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Blade Online - Chapter 8


I, who finally arrived in the cave safely, collapsed to the ground and shut my eyes. I was not able to get up because of the fatigue of too intense battle.

Fear of Death. Perhaps, I would not be ever to forget through my life the time when finishing the rabbit. Its already hopeless and I gave up being rescue. Just fighting one monster and already in this state. Can I be able to leave the forest with this difficulty? as I though in the corner of my mind, I sank into the darkness.

I first felt an intense hunger when I wake up. I brought all the fruit outside and ate it but it was not enough. I can't eat Fire Fruit as I set it aside for recovery, what should I do? Thinking for a while, I remembered the Scorpion Meat. Honestly, I don't want to eat the Scorpion's Meat but, it can't be helped in this situation. The Red Iron Scorpion's Poisoned Meat is taken out by selecting it in Item Box.


What appeared is a violet meat like thing covered in Scorpion's shell. Honestly, Its extremely unappetizing. .... But It can't be helped since I'm hungry. I can stop if its bad. I take the hard shell with hand and take out the violet meat. It felt like splitting a shrimp when I touched it. I wonder how's the taste....... I tried the meat cautiously.


Its quite delicious. The texture and taste is just like a shrimp. Saltiness is shows its effect and this is good. After finished eating the first one there is still no sign being in poisoned status. Fortunately, I did not seems to get hit by the poison. I'll try to eat another one. Though I became in poisoned status as expected this time , but the shaved HP is not that much. I'll eat another one that I have. A words appeared in my brain after finishing the third one.

『Skill 【Poison Resistant】 has learned』.

Oo, was there a type of skill for resistance?. Then perhaps, there might be a skill for Paralyzed resistance. It seems like lowers the probability of being poisoned furthermore, the time of being poisoned is reduced by half. I obtained a good skill.

I, who was satisfied filling my stomach, confirmed that the fatigue is not yet recovered, I drank the spring water and decided to sleep. Let's take a break all day long today.

After that, Its already evening when I wake up. The fatigue is greatly recovered when I raised my body. It will be a complete recovery tomorrow at this rate. This kind of fatigue can't be healed by recovery medicine or Stamina Drink. Its necessary to take a rest well.

after relieving my thirst with spring water, I checked the Item that I obtained from the rabbit that I defeated.

Obtained items are, Paralyzing Horned Rabbit's Fur, Paralyzing Horned Rabbit's Horn, Paralyzing Horned Rabbit's Tail, Paralyzing Honed Rabbit's Paralyzing Meat x 2, Paralyzing Horned Rabbit's Thigh Meat.

Even if a obtained a part item, I'm not happy since I can't do anything about it in this current state. But it was good to obtain a Meat Type item. Its three this time. Apart from the Paralyzing Meat somehow , thigh meat is sounds like delicious.

According to the explanation, Thigh Meat of Horn Rabbit Subspecies. Toned meat is very delicious and the person who eats it will have an agile movements.

Umu.... Seems delicious. Shall we have a rabbit meat feast today?.

(TLN: Umu is confirmation. like Okay.)

I take out the Paralyzing Meat x 2 and Thigh Meat from the Item Box. The two raw meat is probably edible. I'll try to eat the Paralyzing meat first.

The softly texture of the raw meat comes when I chew a mouthful. It have slightly stinging spicy flavor. Its a different texture from the bear meat. That one hard but this one is soft. I would also eat the two since it's delicious. Then, I collapsed to the ground and became in paralyzed status.

When I waited for the healing of Paralyzed status, A word 『Skill 【Paralyze Resistance】 was learnt』 appeared in my mind. It seems that there is a paralyze resistance skill as expected. This is a skill that does not consume stamina the same as 【Poisoned Status】. Because I ate Borero Fruit and Birere Fruit everyday, its certainly not weird to have a resistance

I was relieved of paralyzed status and ate the thigh meat. It was delicious with elasticity different from Paralyzing meat. When I finish eating, a word 『Title 【Fast Runner】 is obtained』 appeared in my mind. Even though I didn't do anything today, its complicated feeling having obtained three skills and title.

Finished eating dinner, the exhausted me decided to check my Status. It should have been greatly raised because of today's fight and everyday's practice. I'm a little excited as I opened the Status.

Strength: 100, Agility: 130, Endurance: 50, Stamina: 90, Dexterity: 60.

It raised that much compared when I came here. They are the result of training and , today's fight raised 『Strength』, 『Agility』 and『Endurace』 greatly. 『Endurance』 and 『Dexterity』 is not high because of not training it.

I'm already satisfied for my way of growth and decided to sleep. I lie on the solid ground and look at the ceiling of the cave. Its rough and seems hard.

I decided to train myself the same as before starting tomorrow. Its dangerous to go out. However, I was somehow able to win, I have a hunch that I'll be able to win to that rabbit if I train a little bit longer I'll challenge the rabbit again after I'm satisfied with my training. Though of course it has to be one-on-one.


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