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Because Janitor-san Is Not A Hero - Chapter 49


Chapter 49 - Port Town ②

MTL: uniquegasuki

Editor/ Proofreader: (not proofread)

The next morning, Kurando entrusted Yukishiro to the magical beast stable.

Yukishiro entered the stable with a reluctant expression on its face;although for a moment, despite it playing the part of a supporting role, it proudly swaggered to the corner of the stable.

When Yukishiro had entered the stable, the other magical beast became restless and the gatekeeper directed a wry smile towards Kurando. However, there wasn't anything that Kurando could do about it.

He quickly decided to enter town and then passed through the gate.

At that moment, Kurando noticed a presence from behind him that was more apparent than the thick scent of the sea.

「Where do you think you're headed?」 (Iraida)

Immediately upon entering town;Iraida, who had just yesterday drank the night away together with Yukishiro, said this to Kurando.

「Where you ask, to the harbor.」 (Kurando)

Compared to Sarewado village, Osuron is a ridiculously lively town.

The town is made up of a collection of red-stone roofs. It is built on an incline slope and arranged in a triangular fan-shaped formation.

Right after passing through the gate, sailing ships came into view.

In town, on the streets that extend from here &there, the cheerful voices of people can be heard as merchants and workers merrily transport wooden boxes and miscellaneous goods come &go.

「Oh yeah, I didn't tell you. The Association would normally inform you...... but in your case, well it couldn't be helped. Listen, basically, when a hunter reaches town, they are supposed to check in at the Association. And, also when a hunter leaves town. While it is not a conventional rule, it is an implied rule so it's good to keep it in mind. Well, an implied rule is nevertheless a rule.」 (Iraida)

Kurando shows an expression that implied he was extremely troubled.

When Iraida saw his expression, she judged that there wasn't anything particular.

Actually, Kurando had no objections. It had to be done sooner or later and there was no need to delay the matter. He thought.

「Do you have no self-awareness as a hunter? Good grief, let's go.」 (Iraida)

Saying so, Iraida captures Kurando by the scruff of his neck and drags him to the Association.

She pulled him along despite he was also holding his luggage in his hands. As expected of a gaintkind.

「You were previously at Sarewado village, yes? You started out at Sarewado village...... please, hold on a moment.」 (staff member)

Iraida had dragged Kurando to the Association's reception desk.

Unlike Sarewado, when the tag was handed over, it was promptly processed. It goes to show how awful Sarewado actions were. Kurando only does the basic procedure this time around.

The Association in Osuron was completely different from Sarewado.

It has a spacious lobby and the stonework (walls) is of another design. Instead of a tavern, this place has a cafe.

Although it is early in the morning, in the Association's lobby there are not many hunter-like people. There are people who appear to be traders and ordinary citizens. On occasions, people would come and go.

「Sarewado was sure in the sticks.」 (Kurando)

Iraida made a sidelong wry smile.

「Sarewado can't even compare to this place as here is fairly special. Osuron is Erurodoriana's largest port town. There are many people coming and going from here and it is known as this country's gateway for finding work. Well, this isn't the forefront. Sarewado is on the frontier and it's in the countryside no less.」 (Iraida)

The forefront refers to the developing locations situated in the magical beasts' habitat.

Without any prior knowledge and as they defend their newly created village, they take a high risk to clear out the magical beasts. Although in most cases it is because of their country's national policy, it has merely been 200 years since the discovery of spirit magic and as such, the expansion of the forefront has been advancing ever so slightly due to this world being considerably vast and harsh. (T/N: cramming as much non-sensible info as possible;these types of sentences are commonly seen)

「Sorry to keep you waiting. About your pre-registration rank, your present rank has become 『Shiburoshika (シブロシカ, 9th star)』. Congratulations. You are close to being a 『Konbajira (コンバジラ, 8th star)』. And, you have a message from Oofuia-sama.」 (staff member)

Kurando receives a tag and 2 sheets of leaf paper from the staff member.

There isn't much written there. After confirming that there was nobody waiting in line behind him while standing there Kurando looked over the letter.

【This tag was used as a reason to give you a message.

Your hunting records have been compared to the ones written in the books. No special regulations have been applied. And about your hunting records since your registration, even with that being considered, you are not qualified to be given more than 1 rank up. My apologies.

As such, we decided that you would be put close to becoming a 『Konbajira (8th star)』.

In truth, being close to becoming a 『Konbajira (8th star)』 is not strange based on the records. This is not special treatment. Rather, it pains me to bring up the Association's ineptitude.

