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Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Chapter 130


chapter 130

This is good news, especially for Zhao, considering the territory under his control, some might think of it as insufficient, but with gold flowing in it certainly makes him happy. Furthermore, according to his calculations, he can produce 10,000 Blue Eyed Rabbits per month, considering it takes at least 3 days for new born rabbit to reach maturity inside the pasture.

And that wasn't all, 10,000 Blue Eyed Rabbit isn't enough, combining the animals raised in the pasture with those raised the mine tunnel will definitely boost the outcome, that why he made so much preparations in the mountain reach.

But he wouldn't higher his expectations, he turned to Laura ’’with my farm I can produce 8000 Blue Eyed Rabbit per month at most’’

He didn't reveal the total 10,000 rabbit, because he want to spare some to make sure no problems occur, in addition he was sure that the rabbits quality are far exceeding than those of normal ones.

Miss Laura was shocked, compared to other big businesses 8000 Blue Eyed Rabbit is not high, she reassured herself with the fact he just opened his pasture. Said ’’please rest assured I'll do my best to find a buyer, but I'm not sure if you have any special request’’

Zhao nodded ’’it is true I wish not to sell the rabbit skins, moreover in two months, I'll also need to process them to make leather clothing, could you please help me with that?’’

His request was like cold water splashed against her, that's because she knew well that meat processing factories part of income comes from the animal's skins that they slaughtered, fulfilling such need will be hard to do.

Zhao noticed her expression and quickly added ’’and naturally it only cost them the price of 5000 rabbit and the other 3000 can be considered as fee for letting me have the rabbit's skin’’

TL Note: he will sell 8000 rabbit at the price of 5000 rabbit but he gets to keep the rabbit skins

She was still surprised when she replied ’’Sir it's not an issue, but will result in you sustaining loses’’

Zhao smiled ’’it's true but you the first three months will produce 15,000 rabbits skin, moreover the leather clothing is really useful for me, in any case it will minimize my loses’’

Laura replied ’’then it's settled, I will discuss this with people willing to take the Blue Eyed Rabbit, when will you Sir be able to produce the rabbits?’’

Zhao's smile grew wider ’’in ten days a batch of 3000 Blue Eyed Rabbit will be ready, the other 5000 will be provided later this month’’

’’It seems your pasture is expanding quite fast?! Good, as long as I have news I'll inform you Sir’’

Zhao courteous as ever said ’’this is all thanks to the young lady's hard work, this you shall return with several fire fish, even though mass producing them is quite laborious, few wouldn't hurt’’

Laura showed a shy smile ’’you are too polite’’ last time she came here she was shocked at the dense basin of Fire Fish, she knew that these only mate seasonally and are very plus the price is super high.

’’Compared to your help these fish are worth nothing’’

Laura asked with a curious tone ’’Sir Can i ask how is your oil pressing plantation is going’’

’’Ha-ha how inconsiderate of me, unexpectedly I haven't prepared barrels, so I had to delay the production’’

Trying to win his favor she said ’’don't be worried, in two days my caravan will arrive and will deliver whatever is that you need’’

He knew well her intentions but decided to arouse her curiosity more ’’there is no need for such actions, when the times comes I'll send multiple Scaled Wild Beast to Casa City to fulfill my needs and bring back more seeds’’

She was quite astonishes when she replied ’’uh I never thought that Mr. Zhao also produce magical vegetables? If so I'll be glad to sell them to the people of Casa City’’

Originally Green was sent to Casa City to buy vegetables seeds, but die the force of circumstances he came back Miss Laura. Initially Green's mission was to bring back as much firs-level magic vegetables, compared to Magical Radishes. These vegetables are on the edge between a magical vegetable and an ordinary ones.

The majority of ordinary vegetables are ordinary one, the remaining few are magical vegetables. The rarity of such vegetables relies on the precise environment it takes to plant, and that's why common people don't get much magical ones.

But the aristocrats couldn't tolerate the competition with common farmers and thus limited the access to the magical seeds. But suddenly and idea popped up in Zhao's mind, considering Laura's status, he might acquire quite a variety of seed easily, he said ’’I'll trouble you more time Miss Laura, I you i need help with my solders, this problems sounds quite simple, but in reality it's not, it's very hard acquire rare magical plat seeds, could you possible provide me with a variety of plant seeds, the purchase costs will be covered by me’’

Laura stared in shock, many people were eager to have rare plant seeds especially alchemists and elixir teachers since they mostly have they their own botanical gardens, buts that's not the case with black mages, even ordinary magicians have no big use of such plants. Slowly she started doubting the identity of Zhao as a black mage


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