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Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Chapter 131


chapter 131

Laura was wondering what Zhao, a black mage needs such plants. Her best option was to ask him directly, after all she had nothing to lose’’ what are you planning to make with these magic plants? The quantity of such seeds in the market are low, but I'll do my best to provide you with as much as I can.’’

Showing a faint smile he said ’’I want to make a botanical garden but what i need most are plant seeds, regardless of quality the more the better’’

She replied calmly ’’then I should make preparations so you suffer no loss.’’

’’I believe in your abilities. This is an important matter for me’’

She courteously responded ’’You are too polite, this is but a minor matter no need to look for help from others.’’

Zhao Hai said with a smile: ’’we'll have more chances to cooperate in the future, I just set-up my pasture, it only has Blue Eye Rabbit, later it will also contain Scaled Wildebeest or perhaps something more special, or high-level Magic Beast, I also hope that Miss Laura can establish a meat processing factory, ha-ha.’’

’’I don't have such a plan, because the meat processing factory is not profitable enough, and my clan doesn't have the experience, therefore we have not meddled in this aspect. ’’

’’Miss Laura, I think your business is limited to hotel industry and food shops, you should unfold toward the entire industry aspect, for example if you set up the meat processing factory, which contains Magic Beast that my pasture provides, the quality is in uppermost layer, you also tasted the Blue Eye Rabbit that I have raised, it was very good right?, Therefore If you want to set up a meat processing business, my Blue Eye Rabbit will be sold only to you, I believe that depending on my Magic Beast quality and your sale network. It will definitely be fruitful.’’

Laura's heart was moved, because what Zhao Hai suggested is an extremely good idea ,the Blue Eye Rabbit that he produces is very good, not only the flavor is very good, but also the magic element inside is more intense than and ordinary Blue Eye Rabbit, if he produces enormous quantities, the result will be a positive one.

Zhao Hai looked at Laura's exited figure and added ’’This time I will send my servants riding Scaled Wild Beast to go to Casa City, not only to handle some matters, but also to show Miss Laura the Scaled Wild Beast that undergoes my careful raising, compared to ordinary ones.’’

Laura showed a faint smile and said ’’I believe Mr. Zhao Hai, please rest assured, after going back, I will discuss this matter with my clan members.’’

’’Previously when Miss Laura was attacked I was quit worried about you, now that we are allies please Miss Laura feel relieved, if there is any problems, feel free to come to me, I'll do my best to help you’’

Laura has gawked, at first she was interested in Zhao Hai, because he has saved her, and because she wanted to rely on the Zhao's strength, but now things changed, he openly admitted that she can have his help, this was really too important. she knew well that experts relied on their words as contracts, as long as he said he'll do something, nothing will stop him from doing it, she could only sigh in relief. Moreover this time when she contacted Zhao Hai, Laura was sure, Zhao Hai was a smart person, and moreover he is also a good person, although he is a black Magician, but he was really a good person.

Laura has stood seriously, then said: ’’Thanks you for these kind words’’ Laura felt relieved ’’please don't be too polite with me it's my request’’

’’your requests are my orders, otherwise I wouldn't ask you to handle that many matters for me, Miss Laura please feel relieved, later if you meet any troubles that you can not solve, i will do my best to help, even if you were to be chased down by level nine Expert, as long as you reach Stony Mountain, I can guarantee your safety.’’

Laura could only stare, she didn't think that he will actually boastfully talk, he must know that nine levels expert are a formidable existence! Those Experts are legends in the Continent, the people generally called them 'Asian gods', meaning they are only poorer than god himself, facing such Experts, Zhao Hai dares to say that he can unexpectedly guarantee her safety?

Zhao Hai looked at Laura's appearance, he knew what she was thinking, however he only dared to say he can guarantee her safety because he had the power of the space, even if an expert came, as long as he hid in the space, they will have no idea.

’’I can only guarantee you to be safe, and cannot help you, because level nine Expert Is an existence that i cannot cope with, to speaks the truth, in my possession is one undefined item that the ancestors handed down from generation to generation and it's called 'transmit scroll', so if you came, I can give the scroll to travel, but to where you'll be transported is unknown to me’’

Laura then felt relaxed, in the Ark Continent there was a legend about an antiquity Magician. The legend said that this Magician was incomparably strong, level nine Expert at that time were common existence, they were true experts who could move mountains, they were formidable and incomparable and were called the gods of time. Currently before that legend did spread, some deep rooted families had a long history threading even before the flood happened, and they possessed magical items that they passed from generation to generation, one of those was the teleportation scroll

The 'Transmit scroll' truly existed on the Continent, more than hundred years ago, bandits and thieves intruded an Antiquity Magician grave, and found a 'transmit scroll', but an unknown person fought them, afterward the bandits and thieves chased him down, he had ripped open that scroll and vanished, then reappeared in a forest, thousand kilometers away, which allowed him to flee. Afterward some people spread the news, and sometime later that person became a big aristocrat.

Also because of this matter people on the Continent knew and respected the family of that person, but that respect was based on that item that originated from before the flood. Since then many mercenary soldiers and adventurers, willed to take risk thinking antiquity magic items were worth the danger.

Laura smiled at him and could not even speak, now she is more curious about Zhao Hai status, since the antiquity magic items are handed down from generation to generation among big families, the 'transmit scroll’’ must be a family heirloom. More importantly what status Zhao holds?

Zhao Hai read about 'the transmit scroll' from one of his books, but never thought he will use it as an excuse, Laura felt unexpectedly relaxed, this made Zhao Hai chuckle. No matter what, it seems antiquity magical items are extremely powerful.

’’Don't worry if I encounter any issue I'll rely on you.’’

Zhao Hai couldn't help but laugh saying: ’’my treasure hold immense value, and if I am compelled to use it then Miss Laura will have to pay a huge price’’

She quickly understood the meaning of his words such items are exceptionally rare, even though he offered to protect her, he made it clear that a price must be paid

He turned to watch the weather state, then slowly turn toward her and added ’’Miss Laura the dinner is prepared, after dinner you should head back home, it's not that I don't want you here, it's just I have so many secrets which I'm not allowed to share with you, sorry .’’

She didn't care, she knew everyone had his secrets, she was even delighted Zhao related to her some of his own...but wait dinner?? She knew it's her favorite dish the Fire Fish

’’Rest assured today's Fire Fish are prepared in a way that you have never tasted before’’

Without hesitation she followed him to the dining room. They arrived at the dining room to sit down, Merine carried the meal immediately, the food was very simple, and the bread was fresh placed in a wooden basket.

In front of everyone, was placed some roasted rabbit meat, some green vegetables, but in the middle of the table was a Fire Fish. The way this fish was cooked was different. On the last visit, Zhao's Fire Fish had a bluish steam coming out of it. Today, it was a red-roast, no one in this world have tasted something like this.

Zhao Hai said proudly ’’the fish you taste here is prepared in way that you'll never find it in any other place’’

She looked curiously at it before taking a fork to taste it. The fish had only a main-bone so she wouldn't have trouble eating it, however once she put it in her mouth the taste was heavenly, sweet and delicate.

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