By the way, with a higher rank immigration checks are more lenient. I recommend that you raise your rank while you are still in town.

I pray that may the goddess bless you.】

With a single thought on his mind, Kurando takes a step back and turns to the staff member.

「Are there any request that calls for anything among these? If so, make a copy of the request. Ah, no need for a summary. That being the case, just subtract the paperwork fee for the bunch.」 (Kurando)

Saying so, Kurando retrieved a sack from the luggage at his feet and placed it on the counter along with his tag.

「Ple-please, wait a moment.」 (staff member)

As expected the staff member expressed their bewilderment before they received the sack that has been placed on the counter.

While they imagined the contents of the sack, the staff members facial expressed further cramped up.

「You're unbelievable. Err, what was inside the sack?」 (Iraida)

「When I was traveling from Sarewado;the fangs, claws, beaks, pelts, and herbs that I had gathered along the way were put into that sack. On, and also some unusual gallstones that I found.」 (Kurando)

「So you were hunting as you traveled for Sarewado but nevermind that, what about the gallstones?」 (Iraida)

「Ah, they were round dull silver lumps. They were tiny, like this.」 (Kurando)

Saying so, Kurando showed an estimate of the gallstone's size by using his fingernails.

「 that not a lifeforce stone?」 (Iraida)

When Iraida enquired about it, she merely ended up staring at Kurando in amazement.

「Ah, whatever. You don't know anyways so I'll explain. A lifeforce stone is a rare drop that appears to be the shell of the magical beast's lifeforce. In general, a strong magical beast would drop one but that is not absolute. That is why it isn't strange for a Torabokku to drop one. Well, I have never heard of a Torabokku dropping one, though.」 (Iraida)

「Eh」 (Kurando)

「Ehh, yaa, listen up. A lifeforce stone can hold spirits. These spirits spheres can be used in autonomous magic and can be made into high-class magic tools. For example, even something as tiny as a fingernail can be worth a small sum of money.」 (Iraida)

These spirit spheres draw in spirits and periodically bestow maryoku that those spirits carry. The parent magical beast's defeat was due to the lightning spirits that were stored in the staff. (T/N: I called it a cane in older chapters)

A typical monster can drop a rare armament that is able to hold far more spirits.

「Is there a ship passenger fare?」 (Kurando)

「It could probably be negotiated. Surely you'll make it a round trip, yes?」 (Iraida)

At last, Kurando seemed glad.

「The fare...... the connections you have made with the hunters you have gotten to know up until now will be lost.」 (Iraida)

The hunters that Iraida knows happen to be lively, drunks, and noisy gamblers.

「Here are your copies of the documents. What do you plan to do?」 (staff member)

Kurando glanced over at the staff member.

Chances are, there was a shiodzuke type request among the bunch. The other party in charge, the manager (a middle age man), his line-of-sight sticks to Kurando.

It is not because of a matter of difficulty that shiodzuke type requests end up being leftover. Moreover, it has to do with the reward not balancing out the trouble of completing the request. There are various factors such as labor, the amount of time it would take and other elements to consider when taking up a shiodzuke request.

Of course, the Association does inform the client about this type of request;however, they do have various reason as to why they issued the request. Shiodzuke request are cheap and more lax. The client also has their own circumstances.

In addition, the material that Kurando has collected, in the case that the value of the shiodzuke request is a negative (minus) to the Association, there is a chance the request could be canceled. The other party behind the request was frantic it seems.

Iraida peeks at Kurando's copy of the request.

「......after looking at the spoils, it crosses over into the 『Rubinichia (ベルチガバ, 7th star) rank』. Is it not meddling close towards the 『Beruchigaba (ベルチガバ, 6th star) rank?』」 (Iraida)

「Well, I was together with Yukishiro after all.」 (Kurando)

「Since Yukishiro is your game animal, it is okay to call it your achievement. A magical beast abides by its hunter, right.」 (Iraida)

「――umm, you use a game animal?」 (staff member)

The staff member reacted to hearing Yukishiro's name.

「Yeah, it is, is there a problem?」 (Kurando)

「No, at present it is voluntary but a game animal can be registered. Doing so helps prevent unnecessary trouble and helps in claiming proof of ownership.」 (staff member)

「......that is usually in the case for rare magical beast species. Only an idiot would try to take a magical beast that they knew was registered at the Association. It is particularly a problem with aristocrats doing so.」 (Iraida)

For example, someone like Zauru.

