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Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Chapter 136


chapter 136

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Zhao made zombies, because he wanted to see the difference between zombies and skeletons, but he did not think that after he made a zombie, all the undead existed the space had turned into zombies or become a combination of zombies and skeletons. They become Martial Demons!

These zombie's skin and flesh protection is very strong, comparable to leather armor, bones are harder than steel, but they are pale and cannot breathe, their outside looks like normal humans, but their eyes have an air of death in them.

Most importantly, these undead were already toxic. In addition, their poison was enhanced by the space and became more deadly. At the same time, it (the space) even strengthened their attack methods, for example some undead had their fingernails grow and become strong and mighty.

On the Ark Continent few people can meet Martial demons, that existence is very strong in the initial period, below the fifth level, enemies of same rank can be defeated quite easily. However starting from the fifth level is another story. Advancing from fifth level to above is challenging to break through. Nonetheless the difference between each level in either magical or battle qi is astonishing.

Regarding a Martial demon person, after crossing the fifth level, the difficulty to reach a new level is doubled, that's why it's pretty easy to for them to give up on cultivation. Because a Martial demon must maintain his rank for a period of time and build a good foundation for his cultivation to avoid overstating. Making it harsh to have big achievements.

Although the level seven demon warriors are very fierce, but those who can rush to that level are very few, so a lot of big geniuses in the Ark Continent think that they can become a Martial demon, but in the end most stop at the fifth stage, because of the lack of means to rise to the sixth, so as result only a few rose to the sixth level, even if so, it may need a miracle to pass to the seventh level.

Now on the Ark Continent, the people know that Martial demon's talents is shocking, if one cultivates with enough time and resources in one special type of power it's quite easy to become an eighth level expert. But because of Martial demons have a special cultivation, they actually can become a sixth leveled or seventh leveled with several masteries.

In the space these undead had several upgrades, they are now like Zhao, with a power of the seventh level, but they can only use magic based attacks because of that, their melee ability is not very strong, they have not studied Battle Qi nor the feat of arms, and can only carry on to make war based on their instincts.

These Magic Beast that came out from Carrion Swamp gained flesh and blood. But to other people's battle efficiency, these undead are terrifying. These beast were fighters since birth then raised to life after their death, furthermore the Carison Swamp is not a peaceful place. Aside the beastial tide, the undead battle each other the whole time, so whether those undead or magic beasts, they have a very rich battle experience.

Zhao haven't thought that he can achieve such result, so this made him very happy, now he have more than 1000 level seven martial demons. More than 1000 level seven monster? What concept is that? Why would he fear the Purcell family anymore? If they don't engage with level nine experts, the Purcell family will be at a huge disadvantage.

Fighting against level nine experts in his current state is impossible. With the large gap of two levels, a loss is guaranteed. It's unfortunate that every big family on the continent have a level nine expert, with such enemies Zhao can only be overcautious

Zhao and Green Rested for day in the space, and their condition finally is restored to its peak, during the day time, Merine came to the space and made food for Zhao, Merine has been worried about Zhao. He on the other hand enjoyed the motherly love she showed him and could only enjoy her delicacies.

Regarding Merine and Green, Zhao respects them very much, he sees them as his own grandparents, these two respectable old people, have offered their life to the Buda Family, and offered their own children to the Buda Family, regarding such person, Zhao did not dare to disrespect.


It has been five days since Zhao left Casa City, but in his inventory exists enough oil fruit and radishes of 22 season worth of planting and harvesting. The more astonishing thing is that each mu in his space produces 8000 Jin (1jin = 0.5kg) of magical radishes. In other words he had enough to trade with Laura for a long time

In the pasture, he also received 2000 adult big Rabbits, and soon he can collect a large amount of rabbits, in other words in the present he has, 2000 large rabbit, 1000 are now mature. Even more, in total he have a full 100,000 rabbit. Zhao truly underestimated the reproductive capacity of the space.

TL Note: in his pasture he can hold 1000 mature animal and 1000 immature animal, so after rabbits mature he put them in the mountain reach back in the caves of the Black wastelands, he also feeds them magical radish leafs.

Zhao stopped planting any vegetables in the space, because after he summons the insects in the Llica plains, the Purcell duchy will have a food shortage, and so starvation will occur. As a result Zhao is preparing to plant some corn, which might sell.

Although Zhao plans to deal with the Purcell family with the insect plague, but he doesn't want to create a miserable scene where everybody starves to death. The Llica plains produce most of the Purcell family's food. Therefore, if the Llica plains never produces again, there will be a huge pressure on the Purcell family due the shortage of food.

There will be a disaster, who will be in the bitterest situation? It will not be those nobles, who are rich, but it will be those ordinary people. So if the Purcell Duchy have a shortage of food, then those common people will be miserable, perhaps as time passes they will start eating each other's flesh.

Zhao truly hates the Purcell family for causing him such trouble. But he isn't ready to carry the burden of countless deaths. A food shortage doesn't sound like a serious problem, but in reality it's the worst.

Moreover Zhao has also thought that if he solves the Purcell family food crisis with his planted corn, he will not only gain a lot of money, but he can also promote the status of Laura in the heart of the Markey family.

So naturally if Zhao wants to make an appearance through corn, then he must only sell it to Laura so she can gain a lot of authority in the Purcell family and her natural position in their hearts would be increased.

However now these are only expectations, Zhao can't be sure that everything will go his way, because the Purcell family own many other big farms, these large farms have the ability to produce a large quantity of food in a short time, so these big farms probably have the ability to solve the food shortage.

In next evening, Zhao and Green came out from space, Green brought Zhao to pass through the windbreak zone and enter the Llica plain.

As he Entered the Llica plain, Zhao was shocked, he was born in north of China, which had many plains, but the population of China was huge at that time, you could see loads of people. But on the contrary here, you could only see the rolling green waves of immature cereals, you simply cannot find people, cannot see houses, cannot see the trees, that scene could be described as shocking.

Green was also shocked, he sighted and said ’’This is too beautiful, too magnificent, I haven't thought that such a scenery could be forged from planting.’’

Zhao also recovered and said ’’This is nothing, as time passes we will also turn the black wastelands to something more beautiful than this.’’

The Black Wasteland land, compared to this plain, is way bigger, if it improves, they possibly will have a scenery more chocking than here.

Now the sky was dark, and yet Zhao and Green didn't evoke chaos, they were simply looking around and carefully inspecting the situation in the fields.

No common people lives here In the Llica plain. On the other hand, the plain has many villages most of them has houses with thatched roofed huts, those house are occupied by slaves, and it seems like a steward is looking after them. There are dozens of slaves which are distributed throughout the plains, passing their life serving the Purcell family.

However Zhao and Green also noted, the life style of these slaves compared to other slaves outside the place is luxurious, they eat flour baked foods, and their clothes are also complete. Unlike slaves elsewhere, they are not divided into teams, but they are put in families, if it wasn't for their branded bodies they would look like common people.


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