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Because There Were 100 Goddesses In Charge Of Reincarnation, I Received 100 Cheat Skills - Chapter 83


Chapter 83

Chapter 83 Big tits Vs Small tits Vs Tits fallen

We went to the cave, which is the residential area of ​​the sea dragon.

It seems that the sirens that were once collected are alive.

It is fortunate that they were not meals.

However, if it was not for the purpose of eating them, the only other option was ’’Hentai’’ acts. Leaving philia and shiro in town was the correct answer.

-Note: well, he ate them in another way-

Even if I help you, I can not heal the wounds of your heart.

While thinking about that ... ... -

’’You are welcome’’

’’Is a customer?’’

’’People are rare in the sea’’

Sirens appeared from the back of the cave.

’’...... They seem to be, normal ......?’’

Thyra rolls her eyes.

Also, no one seems locked up, so they can escape if they want.

I told them that I came to help them.

’’Er, do we have to go home?’’

’’It's quite comfortable here’’

’’Even in that city, Baba is annoying.’’

Then they refused to go home.

’’Hey, did you brainwash those girls?’’

’’I have not done that!’’

’’I have not done it!’’

When I looked at it, the sea dragon swayed and shook his head.

In fact, even if I examine them, they do not seem to have an abnormal condition.

’’It's just thanks to the charm of us!’’

’’Yes Yes!’’

A sea dragon pulls out his chest.

Sirens rush against each other as they fight fiercely.

’’This person's sucking is nice ......’’

’’I became addicted!’’

’’Hey, please suck it again!’’

’’Ah, that's right, because this time it's my turn!’’

..., what are you talking about...?

’’Order, order!’’

’’Because I suck all of them properly, do not fight.’’

And we are witnessing an incredible sight.

The sea dragon sucked the mermaid's chest.

’’’’ Huh ...... ’’’’

Thira and Ellen are covered by the sudden act in front of them.

Both parts are attacked at the same time, the mermaid is ecstatic.

I see.

Because it has two heads, can you suck two tits at the same time?

-Note: DEATH, I do not know why, but that dragon must die-

- So,

’’Damn it, Bastard!’’



I beat the iron fist of anger at the head of the two-headed dragon.

And I cry from the bottom of my heart.

’’Please, let me suck your breasts too, damn it!’’

’’Is there reason to get angry ----!?’’

’’It does not matter but ...’’

’’If they agree ...’’


I saw the sirens with their eyes bloodshot.

’’I do not want’’

’’nor I’’

’’do not’’

’’It's likely to bite ...’’

Guuu ....

No not yet.

It's early to give up!

’’Thira, a request for life, let me suck!’’

’’I absolutely disagree’’

’’Good, Ellen!’’

’’Oh, I hate it!’’

’’I will soak gently!’’

’’That's not the problem here!’’

Two people despised me.

Ahh, there is no God or Buddha in this world ...

’’Damn ...... Enviable ......’’

While chewing, I suddenly noticed something.

’’...... The size of the tits, is not it different? ...’’

The sirens taken by the sea dragon.

They were clearly divided into two large groups, small breasts and large breasts, and there was no middle class.

’’I said that only big tits are fine, but this stupid one insists!’’

’’You're an idiot! What's great about big tits!’’ Is not it just a fat mass? ’’

Suddenly, the two heads began to argue.

’’It's stupid of you not to understand the value of this softness’’

’’The smaller they are, the greater their sensitivity! The emotional face of the girls is the best, not understanding that is really stupid!’’

’’Ha, ha, I just discuss the tits, I'm not interested in other things than tits!’’

’’That idea is blasphemy against tits! Breasts and girls are inseparable!’’

’’Big tits are full of romance! Small tits do not contain anything!’’

’’The smaller ones are denser!’’

’’Big tits are supreme!’’

’’No, little tits are the best!’’

..... Hey, these heads, are you okay?

I screamed out loud.


The firmness is the beauty of the tits!

That is the truth of the world!

’’That's why I want to rub and suck, both ellen's breasts, and thyra's!’’

- After this, I was beaten by the two people abruptly.

◇ ◇ ◇

I managed to persuade the sirens who argued that they did not want to return and take them back to town.

It is up to them to decide what they will do, but everyone in town is worried and you must show their happy faces at least once.

’’Oh ... ... they're fine ...’’

Looking at the appearance of the girls, Chief Babaa trembled and was happy on his return.

I was worried after all.

’’Guests ... ... as we could thank you ... ... on the other hand, such an irrational truth ... ...’’

Baba lowers his head to apologize.

’’Well, please, this slob will offer you her tits as an apology, you're free to suck or massage!’’

’’I can not forgive you for thinking that there is demand for those fallen things!’’

It was when I entered the tsukkomi with all my strength.

’’Wh, are those tits ...?’’

’’No, I've never seen it before ...?’’

The sea dragon that was the culprit of this incident was surprised to see the tits of Baba.

That's right, that probably is not tits anymore.

’’Wow that's amazing!’’

’’That is sure - -’’

’’-’’ New form of Breasts ssss! ’’’’

...... Huh?

The sea dragon roared with emotion and touched baba.

’’Please, what boobs, let me suck!’’

’’I want to suck them too!’’

’’Wait, my milk is not cheap?’’

No, it's not cheap, it's waste.

’’Well, I'll do anything!’’

’’Please, anything!’’

’’There is no other option you get that far.’’

’’’’ I did it! ’’''

And the sea dragon jumped to the drooping breasts of drool.

Babaa makes his fish body shake and convulse.

’’Ahhh, Ahhhh’’

Stop! I do not want to hear the voice of exited slime!

’’Oh, wow, this is amazing, this!’’

’’It's true! It's different from any tit!’’

The two heads shouted together.

''’’These tits are the ones we were looking for! ''’’

Therefore, the long discussion of the two-headed dragon came to an end.

Thanks to their lack of interest in big tits and small tits, the girls decided to return to the village as well.

On the contrary, the head of the tribe left the town and became the bride of the two-headed dragon.

Happy happy ending

’’It's not too cruel !?’’

’’I think that too ...’’

-Note: but what the f*k ... I just read-


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