「First off, it is very unlikely that information would be leaked from the Association. However, the central government can inspect the information but they are prohibited from using overbearing means to steal from hunters. The same goes for the Association. In the case that an animal game that had been registered is stolen, the Association's records can be used as evidence and a punishment will be issued.」 (staff member)

Is this yet merely more words that can only be taken at face-value?

Perhaps, it is like registering a bicycle in the case it is stolen. (T/N: only works if you have insurance to claim, you'll never seeing that bike again)

However, Kurando doesn't need to make a record in this country. Registering an Iruniiku in this country will be pointless if they happen to run into trouble while they are in the desert.

「I'll think about it. ――a copy of the document would be nice. Oh, put all of the money into my account.」 (Kurando)

「I see. I have received your request. What about the remaining request?」 (staff member)

「Ah, the Association can buy――」 (Kurando)

「Hold it. May I see the items in question?」 (Iraida)

Iraida stops Kurando from irresponsibly selling off the remaining items.

The manager (middle age man) looked clearly disappointed.

The staff member passed the tray to Iraida so that she could see the magical beast materials.

「I thought so. Well, there is no way there was a request for lifeforce stones.」 (Iraida)

Iraida said as she looked at the colon like object's dull shine.

「I am not saying this to overcharge the Association;however, I won't stand for this while I am here.」 (Iraida)

Inside the Association, the manager felt dejected when he saw that Iraida was planning to keep the lifeforce stones for the sake of another person.

The manager appeared further disappointed.

Because the manager's actions seemed suspicious, Iraida argued with the sly old fox. Kurando merely watches this as if it was someone else's problem.

「The Association can buy the remainder.」 (Iraida)

Kurando nodded to Iraida's words.

If he were to stay a few more days in this town, then chances are relevant requests would come in but Kurando thought it would be troublesome to visit here too often thus he passed the tray over to the staff member.

「Congratulations, your rank has risen to 『Konbajira (8th star)』. Your total reward received adds up to 12,500 Rodo. It has all been deposited into your account.」 (staff member)

「What is my current balance?」 (Kurando)

「Umm...... 32,500 Rodo.」 (staff member)

Hearing so, Kurando said his thanks and then separated from the reception desk.

In 90 days, he earned 1.25 Million Yen. Considering the rank of the request, the sum received should be around this much.

Subtracting the cost of food and tools that he had bought, his current saving is make up from the leftover money that he received from Makushiimu and the sum he earning while in Sarewado. Aside from the request he had taken with Iraida, there weren't many rewards thus he never got the chance to increase his savings.

「A 『Konbajira (8th star)』, huh? will be 『Rubinichia (7th star)』, the beginning of the wall (ceiling).」 (Iraida)

「Wall?」 (Kurando)

「Ah, the 『Konbajira』 rank is pretty much a beginners rank as there is still a ways to go. However, the 『Rubinichia』 rank is where you start to deal with things like 2nd-class magic approval and the right to purchase the magic tools that the Association has a monopoly on. Immigration check will also become more lax. But as such, at 『Rubinichia』, hunters who are aiming for that rank start to get cut off. Well, the 『Rubinichia』 rank is where the line between an ordinary person and a specialized hunter is set.」 (Iraida)

「Eh, is there a cut off examination?」 (Kurando)

「Ah, there are several request and test that need to be completed. There are things like tests on dismantling game &herb gathering technique, magical beast knowledge, a test to see if you have memorized the Association's rules, and also an interview. Above all, it is necessary for you to take the mentor role and raise at least 1 hunter to the rank of 『Shiburoshika (シブロシカ, 9th star)』. The Association's request system should be taught to them to a certain degree. It would be troublesome if you fail to properly bring up a hunter. If there is leeway, a mentor can act as an Association's examiner thus they need to be able to provide guidance and be able to that a leadership role.」 (Iraida)

Kurando has become troubled for some time now.

’’Will it be possible to register Yukishiro?’’, Kurando has been seriously contemplating the idea.

「What is with that expression, now. Good grief. Come on, let us go sale the lifeforce stone first.」 (Iraida)

Kurando puts a stop to his looping mindset and follows after Iraida.

「 much would the Association have bought it for?」 (Kurando)

Iraida grins and smiles.

「This size would fetch about 20,000 Rodo.」 (Iraida)

One piece the size of a thumbnail is worth more than 90 days of work.

「Kukukukukuku, so you can show that sort of expression. You are most definitely a hunter.」 (Iraida)

Iraida saw a faint light of lust in Kurando's eyes.

「It is not like I am free of human avarice.」 (Kurando)

「I know. You tend to peek at my breast after all.」 (Iraida)

「If you don't want them to be seen then don't show them off.」 (Kurando)

「I don't have a problem with so it don't mind me. Kukukukukuku」 (Iraida)

Kurando clicks his tongue.

