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Both Are Foxes - Chapter 57


Chapter 57

Chapter 57: Princess Yu

Nangong Yu was a dainty girl. Her face shape resembled Nangong Piaoran slightly, but she was not as beautiful as he. Her skin was very white, her fair skin of a pinkish hue. It was very pretty skin, well maintained too. She did not have Nangong Piaoran's slender phoenix eyes, instead they were large and black. When her eyes were open, they appeared merciless.

Currently, she stood at the doorway of the study room, her large eyes regarding him with dissatisfaction. Just her gaze alone emanated allure. As expected from the Nangong clan that produced someone such as Nangong Piaoran!

Seeing her faintly peeved manner, Ye Yin sighed. If he was a male, perhaps he would have felt pity seeing her like this! What another devastatingly beautiful person!

As Nangong Yu stepped into the room, Ye Yin smiled and said, ’’Lady Nangong, please sit!’’

Ye Yin's study room was split into two spaces. The inner space was where he carried out his true work and held serious discussions, whereas the outer space was for him receive visitors and read leisurely, drink tea, etc.

The outside area was arranged mainly for relaxation with a sofa, a coffee table, and a brocaded couch that he liked to nap on. The comfy seat had a cushion on it that he had instructed Hua Jianli to create in Dongling's style. Although it was not as refined as Dongling workmanship, it was still very comfortable.

Outsiders did not know what he used these for, but Ye Yin never bothered to explain either. Of course, to make it appear more like a study room, he had a calligraphy brush, ink stick, paper, and ink stone on the desk. Books lined a bookshelf, as well as towered on a chair.

Nangong Yu swept her gaze across the room, frowning. The room only had one chair. That should be for the host. Where should she sit then?

The brocaded couch? Technically speaking, it was a type of bed. An unmarried lady could not just sit on a man's bed, so scandalous!

Inwardly displeased, Nangong Yu walked over to the only chair haughtily and sat down. It was their fault for only having one chair!

Ye Yin raised a brow. It seemed she was not as open minded as Nangong Piaoran! Instead of sitting on the comfortable sofa, she chose to sit on the cold hard chair, what an uncultured lady!

Ye Yin shrugged, leisurely plopping down onto the sofa. He grabbed a pillow and used it to support himself, then leaned back. He started to give off a lazy air. He only smiled brightly at Nangong Yu as he said, ’’Lady Nangong, to what do I owe the pleasure?’’

’’I am finding someone and decided to visit.’’ She had already been dissatisfied with Ye Yin's neglectful behavior, and now, she was even more displeased with his content appearance. So that odd thing was supposed to be sat on. Why didn't he tell her? Hmph!

Chun Ri soon arrived with tea. After Chun Ri left, Ye Yin said seriously to Nangong Yu, ’’Lady nangong, if you want to find someone, you should go to the Ministry of Revenue. All the people of West Zhi have been registered with the Ministry of Revenue. Their movements have been recorded down in detail as well. If you go to the Ministry of Revenue, you will find the person you're looking for within a day.’’

Although Ye Yin said these words, inwardly, he felt a sliver of doubt. She must be here to find Nangong Piaoran, but why? Who said Nangong Piaoran would be here? And why was she visiting him? It wasn't as if he could see the future, nor was he some kind of tourist attraction.

’’I'm not looking for any West Zhi people, so what use is going to the Ministry of Revenue?’’ Nangong Yu glared at Ye Yin fiercely. ’’I doubt you don't know who I'm looking for!’’

’’You?’’ Ye Yin frowned. He took a sip of the tea that Chun Ri had sent, then said earnestly, ’’Young lady surnamed Nangong? Based on your clothes, you come from a powerful clan. However, there doesn't appear to be anyone surnamed Nangong in An city!’’

Ye Yin shook his head, as if he completely could not understand who she was. Nangong Yu angrily stood up. ’’I said the person I'm looking for is not from West Zhi! I'm looking for Nangong Pioran! Do you now know who he is?’’

’’Nangong Piaoran?’’ Ye yin stood up with a surprised expression. He looked at Nangong Yu as if he had suddenly realized something. ’’So you are the incomparably beautiful Princess Yu of Nanrong?’’

When the girl heard the compliment, she became very happy. Afterall, she was just a young girl.

Nangong Yu nodded happily. She sat down again. ’’He said your thoughts are secretive, that you're highly intelligent and cunning as a fox! I don't think you're like that. You couldn't even tell tell who I was, how could you be smart!’’

Ye Yin rolled his eyes, thinking to himself, who could tell who you are with just the name ’’Nangong Yu.’’ If not for the fact that Nangong Piaoran had just been here, I wouldn't even bother to meet you! And who cares if you're royalty. If you truly had power, then the person flustered wouldn't be you.

Although this was what he thought, Ye Yin smiled widely. ’’Why would Princess Yu come here to look for Nangong? Nangong has not been here before.’’

’’He isn't here? He should have come to West Zhi for you. He thinks of you so highly, it'd be strange if he didn't come here!’’ Nangong Yu was clearly doubtful.

Ye Yin naturally would not tell her that Nangong Piaoran had come here before, and come here often as well. It would be a great problem if the spoiled princess of Nanrong, sister of the empress, stubbornly decided to stay.

Smiling while shaking his head, Ye Yin said seriously, ’’Nangong has rarely come here before. Princess Yu, if Nangong Piroan, a member of the Nanrong royal family, visited the prime minister residence of West Zhi often, then there would be great trouble.’’

’’Then... then where is brother Piao?’’

