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Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Chapter 103


Chapter 103 - I'll Shoot You Dead

In an instant, the three advanced warriors were killed.

Once they were dead, everyone focused on Garan. Garan didn't look so good, and his face became ugly. He knew that he wouldn't be able to run away. With more than a thousand undead surrounding him, he didn't have the confidence to escape.

With the undead slowly gathering around him, Garan's eyes flashed with coldness as he shouted, ’’I request to see Mister Zhao.’’

Because of this outburst, Green stopped the undead from advancing.

Garan wanted to meet with Zhao, but how could Zhao not notice the dark gleam in Garan's eyes. He had to be careful, so he commanded Scales to take his place and pose as Zhao the black mage in front of Garan.

Zhao then gave another order, telling Shift to give the ghost staff to Scales. Scales was an undead that couldn't speak, and could only communicate through a spiritual connection. But as long as Scales was holding the ghost staff, Zhao would be able to speak through it.

It wasn't like Garan had ever seen Zhao before, and Scales was wearing a black robe. Garan should believe that Scales is Zhao.

The reason why Zhao chose Scales to pretend to be him was because Scales and Brick were the ones that were cleaning up the assassins in the perimeter of the canyon, so Garan had never seen Scales before, so he would have no reason to be suspicious.

Under the cover of the undead, Shift was able to sneak the ghost staff into Scales hands. Once Scales had the ghost staff, he immediately got on an undead's back. This wasn't Zhao's undead, since that one was placed near Garan, waiting for the order to launch its spiritual attack. Even though the spiritual attack wasn't very strong, it should be able to do some damage, even if Garan was an eighth level mage.

Scales was moving towards Garan, until he stopped thirty meters away. This position was relatively safe. Generally, magic could be used to attack him at this distance, and even the stone giants should be able to throw stones this far, but Scales would have enough time to avoid them.

At Scales approach, Green saw that it wasn't Zhao, but Scales standing on top of that undead's back. Green had known Zhao his whole life, so how could he not know that this wasn't Zhao. At the sight of Scales taking Zhao's place, Green felt very relieved. He was very much in favor of this since it would ensure Zhao's safety. For Green, it didn't matter if this would sacrifice Scales. As long as Zhao was safe, all was well.

Once Scales stood still, Zhao uploaded his voice. ’’Oh yes, I can see that Mister Garan came here just because he wanted to talk.’’

From Zhao's words, the irony wasn't lost on Garan. Garan was livid, but he wasn't stupid enough to act on it. He was smart ever since he was a child, otherwise he wouldn't have been able to become an eighth level light mage at his age. It was precisely because he was a genius that no one had ever spoken such heavy words to him before. When was the last time he had received such sarcasm.

However, Garan tried to speak in a polite tone. ’’Don't insult me, Mister Zhao. You obviously my name, so naturally you must know why I'm here. It seems that I have disturbed Mister Zhao, so I would like to apologize. As long as you are willing to let us leave, I will give you the Iron Book. What do you think, Mister Zhao?’’ While speaking, his arms extended, holding out the Iron Book.

Zhao's voice came through. ’’What's to stop me from just killing you and taking the book?’’

The moment Zhao's words faded, Garan shouted out in an angry voice. ’’Then you can go die!’’ He opened the Iron Book and released one of the seals. A huge white light shot straight into the sky.

Green and Meirin immediately moved to protect Scales. Green positioned himself to block any attack from the stone giants, while Meirin raised a magic shield. However, it wouldn't be effective against the spell that Garan summoned. The white light in the sky formed into a huge light sword, ready to run straight through Scales.

Meirin knew this was bad the moment she saw that sword. It was a light element attack magic, the seventh level light spell known as Trial of the Blade. Although its casting time was long, its attack power was very powerful, and it had the ability to ignore almost any defense. Even experts at the eighth level wouldn't be able to block it.

Trial of the Blade shot down, breaking through Meirin's shield. But suddenly, Scales and his undead disappeared. The five meter long light sword cut into the ground, creating a hole that was one meter deep and half a meter wide.

The proud look on Garan's face was replaced by a stunned look. He wasn't a fool, but he couldn't understand what had just happened. However, Meirin understood. Zhao simply pulled Scales and the undead into the space before the light sword could hit him. Although the light sword was very fast, Zhao just needed a single thought to make Scales vanish.

Once the Trial of the Blade faded away, Scales and the undead reappeared, and soon Zhao's voice came out again. ’’No, Mister Garan, it's you that will die.’’

After Garan recovered from his shock, he looked at Zhao with a sneer. ’’Do you think I will die today? Stone brothers, although I'll be leaving you here, I will avenge you one day.’’ He opened the Iron Book and white light flowed out once again. This time the white light wrapped around Garan's body.

When Meirin saw that white light, she quickly said, ’’Hurry up and attack. That's a light spell that will help him escape.’’ She was talking to Green, but Zhao was also listening

Although Zhao was sitting inside the space, he had been staring at Garan with combative eyes. This time he was really angry. When Zhao heard what Meirin said, he couldn't help but curse loudly. ’’I'll shoot you dead, you son of a bitch.’’ With a thought, a giant fly swatter appeared outside the space while he quoted that tv drama.

This fly swatter was a tool from the spatial ranch. If he were to use it outside the space, he would only have a ten percent chance to use its one hit kill function.

Everyone that has ever played a game knows that your swinging speed is related to your hand speed. But Zhao had an advantage that made him a little faster. He didn't need to swing the fly swatter tool with his hands, he could do it with his mind.

However, this wouldn't increase his chances of hitting his target. A ten percent chance for a one hit kill wasn't very high, but there was no way to get it any higher. The features of the tools were based on the space's data, and the data always moved according to a fixed pattern. There was no way to increase the chances of a one hit kill beyond ten percent.

At this moment, Zhao slammed down the fly swatter, like he was killing a giant blow fly. The white light scattered and Garan was hit deep into the ground. Garan's bones were smashed to pieces and now he was nothing but a pool of blood. The one hit kill had succeeded!


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