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Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Chapter 132


chapter 132

Big thanks to Robert Funk, this chapter is sponsored by him, aswell as the previous chapter. (sadly it took us some time to edit, it's a really long chapter 8000+ character long)

When Laura started eating the Fire Fish, she felt a very special fragrance. She never have tasted this flavor before. She felt that her entire oral cavity was full of this fragrance;moreover this fragrance also has started extending at rapid rate. The delicacy was overwhelming.

Laura is a person who enjoys good food, she has eaten all well-known food in the Continent. However all of that good food is incomparable to what Zhao has presented to her. As a result Laura, felt that every time she will visit Zhao Hai he will have some pleasant surprises.

Zhao Hai looked at Laura's appearance, and couldn't help but show a faint smile, the Chinese delicacy is not what an ordinary person can resist, although the Ark Continent seasoning varied, it was still inferior to Earth diversity, aside from the Fire Fish there were some substitute commodities, which made the dish taste even better.

After a while Laura put the fork down, turned her head to Zhao and said: ’’could you pass the recipe for this dish, it's the most perfect dish I ever ate.’’

Zhao Hai answered with a smile: ’’Small matter, after you go I will prepare it for you, I will also send you some of my unique vegetables.’’

’’Sorry for being impolite, although your vegetables are great, but you don't have a nice wine, next time I come time, i will bring some with me.’’

This made Zhao chuckle. ’’Well, I hope that Miss Laura could teach me some of the ways to make wine, some of the best recipes.’’

Laura gave an astonished look and asked ’’Can you also manage a brewery? It's not easy to manage.’’

Zhao smiled and said: ’’This is only an idea for my business. You see in my territory, there is a mountain that only have oil plants, I wanted to see if i can plant some wine fruit trees, and the income will be much stronger than oil plants.’’

Laura frowned and said: ’’Sir, I fear that this is impossible, oil plant lands generally are bad, so it's not good to plant other type of fruit trees.’’

Zhao smiled and said: ’’I will just try, anyway, my main industry is not based around those trees. So even if it fails it's not a big loss.’’

Laura nodded her head and said: ’’Well, this is not a problem, I can get some wine recipes and tools for Mr. Zhao, as long as you are willing, you can always brew.’’

’’That's good, next time Miss Laura visits, we can maybe drink our own wine, so do not mention it’’

Laura was very happy, because not only she obtained the good food recipe, but also because her cooperation with Zhao deepened, and her relationship with Zhao was more of a secret cut. After having had the lunch, Zhao Hai has made people load radish for her, Laura naturally packed off the gifts and left.

After that Laura left, Zhao Hai returned to the living room, suddenly Green said ’’Young master, should we start raising Blue Eye Rabbits in the mine tunnels? Anyway, in two days we should feed the Rabbits, and wait until that Miss Laura sends the tools to extract the oil.’’

’’Yes, now we have a lot of small rabbit in our hands, feeding them some radish leaves should be okay, tomorrow we will let them use the roller mill and begin processing corn.’’

Green nodded and looked at Zhao Hai saying: ’’Young master, why did you tell the young lady, if there are level nine Experts chasing her, she could come to Stony Mountain and guarantee her safety?’’

Zhao Hai understood Green's meaning. The space is their most important secret, if a bystander knows about the matter, troubles will erupt. He responded calmly ’’You think that Laura will meet nine levels Expert? These nine levels Expert are rare as a phoenix feather, and won't chase Laura, she does not hold a big value.’’

Green Zhao agreed to his argument, but he frowned and said: ’’Now is not the time to fear, with Laura's cooperation with young master Master, she will have huge profits in the future, at that time there might be level nine experts chasing her.’’

Zhao Hai replied with a smile: ’’relax Grandpa Green, at that time we can also trust Laura.’’

Green was still puzzled but quickly changed the subject ’’Young master, why do you want that many rabbit skins? Is it useful?’’

’’I want to prepare the rabbit skins for later, when winter arrives, the temperature will be low, and what will happens to the slaves? Even if we seal the windows and doors, they will also have to go out, when that happens will they not be freezing?’’

Green smiled and shook his head saying: ’’I also really forgot about this matter, right, we should prepare and avoid such thing.’’

Zhao Hai showed a faint smile, then his complexion suddenly changed, he turned his head and said to Green: ’’Grandpa Green, immediately call Grandma Merine and Meg, there is an accident at Iron Mountain fort!!’’

Green seeing Zhao Ha's expression change, immediately runs to call them.

Note: now the story goes to laura carriage

But at this time, thinking about this matter, Laura was curious about Zhao Hai, she couldn't figure his identity or status. She thought he was a big aristocrat descendant, but his lack of customs(manners) and seeds showed the opposite, furthermore he held the ancient 'transmit scroll', a legendary item. For these reason Laura was left confused and unable to think.

Most importantly, it was clear that Zhao was short on coins. Even though he said that he'll send his servants on Scaled Wild Beasts as an excuse to show her the quality of his products, she was sure aside those Scaled Wilde Beasts and undead he didn't have any other riding animals, plus his animals and plants are only low-end products across the continent. Moreover, his life style was very simple and his servant's number was limited. For all these reasons she came to a conclusion that his economic strength was weak. She also noticed that he values the coins, for her, the sum of money exchanged for his goods is nothing much, but for an average person, it's huge.

It can be said that in the Laura's eyes, Zhao Hai is a contradictory marriage, with the status he holds and style of conduct seems somewhat contradictory. These contrasts left Laura see Zhao Hai shrouded by mystery. However she decided to cooperate with Zhao, not for the benefit, not for his strength, but for his benevolence.

Laura thought of a second possibility, which consisted of Zhao gradually gaining her respect to build a powerful partnership. She saw Zhao's economy situation, and yet he is making money rather slow and steady, but never took advantage of her, As a result her admiration to the black mage grew even more.

Nier sat in Laura's side, looked at the Laura's appearance, and couldn't help but ask with a smile: ’’young lady is thinking of Mr. Zhao Hai? That's what grandfather Kun said, do you really like him?’’

Laura stared then said ’’nonsense! I don't' know what the future holds, his business just started, hence he really needs our financial help. If he was a normal person he wouldn't cooperate with us and have a life-saving obligation toward the Markey clan. But he actually did, and more importantly he didn't use it to his advantage to extract gold from me. As you can see we are both in a win-win situation. I truly admire his personality’’

Nier was puzzled when she replied ’’but didn't he accept the expensive magical staff and robe?’’

’’what does a small girl like you know, the reason the gentleman accepted these things was to let us feel owing him benevolence, and like this we can work on equal grounds, otherwise you think that Mr. Zhao will accept that indifferent thing...really? Considering the item in his disposal, that robe and staff were worth nothing’’

Nier smiled in a puzzled way and asked ’’I was wondering why he accepted the gifts quickly, I thought it was because of his greed or maybe low status’’

Laura looked at Nier and showed a faint smile ’’Silly thing, he might not be arrogant, he might not even be a junior of a big family, but he definitely has a great lofty character’’

’’I never that Mr. Zhao is actually a gentleman!’’

Laura looked at Nier's blushing face, she had an innocent look, and was kept from the outside world so she never got contaminated by any bad thoughts. She was as pure as clean water staring at the Stony mountain direction. Deep in her heart was imprinted the image of Zhao's black robes.

At this point Nier saw Zhao in a whole new image


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