「I get it, I get it. Iraida-neesan is charming and I just can't keep my eyes off you. Was that good enough for you? Come on, let us hurry and go sell it.」 (Kurando)

「Good grief, this guy can't handle a joke.」 (Iraida)

She says these words while smiling and then begins to walk.

Iraida takes the lifeforce stone to a merchant she is acquainted with and sold the stone for 30,000 Rodo.

A magic tool factory happened to have an urgent request for a lifeforce stone. It was a stroke of good luck.

「I thought we would have gotten 25,000 at best.」 (Iraida)

As they exited the white wall shop, Iraida handed Kurando the 30,000 Rodo.

Kurando then presented 5,000 Rodo to Iraida.

「Eh, are you not quick on the uptake.」 (Iraida)

However, she doesn't receive it.

「If the other party is not me, then that would be the correct response.」 (Iraida)

「Listen, just take it. If the profit is in the 10s of thousands, then it should be divided equally. Is that not what hunters do?」 (Kurando)

「 you've come this far.」 (Iraida)

Regardless of the role which a hunter plays, in the case when they collaborate in a hunt, they basically divided the profits equally. Therefore, to prevent trouble, there is an implied rule that restricts parties of different ranks from teaming up. (T/N: explained after 20 something chapters later)

During the time Iraida had partied up with Kurando in Sarewado, despite their difference in rank, the reward was divided evenly.

That being so, Kurando still has a ways to go.

If he had sold the stones to the Association, Kurando would have received 20,000. That would have been 10,000 if divided evenly. (T/N: I assume if it was their spoil after a hunt)

Iraida looked at Kurando for a moment and held his hand with both her hands.

「Next is a ship, right.」 (Iraida)

「Thank you for accompanying me and helping me with other various things. Are you sure?」 (Kurando)

「This country ends with Sarewado. I haven't decided where to go next so I don't have the time to accompany you and in addition, there is no profit to be made on this voyage.」 (Iraida)

Saying so, as their fingers touch, she refused and lightly pushed his hand away.

There is only one boat that travels to the deserts of the Sauran (サウラン) continent.

The ship had arrived in Osuron not too long ago and will be returning home soon after.

To begin with, there is little demand from the average tourist seeking a long distance trip.

Compared to a short trip, the passenger fare for a long trip is more expensive. It has reached the point where it mostly dealt with transporting hunters who were migrating, people on a pilgrimage, people on a business trip and affluent people who are studying aboard. It was by no means an extravagant passenger boat that specialized in the business of ferrying people.

「It cost 10,000 Rodo for a single person. For Yukishiro it would cost 10,000 Rodo it seems. But is that expensive?」 (Kurando)

When Kurando negotiated with the dark-skinned sailor, Iraida listened from the sidelines.

「Well, that sounds reasonable. If you are unwilling to pay, they will throw you overboard when you are asleep. You won't know for sure whether it is true or not...... leaving that aside, I'm surprised to hear you speak the Sauran language.」 (Iraida)

Kurando thanked the sailor and after hearing the departure time, he parted ways with the sailor.

「Tomorrow morning, huh? ――well, just a bit.」 (Kurando)

「What do you mean by a little. Did you not mostly understand that sailor's pronunciation of the language?」 (Iraida)

「Who knows where life will lead me. When I have time, I study.」 (Kurando)

Of course, Kurando cannot say that he received the multilingual translation ability when he came here from Japan.

「......well, that is fine and all.」 (Iraida)

Iraida approached him while making a meaningful expression.

「What is it?」 (Kurando)

「......if I also go to Sauran, will you be my interpreter for a while? Err, my obligational tour of countries require that I travel to no less than 2 other continents;however, when the continent changes so does the language that is spoken. Normally, a hunter would manage somehow but it would be difficult to not have an interpreter while in Sauran. An interpreter can be hired over there but I heard that they are unreliable. Well, it can't be helped as they do have their own local hunters.」 (Iraida)

「How sudden. Does it have to be Sauran?」 (Kurando)

「――I always had wanted to try going there. I hear the alcohol there is delicious.」 (Iraida)

Kurando was amazed as he looked at Iraida who brazenly declared it without any hesitation.

He knew that the reason why Iraida wanted to go to Sauran and it was not because she wanted to try their alcohol.

While in Sarewado, Kurando himself has overheard some bad rumors. It seems that Iraida is willingly wandering around the frontier by her own choice.

