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Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Chapter 129


chapter 129

Green have never made contact with video games, so he doesn't know about the digital world. Zhao's space being based on a game is totally weird for him. But for Zhao the system wasn't very strange aside the farming the animals raised inside don't have the difference of se*es. More strange thing for green, inside the space a male animal can give birth to new one, in other words the pasture reproducing system is cloning, naturally this is thought of Zhao since Green never of something called clones.

Much to Green's surprise, they arrived at the foot of the hill in on only half a day of travelling, which made him sigh in disparity, even though the Scaled Wilde Beast was improved it still cannot compare to a Snowflake marvelous horse's born superiority.

Although Laura was bringing a big caravan, the population wasn't that big, aside from the cart drivers it did not have any others, and moreover Kun was nowhere to be seen. She knew that Zhao had such a big pile of undead that can help in loading the goods.

Once inside the courtyard her carriage came to a stop, when suddenly Zhao followed by Meg and Merine came to greet her, Laura's response wasn't slow either she jumped from the carriage and bowed and said ’’coming to receive me from carriage is just too polite of mister Zhao’’.

Zhao showed a faint smile and replied ’’Miss Laura you are now my gold host how can I neglect you’’ directing her to sit in the backyard living room

’’So Miss Laura is here for the matter regarding the magical radish?’’ he said

’’It seems you already guessed the reason behind my visit today’’ said Laura keeping her smile

’’That's because I'm very confident in my magical radish’’ he added ’’but I never thought my products will be very popular’’

She didn't conceal the situation in Casa city, Zhao was shocked by the effect of the magical radish and said ’’does magical radish have this use? I never thought about it before, perhaps it is Miss Laura's arrangements ’’

Laura shook her head hastily and responded ’’don't you think if we do that it would just ruin our advertisement? ’’

’’Miss Laura shouldn't get angry’’ astonished he replied ’’I just felt that this matter is just inconceivable, how can this situation be possible, I'm sure my magical radish's quality is high but isn't it odd ? Some might regard it as a drug which will affect your business badly’’

’’It might not, your magical radishes are of superior quality, and moreover I'll have them separated from ordinary ones on sale, so it will not be a major problem’’

Zhao quickly understood her aim, those radishes will be a trademark, making a brand will definitely skyrocket the sales which will bare huge profits for both sides, so he slowly pats his own forehead gently then says ’’ but then my magical radishes should have another name what kind of a name should it be ?’’

Laura couldn't help but stare back, she understood the meaning of Zhao's words, and could only gape in secret, to her estimation Zhao quickly thought about this point and changed the name of the magical radishes, so people can discriminate between his products and others , and people will quickly remember his trademark

She gave a forced smile and said ’’you truly are fierce, if you do business this way I won't even have food to eat’’

Zhao on the other hand showed a faint smile and replied ’’Miss Laura is too polite, it's true I might have few tricks in my sleeve, but speaking of business how many Dora Radishes you want ?’’

She felt a bit irritable but could only manage to keep a smile ’’I plan on purchasing 200,000 jin (0.5kg) per month but I'm not sure if Mr. Zhao's goods are sufficient?’’

’’Rest assured, the quantity is no problem at all, I can provide you to up to 400,000 jin per month, I can also guarantee the good quality ’’he said

Zhao made his point clear, which allowed Laura carry good impression about his power she couldn't stop wandering about the technique the black mage in front of her is using to get so many radishes. But she was worrying about a small detail, that's because Radish is seasonal vegetable and Laura doubted if he can provide her with enough goods during summer ’’are you sure you can provide me with enough of the radishes throughout the years months?’’

Zhao quickly understood her meaning, although he was a nerd, but it was clear that radishes only grow in specific seasons, but he had the storage power of his space he had nothing to worry about ’’as I said before I can provide you with enough of this radishes monthly even in summer months, and also guarantee the quality and succulent taste of the vegetables’’ he said.

After listening to his words Laura could only sigh in relief, she knew well, as manager of a food shop, that preserving vegetables can be risky but if done in the right way it can hold the radishes for several months, there were even dedicated businesses in preserving vegetables through winter to sell them at summer, naturally the price increases when it's the hot season, even though preserved products will not be rotten but they will lose the taste and effect of a fresh one.

Because of these reasons Laura have never preserved radishes in the summer, fearing that she might ruin her shops image. But seeing Zhao confidence she thought that he had a suitable planting environments through all seasons.

She couldn't help but speculate about Zhao's lands and territory but she knew well she had to keep it to herself, plus she was sure that he wouldn't deceive her in matters of business.

For Zhao, he couldn't be sure what she was thinking, but he was just too happy to think about it, even though 200,000 couldn't get him 10,000 gold coins, he was sure if he combines it with the output of the oil press he can surpass it easily.


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