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Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Chapter 104


Chapter 104 - Strengthen Space's Attack

Almost everyone was stunned. They had never seen such an attack before. However, although Green and everyone else didn't understand what happened, they had already grown accustomed to Zhao showing off strange abilities.

But the Jie Shi Ling twins were very surprised, to the point that they didn't notice Shift lurking closer to them. He had been waiting for an opportunity, and when he saw that the twins were in a daze, Shift immediately made his move. He appeared behind one of the Jie Shi Ling twins and silently stabbed his sword through the mage.

The twin stared with frightened eyes at the sight of the sword that had pierced his body.

When the other twin saw his brother being attacked, his eyes turned red as he shouted, ’’Brother!’’ He then sent his stone giant towards Shift. ’’I'll kill you!’’

At this point, the dead twin fell to the ground and the stone giant that belonged to him started to shake like it was about to collapse, but then a hole to the space suddenly cracked open and caught the stone giant as it fell down.

While at the same time, Zhao's undead launched a spiritual attack against the other twin, injuring him. It was difficult for mages to defend themselves against spiritual attacks, especially now when the twin had lost his mind and was bent on revenge, making it impossible for him to resist.

The twin screamed as blood spewed from his eyes and nose. He lost control of his stone giant, which also started to shake, but then another hole to the space opened up, swallowing the stone giant as it fell. After that, while the twin was still suffering from the spiritual attack, Shift stabbed his sword through him. It was over.

Once Green saw that the battle had ended, he shouted, ’’Drunk, sweep the battlefield.’’

Drunk and the other black mages saluted, and immediately began to work. In fact, their job was simple. Just turn those who had died into undead. As for the three advanced warriors, they just needed to turn one of them into a high level undead. But that will take time, so they saved it for later. Right now they were just focusing on turning everyone else into low level undead.

Zhao was also organizing his own harvest. Two stone giants had just appeared in his space. The moment they entered, the voice came and said: [Discovery of stone giants. Increasing space's ability to attack. You can now summon stone giants. Limited to ten times per day]

This gave Zhao a pleasant surprise. He didn't think that he would get something this good when he brought the stone giants into the space. Just before he could celebrate, the voice came again: [Strengthening stone giants with toxins. Extracting throwing ability. Adding throwing ability to robotic objects]

It was another surprise. The space just increased the undead's offensive power by giving them throwing abilities. The only question was what would they use for their long range attacks? For those that had spikes, would they shoot out their spikes? For those that had claws, would they throw their claws?

Suddenly, the second stone giant that Zhao brought into the space started to flash with yellow light, then it turned into mist and disappeared. Zhao didn't care, because the first stone giant that he got from the Jie Shi Ling twins started to change. It turned green and crystal clear, making it look like it was carved out of a huge chunk of jade. The stone giant now looked more human, with his head actually looking like a huge skull. Of course, its eyes didn't have the soul fire like the undead. It was just an ordinary giant stone skull.

A stone giant that was eight meters high and looking at you with a huge skull, how would you feel?

Zhao didn't hide the stone giant, and instead made it stand to one side. The slaves in the space looked frightened, but they knew that this huge thing was summoned by Zhao, so although they felt some panic, they were also a little curious.

Just then, Zhao smelled the sweet scent of a peach. He turned around and saw where the peach aroma was coming from. It seemed like each of the peach trees had formed a knot, where a magic peach, the size of a basketball, had grown from. The magic peaches shined with light, and its skin looked pink and fragile, like it could be broken with a single touch.

Looking at the two ripe magic peaches, Zhao couldn't help but be delighted. He remembered that a tone had chimed in the space, but at the time he didn't notice it because he was paying attention to the battle outside.

With a thought, the two peaches were harvested. They instantly became smaller as they appeared in his hands, although they still looked very beautiful. The peaches felt heavy, but what was most notable about them was their soft and doughy texture. Even though he hadn't eaten them yet, he could tell that they would taste really sweet, especially with that aroma wafting off of them. Zhao gently squeezed the peaches, but he found that although the skin of the peaches looked thin, they were very resilient. Pinching them a few times didn't break them at all.

After examining the peaches, Zhao threw them into the spatial barn, then he turned around to see what else needed to be done.

Zhao suddenly noticed something about the hot springs. He went over and saw that the originally small fire fishes had grown to more than twenty centimeters long, plus their red color became more vibrant, looking more like fire.

The only problem was that they were just lying there, motionless.

Zhao was surprised. He checked the temperature of the water, but the springs were still hot. He then looked at the red plants, but there was no fewer than before, so there wasn't a shortage of feed. Then what happened?

He was puzzled, until he remembered the ripe magic peaches. Zhao smacked his head. He had been paying too much attention to the battle earlier, unable to notice anything else, including the tone chiming with the space telling him that the fire fishes have matured.

From the information that was downloaded into his brain, he remembered that when the fire fish matured, they would rush to the middle of the hot springs and lie still. And sure enough, these fishes were lying in the middle of the hot springs, motionless as a tree root.

’’Damn, I should have listened to that tone chiming.’’ Zhao smacked his head. He felt relieved when he figured out the problem. With a thought, all the fire fish started laying eggs.

According to the space's data, whether the fishes were male or female, once they were inside the space, all of them would reproduce. In other words, he had five fire fish, and each and everyone of them would spawn thirty eggs, totaling one hundred and fifty eggs.

At once, Zhao said, ’’Hatch eggs.’’

A red light flashed inside the hot spring, and all one hundred and fifty eggs became one hundred and fifty small fires fishes. A happy look appeared on Zhao's face. In his eyes, these fire fish will turn into gold.

Standing at the edge of the hot springs, Zhao added some more feed, then he went into the villa to check the situation outside.

Once he was in front of the screen, Zhao saw that Drunk and the other black mages had basically finished cleaning up the battlefield. There were now a lot more skeletons wandering around. With things finished, Zhao brought everyone into the space, including the new undead.

Once the skeletons were inside the space, the voice came and said: [Discovery of low class robotic objects. Strengthening low class robotic objects]

[Discovery of magic item. Extracting properties of magic item. Extracting magic from robotic objects. Extraction complete. Strengthening attack capabilities of the space. Host can now use black magic, earth magic, and light magic. Host's gene is defective. Ghost staff is required to use magic]


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