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Boss’s Blind Date Notes - Chapter 41


Chapter 41

Chapter 41 - Boss's Blind Date Notes (Boss相亲笔记)

These few days, Yifan unexpectedly ignore Guan Xiao Bei . Occasionally when they meet up, she will looked at him with some uneasiness expression . He felt uncomfortable and somehow confused . He can't understand his feelings, don't know whether the feeling toward her was overwhelmed or edgy . In the end, he could only put out a cold and heartless appearance, hence Guan Xiao Bei becoming more terrified le .

A few days later, she actually found him a remarkable woman with an extraordinary family background .

Yifan wanted to shake her shoulder and asked: Are you stupid? Ask you to find and you really look for it? You really take this job seriously until death puts an end ma? But Guan Xiao Bie's eyes lit up as if she had done a good deed waiting for her boss to reward that expression to provoke Yifan . He quickly met up with that woman named Lin Qi and high-profile love relationships have been established le .

Like a standardized products produced on the same production line, only meet once and Yifan clearly understand Lin Qi ins and outs .

Lin Qi said to Xiao Bei: 'Upper class dinner event require VIP invitation card de, and we are born to have it . '

Yifan knows that Lin Qi's so called upper class included him, regarding this kind of classification he does not know whether to feel fortunate or unfortunate . The so-called upper class people gives them an inherent sense of superiority . With the help of this kind of false arrogance, they can hide their inner uneasiness that they have been worried all their lives . Worried about their lover have an extramarital affair, fear that the wealth will shrink and lavishly spend away . Therefore they will do whatever means to seize and capture what they had .

Yifan grew up in this kind of environment and he saw many people around him struggled in this kind of life . Marriage is an effective way to make upper-class people more prosperous, the connections through marriages need to face with a huge interest behind a group of people . And this intertwined relationship can make their wealth empire more solid and stable .

But, do you need to sacrifice your own happiness?

Lan Si Yan once stood on the cliff of a deserted coastal in a foreign lands, welcoming the icy sea breeze and proudly said: 'I must marry to the one I love and do the things I like . '

Her mother is a beautiful canary live in a grand mansion, life is plentiful but pale and helpless .

Behind the pretentious is the grim reality, seeing through all this, there is no reason to repeat the mistakes .

Guan Xiao Bei smiled at Lin Qi neither humble nor pushy and said: 'I believe in fairy tales, I believe the beauty of fairy tales will care for every beautiful woman . The person I love even though is a beggar, I will also look at him like a prince . We will build a kingdom together . '

Yifan stands in the dark, she can't see his smile, and he likes the brilliance of her eyes when she says this .

He remembered once Xiao Bei asked him: 'Are you proud of of your life now? How many people purse the pursuit of their dreams without being constrained by money? At this time, a beautiful love is the most perfect de . '

Life is no more than a hundred years, therefore, is there any reason to prevent yourself to marry the beloved woman and give her the perfect love?

Woman always have a very scary instincts .

Although facing Lin Qi, Yifan never showed any special emotion toward Guan Xiao Bei and Guan Xiao Bei even remain more respectful toward him . However Lin Qi nevertheless sense who her opponent was and this is exactly the lamentable instinct of the upper-class . Yifan knows Lin Qi's intentions and yet still indulge with her arrogant and bossy attitude toward Guan Xiao Bei . Because of Guan Xiao Bei's indifferent to stand aloof from worldly success attitude made him extremely dissatisfied . He is unclear whether is she obsessed with the so-called marriage between families of equal social rank, or really don't have any feeling for him . In the end, it was just like a jealous rival in a love affair of a little women, therefore used this type of superior method to test her though .

In the middle of the night, misleading Xiao Bei to the hotel and see her almost cried out expression really make him filled with joy .

On the way sending her home, Yifan eagerly wanted to turn her tragic and stirring face that looking outside of the window and asked: 'Xiao Bei, are you jealous?'

But in the end, he just suppressed his ups and downs emotion, and calmly said: 'Accompany me to a cocktail party . '

He is '

He is a smart businessman, how can he let her suffer from feeling wronged . Even if we are wronged, how can we not make profits from it?

At the reception, Guan Xiao Bei has been very careful trying to drift away from the crowd, but she doesn't know that Yifan has been watching her .

Yifan was very satisfied with his choice of dress he had chosen for her . Like a mother dressing up her daughter into a beautiful dress to show her off her proudly . At that moment, he even wondered under his handsome appearance concealed the heart of a loving mother?

Xiao Bei greeted Yifan from afar away and he was seduced away le .

'Your zipper is open le . ' Yifan reminded .

She wanted to throw away the cake in her hand and ran over to the washroom, however she was pulled by him: 'Run for what, let me help you to pull it up will do . '

Let her warm body gently leaning against him, Yifan start to complain, why the zipper didn't break down for few more times .

What Yifan doesn't foresee was the result of the revenge was so serious that he obviously underestimated the terrible explosive power of a mutual relationship of a woman after losing her dignity .

Lin Qi on the spot changed her attitude, cursed him from his ancestors to his descendants in a vicious language . After that, she breakup with him, and Yifan doesn't feel worry at all . After all, originally all this is just a fling . The next day, being entrusted by Lin Qi, large and small media took the opportunity to speculate about to speculate about Yifan being a playboy who was indiscriminate and had no taste at all . This he does not worried about it . The people who cares about him will understand, all these rumours unlikely will create any disturbance . A few days later, Yifan accidentally meet up with Lin Qi at the golf course . She knocked him down with a golf cart and broke his wrist, this was just superficial wound . Even though Lin Qi was bossy and unruly, this kind of rejection really hurt her feeling . If she can vent her anger through beating him up, this does not matter at all .

But she should not sneer and threaten him: 'Is it because of Guan Xiao Bei? You care about her? Then you have to tightly look after her . '

Like a lion that doze off with squinting eyes, it might tolerate other animals running past the edge of its territory . But then I thought I could run over and step on its tail, that would be a great mistake le .

Yifan managed to sort out all the resources and successfully persuaded the board of directors to agree to withdraw from the previous investment with Lin Corporation's project . He only used two words to describe the project supported by AC funds - hardly profit .

Even thought it was a hardly profit, it was enough to get Lin Corporation to be busy for a while le . To take advantage of this opportunity, Yifan used his official authority for his private interests, he trick Xiao Bei to go to Hong Kong for a business and a holiday trip .


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