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Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Chapter 149


Chapter 149-The Buda Clan Visits

Obtaining the nickname Spiritwind Battle General was not only because Green was a wind type warrior, or that he used the Spiritwind Sword, but rather because he had actually been in the army. He fought bravely in battles, and thus was called the Spiritwind Battle General. From this name, one can sense that deep military flavor.

Not to mention, after Green changed his clothing, he gave off a very different feeling. He became a serious and rigid old housekeeper. Adding his straight physique and posture when seated, these well-mannered ways gave off a heavy military feeling that radiated off his body.

Zhao Hai looked at Green and couldn't help but smile. He said, ’’Grandpa Green, this is just like your original image. Ha ha ha.’’

Green looked at his outfit. ’’It has been quite a long time and since I haven't worn these clothes, I really might not be used to it. Ha ha.’’

Because of the 'space', Green had now seen some hope in their futures. Unlike when Zhao Hai had just awoken, Green was much happier now, even when he seemed serious.

Zhao Hai smiled and said, ’’I think the warrior clothes looked better on you, Grandpa Green. Soon, we'll buy a horse for you to ride instead.’’

Green shook his head and said, ’’Master, I do not need it. I will go now.’’

’’Grandpa Green, be careful,’’ Zhao Hai said with a shake of his head.

Green nodded back and Zhao Hai sent him out of the space. Green, using an agility movement1, departed straight for Casa City.

Zhao Hai went from the space to Fort Iron Mountain2. Here at Fort Iron Mountain, the past few days hadn't been that busy. Corn processing had been completed while the bamboo rice didn't need to be processed. Zhao Hai placed most of his attention into oil extraction.

Now that the fort's restoration had been completed, the slaves could relax a little. The castle, however, was obviously a bit overcrowded. This wasn't because of anything else but that the castle now had a the large number of rollers3 and millstones used for corn processing.

But those slaves also had other things to do, such as help with the valley's land renovations that needed to be completed. Zhao Hai only took twenty slaves for the work. Since Zhao Hai hadn't completely restored the status of the slaves back into commoners, he selected two among them to manage the slaves. These two were good sentries here at Fort Iron Mountain. They were the first to find out about the attack by the Magic Beasts. The two were a man named Leen4, and another called Set5.

The twenty slaves were all male, no female. Since the valley was relatively close, Zhao Hai intended to let the slaves work in shifts. This made the work not so difficult as it was just checking on the corn crops that were planted in the valley.

The rest of the slaves usually took care of the blue-eyed rabbits in the mine tunnels. In order to ensure that the blue-eyed rabbits lived healthily, the water that the blue-eyed rabbits drank was the kind that Zhao Hai provided, which was the water from the space. What they ate was space produced radish leaves, and also a mixture of rice bran and oil that was added to their feed.

Zhao Hai now had a total of fifty thousand blue-eyed rabbits in the mine tunnels along with six thousand matured blue-eyed rabbits that were saved in the space. The blue-eyed rabbits in the space weren't being taken care of by the slaves, but those in the mine tunnel were.

Those fifty thousand blue-eyed rabbits did not occupy a small area, but they were relatively clean Magic Beasts. They frequently cleaned their own nests. Thus, the eighty slaves weren't that busy.

Zhao Hai could trade the blue-eyed rabbits that he had, but Laura had been too busy as of late. Thus, he hadn't contacted her about the processing of the meat, which meant the rabbits weren't sold. Zhao Hai wasn't anxious;even if those blue-eyed rabbits couldn't be traded, he could still make the slaves improve their cooking by using the rabbits up.

In fact, the standard of living of these slaves were even better than some of those commoners on the continent. Zhao Hai's Cooked Food Rules set aside a little meat every week for them to eat, which was something rarely seen for the continent's commoners. Moreover, everyone was guaranteed something to eat, and they could even eat however much they wanted.

Now that the slaves' standard of living had improved a lot, Zhao Hai had begun to give a lot of other commodities to these slaves. This allowed the slaves to have their own room, own clothes, own quilt, and to even have their own tableware. These insignificant things, in the heart of the slaves, were very important. This was because those items became their very first properties.

Yes, in the eyes of these slaves, those insignificant things, their new personal properties, were their very first personal items. It was obvious that they would show importance to these things

* * * * *

Two flowers blooming, each table can only have one!6

Speaking of Green, he moved with a feeling of urgency all the way. This time he didn't need to be careful and even had to appear with great fanfare. Anyways, since he was using his own identity, there was no need to hide.

Green's Peak Rank Eight strength was now being completely revealed. All that the pedestrians would be able to see is smoke drifting from side to side. They didn't actually see who the person was. From this point, one could see how fast Green was.

