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Breaking Off The Engagement… Just As Intended - Chapter 40


A Present

’’Ririina, what does Sana like?’’

What was the person that entered people's rooms without so much as knocking saying? Brother mine.

’’Big Brother .. let us knock when we want to enter people's rooms. So, what Sana likes, it is? Wouldn't it be better to ask the person herself?’’

’’Mu. Weren't you the one who told me to show my gratitude to her? What's more, if I'm doing that anyhow wouldn't I want to surprise her as well.’’

Surprise her, you say.

What exactly are you planning to prepare for her. [1]

’’Let's see, she does like flowers ordinarily. I know she is often helping out with taking care of the flowers in the garden. And Big Brother, you have a lot of contact with her as well, so wouldn't you know what Sana is interested in?’’

Upon those words Brother fell into deep thought, mumbling 'hmm'.

If possible I wish you would worry about it in your own room.

Possibly because I had just been about to sleep .. I was sleepy.

’’Ah-, hmm? ... that's it!!’’


A weird voice slipped out as I got startled.

It's kind of embarassing.

’’Ririina! I have decided!’’

’’Big Brother .. you're loud. .. so, what did you decide.’’

’’Aah, I won't tell you yet. It's a secret.’’

Oi, Brother mine, what's up with that after bothering me this much?

In the end Brother left the room without saying anything.

.. and 2 days after that happened, Brother still hadn't returned home.

Alek-sama said after talking to me Brother immediately went to talk to him.

That it would take about 3 days for everyone to recover, so they would be taking a rest for that time, and that he himself would go out for a bit.

Just in case, Alek-sama did ask where he was headed, it appeared, but Brother wouldn't tell him.

How far did he go?

On that topic, Sana seemed to have become sort of an idol amongst the order's knights.

The two that had witnessed Sana's fighting appearance had told the rest about it and things got fired up.

Erm, what was it again, if I'm right 'The wanting to get hit by Sana-sama's whip corps' or something strange like that had popped up.

Ah, and also the ones that witnessed Anjiu-sama's fighting style created the 'Wanting to get hit by Anjiu-sama's rod corps'. [2]

That's kinda amazing, actually.

The naming is an issue, but wanting to get hit (corps), huh.

If they started bothering Sana and Anjiu-sama too much I conveyed the two that they should feel free to do as those units want and hit away.

By the way, the strange name that was appended to me got crushed without delay. [3]

Meanwhile Brother returned.

Let's see what he had prepared.

When I was going to welcome him back .. what is the meaning of this?

Brother was battered up.

As one would expect he didn't have any lethal injuries but his whole body was covered in wounds.

And for some reason his armor was full of soot.

The knights were also macking a ruckus saying things like 'The Commander got done in!' and 'For the Commander to this extend ..'.

At the present his treatment came first, so I brought him back to a room.

’’So, what exactly is the meaning of this Big Brother?’’

Did I ask while smearing the super thick super effective salve on his wounds.

’’Hm? What do you mean?’’

’’What, you say .. of course I mean these wounds! Just a while ago you were about to die, and while you didn't get any fatal injuries, what is it with all these wounds. Just what where you doing!’’

’’Aah, no well, as I said I was going out to get a present for Sana.’’

We're not making progress.

What are you going to do about this.

’’Big Brother, in that case what did you bring her as a present?’’

’’Ah, yes. I'll tell you after I've handed it over to Sana. As expected, I want the one I give it to to be the first to see it.’’

Ku, Brother was saying something reasonable for once.

But nothing that could be done about it. Let's wait.

’’But, I'm thankful for Ririina too, so I got you something as well. Here, this.’’

I received what Brother lightly tossed at me.

Nh? This is ..

Eh! Is this!

’’Big Brother, this is ..’’

’’Aah, pretty nice, ain't it? I met some unexpected difficulties when trying to gather them. Couldn't these be used on that sword of yours?’’

’’Eeh, that is true, but, does that mean for Sana then ..’’

’’Oo-to, don't inquire any further than this. I would probably end telling you. .. Yoshi! Thanks for treating my wounds. By the way, I didn't see Sana anywhere, do you know where she is?’’

’’Yes. If it's her she had some sewing and such to do today, so she brought that to her room. It's probably for a certain someone, in fact.’’

’’.. for whom?’’

Grumbled Brother in a sullen way.

As if I'd tell you.

Exchange them by yourselves, you two.


Someone had come, it appeared.

’’Ano, Ririina-sama, it's Sana.’’

Oh-to, nice timing.

’’Eeh, it's fine so come in.’’

Sana entered saying 'excuse me'.

Then got surprised seeing Brother.

’’Eh .. Ricardo-sama, why are you wounded all over again like this! Moreover you seem kind of burned ..’’

Saying so Sana drew closer to Brother.

Brother was acting kind of happy.

And then he took something out from behind his back.

’’Sana, for recently thank you very much. I pondered a lot about what would make you happy, but I couldn't think of anything but this. That's why, please accept this.’’

Saying so he gave her the present.

It was .. 'A dragon-type monster's whisker'.

Honestly, to actually get such a thing~ is what I was surprised about.

By the way, I had gotten some scales.

’’I think Sana's fighting figure is really cool, so what I came up with is something like this. If you use this you should be able to make a good whip out of it.’’

Well, yeah.

These are ingredients for a highest class whip, after all.

That's not an opponent you'd normally fight alone.

’’As expected I didn't manage to defeat it, but I did get this one whisker and a few scales. To think it would actually blow fire, that was unexpected.’’

Brother was saying this while laughing, but this wasn't a laughing matter.

You did well returning alive.

Incidentally, Sana isn't saying anything, what could be the matter ..

Looking over at her Sana was .. crying.

And Brother was panicking.

’’Na! Sana, did you hate this that much? I'm sorry! I should have just gotten you some flowers normally .. Ah, please don't cry. I'm going to get you something different right away, so.’’

’’ .. py.’’

Sana was saying something with a tearful voice.

’’Yes? What is it? Ah , look, something to wipe those tears, er, Ririina, don't you got anything?’’

Brother was all flustered.

It was a bit amusing.

’’Ricardo-sama .. I, I'm so happy .. and then I somehow started crying ..’’

Sana gave it her utmost efforts to convey thus to Brother.

’’Ricardo-sama, for my sake, such an amazing .. and what's more to get all battered up like that. I'm happy, but I don't like Ricardo-sama getting hurt. That's why, next time .. please bring me along as well!’’

Sana-san .. as expected of her.

’’Aah, next time let's bring down that monster together!’’

Rather than unexpectedly, Brother and Sana made a pretty good combo, but was the only one thinking so me?

By the way, it goes without saying that the 'Wanting to get hit by Sana-sama's whip corps' got crushed immediately once Brother learned of it's existence.


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