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Boku Wa Isekai De Fuyo Mahou To Shoukan Mahou Wo Tenbin Ni Kakeru - Chapter 108


Chapter 108

Chapter 108 Skill level 9

In the white room, we were immersed in happiness that everyone had remained safe in our victory.

Arisu and Tamaki embraced Lucia, who was still limping.

Mia took the opportunity to grab Lucia's ears even as I was pulling her away.

’’Hey, stop that! When you did that to the Demi-human girl, didn't she hate it?’’

’’Physical contact is important.’’

That might be correct, but maybe it was best to get the other person's consent before doing it. Lucia was already one of our valued companions.

’’I don't mind, Mia. Please touch my ears as much as you wish.’’

Lucia seemed to have recovered her consciousness. Sitting on the floor, she was smiling naturally. In that case, we weren't going to go easy on her-Mia and I both started rubbing her left and right ears.

Wow, they were so soft.

’’Um...sir, why are you feeling them as well?’’

’’Uh, I...I'm just a little curious about the biological composition of your ears.’’

I made up an excuse to get by. Arisu made a strange noise and glared at me.

’’Senpai, you're touching them so crudely.’’

’’I think that's just your imagination.’’

’’Ugh, you speak like that only when you're lying.’’

You know me too well, Miss Arisu. I raised my hands in surrender.

Sighing, Arisu raised her head and looked at me. Her face looked slightly red.

’’Um, well...could you please also...touch my ears?’’

’’Er, why?’’

’’Because you don't do it a lot.’’


Perhaps that was true. After all, I don't have an ear fetish.

Following her instructions, I gently stroked her earlobes.

Closing her eyes, Arisu made a se*y sound. Um, could she please not?

Glancing to the side, I saw that Tamaki, Lucia, and Mia all looked quite displeased.

’’Kaya senpai, you pervert-’’

’’I don't deny that I'm perverted, but this is different.’’

’’If this is a cultural incident, then I am willing to accept it without question.’’

’’Please don't misunderstand, Lucia.’’

’’Yeah! Kaya, you can touch them, but there's the question of time and place-’’

’’You don't have any right to say that!’’

We argued for a while.

After that, everyone sat on the ground, including Lucia who could finally think straight again. We sat in a circle.

We needed to take this opportunity to reflect on what we might have improved on in this battle, plus plan for the future. More specifically, what we were planning on doing with Lucia.

’’What do you want to do after this battle ends, Lu Lu?’’

Mia asked.

’’If it's not too much trouble, I would like to continue fighting alongside you.’’

’’Well, we weren't planning on continuing to fight. If possible, we wanted to escape the battlefield and go back to our original world...if that's impossible, then we'll look for a safe place to stay here.’’


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