On the Ark Continent, everyone had some level of martial talent, even an ordinary farmer. Upon meeting an expert, even if one were a slave who couldn't learn martial arts, they wouldn't feel any fear from the expert. This showed that such an experience was common. Although all they saw was smoke drifting from side to side, no one was scared. They knew it was an expert on their way, and they could only feel envious.

Green was quick. Evening of that same day, he had arrived in Casa City. Unfortunately, the city was closed now, so Green didn't enter. He found a place outside the city and then entered the space. Then he slept the night away in the space before entering Casa City the next morning.

Green entered Casa City and didn't go anywhere else but directly to the Grand Duke's Mansion. The Grand Duke's Mansion was the same one where Laura had gone to. There hadn't been any changes.

Green's outfit was very appealing. People on the continent had seen nobility before, and naturally, knew this outfit of Green's. He was a legitimate aristocratic steward, but everyone was curious since they didn't know who Green was.

It was common that an aristocratic steward, when going out, would generally bring the Clan's Emblem. Green hadn't even ridden in a carriage. Instead, he was walking which was rare.

When Green reached the gates of the Purcell clan, he took out an emblem from his pocket. This emblem wasn't large, but it was azure colored and marked with an angry dragon baring its teeth.

The guard who was in front of Green saw it and was stunned for a moment. He looked strangely at Green. This Clan Emblem was known throughout the continent as it was the emblem of the Buda clan. Before, the Buda clan and the Purcell clan had a good relationship. They also had a number of exchanges and these guards had also already seen and knew of the Buda clan's dragon emblem.

But a calamity had befallen the Buda clan. They had been exiled to the wilderness of the Black Waste, so there was no further contact. The Purcell clan was a large aristocratic clan within the Aksu Empire. Their title of Grand Duke was hereditary, so they had a silver emblem.

Previously, the Buda clan was of the Marquis rank. Therefore, they could also use a silver badge. Now, however, they were reduced to the title of Baron and therefore could only use the azure badge.

The complexion of the guards was strange for a reason. They knew Green's identity, and they also knew that the Purcell clan was prepared to break off the engagement with the Buda clan. But this time, the Buda clan came and they had no idea why the Buda clan did so.

As two porters saw Green, the two welcomed him immediately. Then one of them quickly ran inside.

The porter quickly walked in front of Green and bowed, then asked, ’’I don't know which member of the Buda clan this is. What matters do you have that would bring you to the Purcell clan? ’’

Green looked at the guard and said, ’’Myself is the Buda clan's head servant, Green Buda7. This time, I represent the current head of the clan and am looking for the Grand Duke of the Purcell clan to discuss an important matter.’’

The porter did not dare to be neglectful and immediately said, ’’Sir, please sit inside. Others have already gone to inform the elders.’’

Green nodded and entered the mansion's lounge along with the porter.

Here within the Grand Duke's Mansion, not everyone was eligible to directly go through the second gate. Those with insufficient status needed to rest in the lounge and wait for the elders' summons. The reason why the porter was so polite towards Green was because of customs. A large clan attached great importance to their face. Thus, they didn't want to be seen as overwhelming towards the weaker side. That was why they were so polite here in the lounge.

The porter in the lounge gave Green one bowl of water. This bowl was an ordinary crude pottery bowl and the water was also ordinary plain boiled water. While they couldn't apply pressure, from this treatment, everyone could see that the Purcell clan didn't give any importance to Green. Such treatment was similar to treating commoners. Even those who were known as quasi-aristocratic Lords wouldn't be given this treatment.

Green didn't say anything. He just sat there with his eyes closed. Seeing how Green reacted, the porter couldn't help but curl his lips in disdain.

Around the same time, the other porter had gone past the second gate and was now in front of the Foreign Affairs Office. The porter gently knocked on the door and said, ’’Elder, the Buda clan is here.’’

His voice was just heard when the door to the Foreign Affairs Office opened. Stern looked at the porter and asked, ’’Who did you say it was?’’

The porter said, ’’Elder, the Buda clan member who came was probably a main clan member and should now be resting in the lounge.’’

Stern frowned, muttering, ’’Why did they come, and around this time?’’

Stern was really busy at this time as he was currently teamed up with Laura to battle the other big firms. But right at this time, the Buda clan came unexpectedly.

Stern was a lot more familiar with the Buda clan than the porter, so upon hearing that it was from the Buda main clan, he knew it must be Green.

If it was someone else, he could ignore them, but he could not ignore Green. Green's identity, aside from being a member of the Buda clan, was a Rank Eight expert. With regards to these experts, they should still show respect which made it so awkward for Stern.


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