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Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Chapter 135


chapter 135

Jared Spitzer you da real MVP

Outside the Llica plains is a wind breaking barrier. This barrier is made out of tall thick trees, thorn vines, and 'crown of thorns'. These two types of plants are very common in the Ark continent, they are used as sort of protection. Even though their defense is low it's still capable of holding against low leveled Magical Beasts.

[Note: I replaced thorn cane with 'crown of thorns'. Just to avoid confusion]

The Llica plains are so huge, some say it even exceeded a million mu (1m mu = 666,6 km²). To encircle such big lands definitely require a large amount of resources. However the plains are special, there are no aristocrats nor common people only the slaves of the Purcell's family and their soldiers.

Naturally to cultivate a land as big as the Llica plains it needs at least several hundred thousand workers. But in reality there are over a million slave in the fertile land! a million slave ! That's comparable to a medium size town. In other words the Purcell family have a medium size slave town!

The Purcell family is one of the powerful families in the Aksu Empire. No wonder they are not afraid of exterminating the Buda family.

The old king wanted powerful families as his loyal vassals, however the Purcell family only pursued benefits. On the other hand the Buda family was like a blade in his hand. if it wasn't for the pressure from the senior king the Purcell family would have never accepted the marriage engagement.


Evan from the Purcell family, is the respected head of the clan. Nobody can deny that he is a good person. In time of his youth he travelled and experienced many things, and once he ran into Adam's father and they became good friends.

But matters changed and he even became the grand duke of the Purcell duchy and helped the Buda family many times. But now he couldn't do anything. As a person in charge he had to assume his responsibilities to defend both the Purcell duchy and the benefits of the old aristocrats. Therefore he was forced to oppose the Buda Family.

Moreover, beside the head of the household exists what's called the Elder Assembly. This assembly is composed by the elders of the direct descendants and collateral branches of the Purcell family. Forming a big net based on benefits, and trapping Evan, the head of the family, in the middle of it.

After the sudden death of the old king and the fall of the Buda family, Evan wanted to help, but he was helpless, Green and Merine feared that without Evan's secret efforts Adam would have died a long time ago. But once his secret actions were exposed by the Elder assembly, those elders joined up to exert pressure on him. Which resulted in the decrease of his authority, he himself felt he was nothing more than a puppet.

After all, he was a member of the Purcell family and his blood was theirs, and couldn't be separated from his family. He chose to take a neutral stance as a bystander. He understood he was only an ornament with no value that can be replaced with little effort from the elders.

Evan's daughter is named Ryan, but sadly she doesn't cope him because of her mother. Her mother is the daughter of an elder and her marriage with Evan was only to control him.

Under the influence of her mother, Ryan lost faith in her father and aligned with her grandfather.

Under the pressure of the old king Ryan and Adam were destined to elope. But now they both want to break the engagement yet incapable fearing to lose their reputation.

However Ryan methods were inpatient, gaining the agreement of her grandfather, she sent scouts to the Black Wasteland to report the state of the Buda Family, and incase Adam was still alive she wanted to kill him. But she never thought that Zhao would retaliate and summon an insect plague.


Zhao and Green were standing the Llica square, they passed many villages but they still could see common people. These people have given their fertile lands to the Purcell family and could only scrap whatever they could from the barren lands surrounding the Llica plains. And naturally their living difficulty increased many times.

The common people can't go into the Llica plains;first because the army of the Purcell family usually patrols around the borders, second because of the wind breaking barrier.

Currently Green and Zhao were standing outside the barrier. It seems the most fragile part of the barrier was at least 100m wide!

Zhao sighed and said ’’this Purcell family is really rich aside the manpower they have such a thorn wall’’

Green nodded and replied ’’this is the wealth accumulated from their aristocrats over a thousand years of ruling, I heard it took those over 50 years to build this barrier. Tens of thousands of slaves died in the building process!’’

Zhao sucked some cold air, just looking at the dense layer of thorns and wood got his heart thumping. Even though he knew that Green was exaggerating he was sure numerous souls were lost for this defensive belt.

’’Why bother with breaking through, if we have enough people we can just restore the common civilian status, anyway slavery can't last for long ’’

Green didn't respond, he was puzzled by Zhao's statement, because for tens of thousands of years slavery existed in the Ark continent, so how does the young master dare to say such words?!

Zhao noticed and said ’’Grandpa Green, it's still early why don't we rest here today and tomorrow we head to the plains?’’

Green didn't oppose him, since it was almost night, and they couldn't do much in less than three hours. And from the space they looked at the situation of Stony Mountain. It was as peaceful as ever, Laura also sent another batch of 1000 wooden barrels, so now they can officially start their oil pressing business.

In his journey to the Llica plains it took five days, but for the oil pressing machines were operated by undead. He used the power of his Scaled wildebeests to run the machines. However he turned the beasts not into skeletons but rather zombies.

Zombies are a type of high-grade undead compared with skeletons. A first level skeleton battle efficiency is very weak, however a first level Zombie has strength compared to that of a second level warrior. Additionally to turn the dead into zombies is ten times harder than turning corpses into skeletons, therefore normal black magicians won't raise zombies.

Although zombie's battle proficiency is high, its motion is slow. So a zombie against ten skeletons won't win. Even still its fighting efficiency is not really weak. For example a first-level Blue Iron Zombie. This zombie's strength and defense are of high caliber, and if it wasn't slow it can cope with a third level warrior, however since it's slow even a first level warrior can dodge its attacks, and just in case he was hit he won't die of severe wounds.

Nonetheless, a 2nd level zombie is comparable to that of a 2nd level skeletons. On the other hand a 3rd level zombie is called a Bronze Zombie. This zombie has the strength of a fourth level warrior.

The fourth level Zombies are called' Poisonous Corpses'. A Zombie of this rank is able to use toxins as an attack method. A fifth level zombie is called a 'Tsian deDelopment Bank Zombie', this one have stronger defense, faster movements, and deadlier attacks.

A sixth level Zombie Is a 'Silver Zombie'. A seventh level zombie is a 'Yakkin Zombie'. Eighth leveled one is a 'Golden Zombie'. A finally ninth leveled zombies are called 'Zombie Emperors'.

But sadly on the Ark continent the highest level of Zombies are the 'Poisonous Corpses'. And even a third level Zombie is difficult to come by, so most black magicians have only skeletons in their repertoire.


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