Ye Yin was in the middle of taking a sip of tea when he almost spewed out the tea at these words. Br-brother Piao? (means visit prostitutes)

Swallowing back the tea with great difficulty, Ye Yin's expression fluctuated. Nangong Yu found this strange. ’’What, did I say something weird?’’

’’N-nothing, haha. What an interesting address!’’ Ye Yin's lip twitched. He set the tea back down, thinking if was best if he did not drink tea while talking to her in case he accidentally choked to death!

Nangong Yu became even more suspicious seeing Ye Yin's expression. ’’Address? What did I address? I've always called brother Piao brother Piao. Is something wrong?’’

Ye Yin switched to a charming, wide smile. ’’It's nothing, really. It's a very pretty way to call him. Princess Yu, you are looking for him because....’’ Gossip is something everyone enjoys, afterall.

Nangong Yu revealed a shy expression, She started to squirm as she lowered her head. After a while, she finally looked up again, as if she had made a decision. ’’I'm looking for brother Piao to ask him if he will marry me!’’

Ye Yin blinked. A marriage between cousins! His eyes vaguely frowning, Ye Yin directed a kind smile at Nangong Yu. ’’Nangong Yu, you Yu, you like, uh, brother Piao?’’

Nangong Yu nodded seriously. ’’Ever since I was little I have liked him, I have wanted to marry him, But he only followed elder sister. He always said I was too small and naive. He said that no matter what, I would have to grow up first. But now I am already eighteen years old, not a child anymore, so I came to ask him if he will marry me. Everyone knows that he is trying to avoid me.’’

’’Is that so.’’ Ye Yin's eyes twinkled. He said charmingly, ’’Princess Yu, all men would fall for someone as pretty and adorable as you. However, Nangong still is not aware of your intentions, so you must convey to him your heart. Thus, you must...’’

’’What do I do?’’

’’You must stay with him every moment, let him get used to your presence. Over time, he will become conscious of how important you are to him and will inevitably fall for you.’’

’’Really?’’ Nangong Yu brightened, but then dimmed. ’’But I don't even know where he is. How do I stay with him?’’

’’You don't know, but I do!’’ Ye Yin smiled brightly.

She was a pampered, pure girl naive about the world. Although she was a little haughty, she wasn't a bad person. He would help her find Nangong Piaoran!

If she followed around Nangong Piaoran, then he wouldn't be able to constantly come to see him suck at chess! Of course, what Ye Yin wanted to see the most was drama.

Drama, oh drama. How long had he last watched drama. Maneuvering a good show sure required skill!

’’Really? Where is he?’’

’’He often frequents the red light district. If nothing is unusual, he should be at Orchid's Fall.’’

’’Orchid's Fall? What kind of place is that?’’

’’Somewhere a little girl should not go, so if your highness must go, you must don male clothes.’’ Ye Yin blinked. ’’Princess Yu, don't you want to grab Nangong by the neck and teach him a lesson?’’

Nangong Yu nodded. Ye Yin stood up. ’’The please follow me. I will bring you a change of clothes, and then send people to lead you to Nangong.’’

After changing clothes, Nangong Yu said to Ye Yin, who was waiting outside, ’’So you aren't really that nice, right? You definitely want to use me to trouble brother Piao. But I'll let you.’’

It seems she was not a naive princess, but an astute one! Nangong Yu then said to ye Yin, ’’Brother Piao said to Piao said to me and elder sister you are near perfection, but it seems to be that you are not that different from normal people. You're only a little more attractive, but you're not as attractive as brother Piao. Also, you're too thin, not as manly as brother Piao. I don't like you.’’

’’It is best if your highness does not like him. I also don't wish for women to like my husband, otherwise I would feel threatened,’’ Lanzhi couldn't help but utter. ’’Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. To your highness, young master Nangong is the best, but to me, my husband is the best.’’

’’You are his wife?’’ Nangong Yu frowned. ’’So you are Rouge? Wow, you were married even after being raped. How fortunate.’’

Lanzhi visibly trembled at the words. Anger started to brew in Ye Yin's eyes. But Nangong Yu acted as if she did not see their change in expression! She waved offhandedly. ’’Alright, I'm leaving now. You don't have to send me off.’’

After Nangong Yu left, Ye Yin still had an icy expression. Lanzhi walked over to him quietly and grasped his hand. ’’Don't be mad. I'm fine. Princess Yu spoke harshly, but without bad intent. Her eyes did not hold any disdain.’’

Ye Yin hmphed coldly. ’’It is because she had not ill will that I did not say anything, otherwise...’’

Sighing, he sat down and pulled Lanzhi into his lap. Ye Yin hugged her, nestling his head into Lanzhi's chest. ’’I'm sorry, Lanzhi!’’

’’Look at you!’’ Lanzhi said with bewilderment. ’’I'm fine. These past four years, I have been happy. I thought I had even forgotten about it, but when she mentioned it, I couldn't help but... Little Qi, in the future, you cannot cast me aside. In this world, I only have you! I fear being left behind!’’

Ye Yin froze at her sudden outburst. She continued, ’’When I was little, mother said she would stay with me forever. She would watch me grow up, marry, and give birth. But she left me. Later, my grandfather told me he would always stay with me, but he also left me! Everyone said they would stay with me forever, but they all broke their promises. So Little Qi, you can't do that! You can't leave me.’’

’’Yes, I will never leave you.’’ Ye Yin looked up into Lanzhi's eyes and nodded seriously. ’’Lanzhi, once everything is over, I will travel the world with you, okay?’’

Lanzhi smiled brightly. ’’Yes!’’


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