It appears to be standard that those of the giantkind would tread into lands where there are few hunters. That also seems to apply to Iraida.

When Kurando had spoken with the Sauran sailor, the blunt sailor's attitude towards Kurando lightened and the negotiation went smoothly. He got to speak to the person in charge immediately.

It appears that the shortage of hunters there is enough to worry one Sauran sailor.

In other words, Iraida was aware of it. She wants to employ Kurando as an interpreter and work in a land with few hunters.

「 that a no?」 (Iraida)

Iraida looked at Kurando as she waited for his response.

Upon seeing Iraida act unusually modest, Kurando lost the mind to refuse her.

「 as you wish. Either way, I will be heading to Sauran and I might have to rely on Iraida the hunter. How should I say this, I'm in your debt.」 (Kurando)

「Really!」 (Iraida)

Iraida's face brightens with a ping.

「Then, let's go!」 (Iraida)

Iraida slowly drags Kurando by the arm and heads towards the sailor from before.

「I get it, stop pulling me. Hey, listen to me when I'm talking to you.」 (Kurando)

In the end, Kurando was dragged along and they return to the previous sailor to immediately start negotiations.

Since Iraida is a well-known high ranking hunter, she received the same pleasant reception as Kurando. Although it is rank discrimination, it is rather fair if one thinks about it.

「There is still time before tomorrow morning. Is there any place you wanted to visit? I can be your guide.」 (Iraida)

It is current midway between morning and noon.

In a cheery mood, Iraida ascends the stairs.

「Let me see...... I would like to look for a trunk, a flute, and some drawing utensils.」 (Kurando)

Iraida stops midway on the stair and turns around.

「......that is no good. You should rethink your priorities. Should not a hunter first consider weapons, armor, and magic tools? Putting the matter of a trunk aside, this is the first I had someone say a flute and tools for drawing.」 (Iraida)

Moments ago, she was in a cheerful mood. It is hard to believe that Iraida is looking at him with a scornful expression.

「Ahh, magic tools. Certainly, I am curious about them.」 (Kurando)

Kurando looks behind Iraida.

The sailors are cheerfully transporting around various floating luggage.

「......huh, maybe it is the work of a levitating magic tool.」 (Iraida)

「It appears rather convenient.」 (Kurando)

「Although they are different from a hunter's magic tool, a magic tool is fundamentally difficult to control. Even though the magic tool in each country are similar, every type of magic tool needs to be approved by its country. Furthermore, the approval of a magic tool must be regularly renewed to be able to keep using it. And, it is prohibited to export magic tools that the country has not approved.」 (Iraida)

「That's strict.」 (Kurando)

「Is it not an ’’original’’ and it is not disclosing ’’technology’’. It could be misused. By the way, a heavy punishment awaits those who use magic tools to commit a crime so be careful. Well, for example, as a prevention measure that magic tool has a fixed weight limit that it can float.」 (Iraida)

「Iraida, are you carrying any with you?」 (Kurando)

「That is quite a dumbfounding question...... haa」 (Iraida)

「Ah, sorry. That wasn't my intention.」 (Kurando)

「Um. There are people who dislike such questions so it is better that you don't ask. But, well, I only have a basic barrier.」 (Iraida)

Having said so, Iraida takes out a pendant from into between her breast.

「That isn't an accessory I'm guessing.」 (Kurando)

「Umm, do you have the budget for a hunter's accessory? And let us not forget about the trunk.」 (Iraida)

「A flute and also drawing utensils.」 (Kurando)

’’I don't know of any stores that sell such items,’’ Iraida grumbled as she begins to walk.

Somehow or another, Iraida guided Kurando to shops that sold a trunk, a flute and drawing utensils.

The trunk was made of solid leather and it was the type that can be fastened to the back. It was completely to Kurando's preference.

There was no flute to Kurando's liking to be founded. As for the drawing tools;he bought a pencil, brush, and leaf &a small quantity of cloth paper. Although they were not daily necessities, the cost was not eye-catching.

All that was left was to prepare for the voyage. They bought a decent amount of food and miscellaneous goods.

「I'm returning to the inn, are you going back outside?」 (Iraida)

「Yeah, Yukishiro is probably getting cranky.」 (Kurando)

「How passionate.」 (Iraida)

To Iraida who jokingly said, Kurando made a suggestion.

「 you have a moment? It won't take long.」 (Kurando)

This is an opportunity for Kurando to tell Iraida about Yukishiro.

It will be a long voyage and afterward, they will spend quite a bit of time together. It is better if they talked.

But, what about business about the heroes?

Even now, Kurando is hesitating.


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