. He was, however, a member of a refined class of people and didn't urge Green. He knew that if he urged him further, it would only make him seem more suspicious. Thus, he decided to enter the room.

The hotel room wasn't large. The living room and the bedroom were placed together as one room. Green didn't call Stern to sit down on the sofa. Instead, he actually went to get a pot of tea from the tea table. He poured himself a cup of tea and made a cup for Stern. He then carried the cup over and gave it to Stern, then drank with delight.

Stern sat down and drank the tea. He couldn't help but wrinkle a brow. He knew that a small hotel like this could not provide good tasting tea. The tea was poor in these hotels, which was why he never drank it.

Green wasn't worried as he drank a mouthful of tea. Stern following him inside the room affirmed that the Purcell clan must have arranged something. Otherwise, Stern wouldn't be this cooperative with him. If, indeed, Evan was waiting for him, it wouldn't be possible for Stern to just sit here and drink tea with him. Stern coming inside the room meant that they wanted him to go t the clan's home and didn't want him to leave early.

If the Night Shades hadn't made that report about the issue of using the emergency bell, Green wouldn't have been suspicious. But because they now knew the Purcell clan sounded the bell, Green was more sure of his thoughts.

How long could two people take to drink a pot of tea? If someone dared to ask this question, Stern would have thought that such a person was a lunatic who could just leisurely think about such issues.

However, now Stern was subconsciously thinking about it and had been counting the time away. He was looking forward to finishing this pot of tea.

In fact, Green was stalling for as much time as he could as he wanted to wait and see if the Night Shades would be able to get more information. The Night Shades didn't let him down. While drinking the pot of tea, ZHao Hai informed him that the carriage of the Purcell clan had gone to the Consecration Hall.

The Consecration Hall of the Purcell clan was located in the western yard. This was a large area dedicated to those Deities.

These Deities had their own separate yards as they didn't like living together with other people. This was the reason why the Purcell clansmen lived a bit further away from them.

The Night Shades naturally knew of Kaiser elder of the Purcell clan. In fact, his former organization knew the situation in the Purcell clan very well. It even knew that Evan was just a puppet.

Zhao Hai told these things to Green. Green almost instantly thought of the words, 'Rank Nine expert' upon hearing the report. Thus, he couldn't help when his complexion changed.

Green was an experienced person and was also very clear minded. The person who could make these elders move could not be an ordinary person, not even if they were a Rank Eight expert. To make these elders of the large Purcell clan personally move only meant that it should be a Rank Nine Deity2.

During this time, why would the Purcell clan suddenly act and invite a Rank Nine deity? There was only one answer, and that was to deal with him.

Green placed the half-empty cup in his hands down on the table slowly. He turned around and looked coldly at Stern. Stern watched Green and was frightened within his heart. He actually felt that Green had seen through him. He unconsciously moved his body and said, ’’Head Servant Green, what is wrong?’’

Green suddenly smiled and said, ’’Nothing, thank you for accompanying me to drink tea. Stern elder, let us go.’’

Stern busily stood up. He couldn't seem to understand if what he saw was just an illusion. When he saw Green smile, he felt as though this smile had a profound meaning.

Green restrained his anger as they headed out of the hotel. Inside the carriage that the Purcell clan sent for him, he was thinking. He couldn't believe that the Purcell clan, in order to deal with him, would even invite a Rank Nine deity. This time, the issue was really big.

Green haven't thought that the Purcell clan would be this ruthless. He thought that if the Purcell clan could invite a Rank Nine to deal with him, then they also wouldn't let Zhao Hai and Meirin off. That is to say, the Purcell clan really planned to exterminate the whole Buda clan.

This was exactly why Green was so angry. If it were other nobility, then Green wouldn't be as angry with them as he was already disappointed with those aristocrats. But he hadn't really thought that it would be the Purcell clan who would do such a thing. Before, he had a better evaluation of this Purcell clan. He haven't thought that in the end, it would be this Purcell clan whom would be the most ruthless to them.

Although Green knew that the opposite party had invited a Rank Nine deity to deal with him, he still dared to go. In the bottom of his heart, he knew there was Zhao Hai's space. Even in the face of a Rank Nine deity he wouldn't worry much.

Green didn't tell Zhao Hai about his suspicions as he was afraid Zhao Hai would be worried. This time, he had gone to the Grand Duke's Mansion in order to completely expose the nature of the Purcell clan. He wanted them to think that even after inviting a Rank Nine Deity, they still couldn't kill him. He was waiting for that expression of shock.

The carriage immediately went into the Grand Duke's Mansion. The two men stepped down from the carriage and went towards the courtyard's living room. Upon entering the Grand Duke's Mansion, Stern's heart finally calmed down. He couldn't help look at Green strangely while smirking.

He hated Green. He started hating Green when he had asked to drink the cup of tea. He felt Green definitely asked him to drink a pot of tea that had been poisoned, or that his drink was the more poisonous one.

Once they entered the living room, Green deliberately said, ’’Stern elder, didn't you say that the Grand Duke was looking for me. Or is it someone else?’’

Stern coldly replied, ’’I don't know. Probably because we took so much time, the Grand Duke went back.’’ Then he sat on the sofa, spoke no words, and closed his eyes. He didn't even make himself available to answer Green,.

Green looked at Stern, whose appearance had a faint whiff of a smile. He understood why Stern was giving such a performance. Stern had performed as such because he believed that there was no more need to keep things hidden since they were already back in the Grand Duke's Mansion. Therefore, Stern didn't hide it anymore and tore off his disguise.

However, seeing this, Green became even more excited. Green now wanted to see what these people's face would be like when he disappeared in front of them.

Green also didn't say anything and just sat quietly. He was waiting, waiting for Stern to play his tricks, allowing Stern to feel that they were still in control. And then at the last moment, he would tell these people that he was just teasing them in order to make them play their move.

Soon, Green heard the sound of footsteps from a distance. He opened his eyes and looked at Stern, saying, ’’Stern elder, are you just going to accompany me in sitting here?’’

As his voice faded, suddenly, the proud voice of an old man sounded. ’’Of course not, I'll be the one to give you an explanation.’’


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1’’亚’’ - ’’Asia’’ or ’’Inferior’’. Since the ’’亚’’ charater was present in several sentences in the chapter and was used in the context of ’’A Pot Of 亚 (Asia/Inferior)’’, we did everything we can to find out what ’’亚’’ means, unfortunately, we couldn't find any that would fit. We asked the people of NovelsUpdate Forums to help us in translating it and they said it was a kind of tea or some Chinese regional drink. We decided to use tea as it fits better with regards to the context of the sentences. I would like to thank everyone who had given suggestions on that thread, thanks a lot guys!

2 This paragraph basically means that there was virtually no one who had so much power that it would require the elders to personally go and request their help. The only ones who did require such were rank nines.


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