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Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Chapter 134


chapter 134

big thanks to : 'Alucard Cadmus Di Beelzebub' 'Jared Spitzer' 'Fabrice QUERRARD' ,we'll definitely throw another chapter once Icy gets home

Green was excited and yet puzzled, because he and the other Buda servants didn't know all the space's abilities. Amongst those abilities are the ones to summon weed, insects, and mosquitoes. Zhao himself almost forgot about them and he never thought that he would actually use them.

In the farming game these abilities were considered an amusement factor. If Meg haven't mentioned the insects he would never have thought about it.

Insect plagues are the nightmare of every country, especially 'locust waves' that are very famous for the gargantuan amount of damage it leaves behind. However Zhao can summon 'pork insects' which also leads to the destruction of crops.

Once Zhao releases the insects, the crops in Lica plain will be entirely ravaged. Moreover, nobody will think that it was artificially triggered.

Zhao noticed Green's puzzlement and explained ’’Grandpa Green, grandma Merine, the space have several other uses which I never thought will be useful, so I never told you about them ha-ha it seems these functions are pretty handy’’

Green still confused asked ’’What functions? Does it have any relation with insect plagues?!’’

Zhao answered with a faint smile ’’yea...kind of, in total, there are 3 abilities which allow the summoning of pests, weed, and mosquitoes. With the first tool (pests) I'm able to release insects toward farmlands, it's very effective destroying crops. The second one (weed) has the same effect, it allows me to summon weeds that will compete with crops for nutrition, therefore reducing the amount of the crop production. The final one allows the massive discharge of mosquitoes, sadly I can't use it yet’’

On the ark continent, there were insects called mosquitoes, so naturally Zhao didn't have to change the name.

Green couldn't believe what he just heard so he had to make sure ’’young master are you sure it can emit insects to destroy crops?!’’

Zhao smiled and added ’’yes, unlike the land improvement I can use it without daily restraints’’

The old man was delighted ’’Good, good, then we can go back to Stony Mountain then set off to Llica plains to ravage it, once we are done we can just break off the engagement ’’

Zhao nodded and said ’’the people they sent are all dead, unless they can confirm it, they can't make any move until then, we have enough time to deal with them’’

Green replied ’’It's true, there is enough time to travel from Casa city to the Llica plains and come back to stony mountain, but unfortunately not many people can go on this journey otherwise it will be troublesome’’

’’Yes, but you can stay in the space, just in case any problems occur’’

That statement was wise. Because now, that the majority of his high leveled undead are deployed, Zhao was somewhat weak. He also can't move the undead that are guarding both of his castles.

Merine wasn't worried either, she knew he had the power of the space. As long as he hid inside it nothing can harm him. Furthermore he can just teleport back to one of the castles. Initially, when Zhao's farm reached level ten he gained the ability to put down three transmission points, even though these points were fixed Zhao had only deployed two.

But for the time being Stony Mountain can't be empty, they had to deal with Laura.

Two days later. The second caravan sent by Laura arrived with wooden barrels and tools. The preparations to begin oil pressing were almost complete. However Laura only sent 200 barrel. These wooden barrels can hold 200 Jin (0.5 kg) each. On the other hand Zhao can produce 20.000 jin of oil in almost five days. So he sent a word with the caravan master, Sean. First to notify Laura that he needs more wooden Barrels;second to let her know that he won't be available for some time, but if these is any urgent matter she can still come to Stony Mountain.

Sean didn't dare be impolite, even though his authority grew he was very careful to not neglect any of Zhao's demand. Because deep in his heart he knew that the black mage was Laura's trusted friend and helper.

After the caravan left, Zhao and green also started their journey and made their way to the Llica plains. On their travel they rested in bright day and only traveled at night. That way they can avoid the locals and adventurers.

Soon they arrived at the Llica plains, the main source of food in the Purcell duchy. But sadly it was slightly far from the city, so there was no time for reinforcements to arrive instantly if a disaster was to hit the fertile lands.

Originally Casa city was built as a trading post, because not only it was the intersection of multiple trading routes but it was adjacent to the Yudai River which made aquatic transportation quite easy.

The Purcell family went through all this trouble to build Casa city was because of two reasons;first, the city's location was very beneficial. Second, they didn't have to worry about defending the Llica plains.

As the name suggests the Llica plains is a completely flat piece of land that stretches as far as the eyes can see. However its defenses capabilities are limited. Still that land has great importance to the Purcell family, the entire family's economy was based on the grains produced here.

After all grains show the economical might of a duchy. Even though grains are the most basic type of food it still allowed the Purcell family to rule over the land. The family even deployed multiple method to spread its complete authority over the Llica plains.

With the control over the grain production, the Purcell family was able to raise a shocking number of soldiers to guard the Llica plains. Furthermore these 5000 soldier don't relocate at all. Additionally every soldier was extremely fierce. The expenses spent on the guards is extremely shocking.


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