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Black Bellied Prince’s Stunning Abandoned Consort - Chapter 18


Chapter 18: To Search For Medicine

Su Qi Qi shook her head, uncomfortably patting off Lei Yu Feng's hands which were pressed onto her shoulders: ’’It's not the same. From the start I didn't have martial arts. Curing the poison is possible, but wang ye's entire body of exceptional martial arts has already been crippled by this poison, without the millennium shadow lingzhi mushroom and rootless fruit, even if wang ye can stand up...... he......’’

The following words Su Qi Qi didn't dare to speak out loud.

To a person that proud, to lose all his martial arts was no different than becoming trash.

Even if she saved his life what would it matter, he still definitely won't let her off.

What's more, going to the Imperial City, there will definitely be perils stacked one after another. If he was pretty much a cripple, it would be like a lamb entering a tiger's lair.

It will allow Mo Wen Xuan to have his way with his evil schemes.

Mo Wen Xuan, this person in the end is still a qualified emperor. At least, in cruelty, this area, he completely fitted the position.

Mo Wen Chen was already like this, he definitely won't let go of this advantage.

He will definitely relentlessly press him until he is at death's door.

Lei Yu Feng also understood Su Qi Qi's meaning and gave a slight nod: ’’Alright, I'll look for the millennium shadow lingzhi mushroom with you, as for the rootless fruit...... I'll think of a way.’’

For the sake of allowing Mo Wen Chen recover to as he was before, Lei Yu Feng didn't hesitate to utilize anything and everything.

’’That place is really dangerous.’’ Hearing that Lei Yu Feng wanted to go to Duan Ya, Mo Wen Chen hesitated.

’’This qie will also be going along.’’ Su Qi Qi didn't really want to go along, but Lei Yu Feng didn't know of this millennium shadow lingzhi mushroom at all.

She must personally go to search for it.

Even if it's dangerous she must go.

’’As long as those two ingredients are found, ben wang will be able to stand up?’’ Mo Wen Chen looked at Su Qi Qi who still didn't show any expression change. In his eyes a smudge of appreciation flashed passed, he's really admiring this woman more and more.

Looks like he really didn't misjudge her.

Sure enough she has found the antidote1.

(1) Says it quite arrogantly. More like 'Sure enough, he has allowed her to find the antidote’’ like this was all due to his great judgement in placing faith in her.

Slightly nodding, Su Qi Qi didn't express excitement, keeping an expression of indifference.

It was this type of indifference that made people feel a bit of faint arrogance.

But Mo Wen Cheng liked her air of arrogance, only like this was she fit to have the status of Bei Ding Hou wang fei.

’’Take care on the journey.’’ Mo Wen Chen didn't say anything extra, looking straight at Lei Yu Feng.

’’Don't worry.’’ Lei Yu Feng wore an unaffected expression.

While lowering his head to glance at Su Qi Qi, he gave a whistle.

He understood, this sentence Mo Wen Chen spoke was also intended for Su Qi Qi. Looks like, this guy also cared about this girl before his eyes.

In his opinion, Su Qi Qi's cool and calm personality really quite matched Me Wen Chen. At least she's a hundred times better compared to the Pian Courtyard's Hua Qian Zi.

It couldn't be helped, he had always been unable to stand Hua Qian Zi, finding her displeasing to the eye.

Having nothing to say, Su Qi Qi didn't make much unreasonable demands. Her slight body withdrew.

Looking at Su Qi Qi's departing figure, even Leng Yan who was standing next to the door showed a face of excitement. Wang ye's poison can finally be cured, of course he was happy.

The next day, the steward prepared a carriage. Su Qi Qi calmly stepped into the carriage, without speaking an extra word.

Only waiting for Lei Yu Feng to arrive then to head to Duan Ya.

But, the one who lifted open the carriage curtain was actually Mo Wen Chen, supported by Leng Yan.

Su Qi Qi couldn't help but be startled for a moment, widening her eyes looking at him: ’’Wang ye.’’

But didn't continue speaking.

’’Remember, come back alive.’’ Mo Wen Chen only said one sentence, without waiting for Su Qi Qi's response left again.

Causing Su Qi Qi to be unable to make head or tail of it.

But she didn't express anything.

Soon after Lei Yu Feng arrived, riding a horse. One carriage and one horse left the Wang fu courtyard, heading in the direction of Duan Ya.

Duan Ya was not that far from Wang fu, reached in just half an hour's travel. It was a good place for gathering medicinal herbs, it was just that most people usually only dared to gather herbs halfway up the mountain, absolutely no one dared to go to the peak of Ya.

Duan Ya, like it's name, is on the mountain's summit, along with a ten thousand feet abyss, in addition, it was even level with the mountain peak.

断涯,如其名,在山的顶端,便是万杖深渊,而且是齐着山尖的。 I'm not sure if I interpreted it right, especially the last part puzzled me. At first glance I read it as ’’Duan Ya, like it's name, is on the mountain's summit, precisely a ten thousand feet abyss, not to mention it was level with the mountain peak.’’ I'm guessing it's like the summit is an area with herbs, but there's also an area with a cliff that drops down to a valley, the height of which starts at the mountain peak and ends at the bottom of the valley.

Nevertheless, only the mountain summit had rare medicinal herbs.

This shadow lingzhi mushroom, afraid they also need to go to the mountain's summit in order to find.

At the foot of the mountain, the carriage and horse were left in attendance of the coachman. Su Qi Qi and Lei Yu Feng proceeded to ascend the mountain on foot.


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