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Because Janitor-san Is Not A Hero - Chapter 48


Chapter 48 - Port Town ①

MTL: uniquegasuki

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90 days after the duel with Hayato.

On the calendar, the yellow moon had switched to the red moon.

In this world;the dates are based around the blue moon, yellow moon, red moon, and white moon with about a 100 days within each. The first day of each phase is a 『new moon』 and each phase ends with a 『moonless night』.

The 『new moon』 is equivalent to a Japanese new year, while the 『moonless night』 is comparable to new years eve in other countries, although the customs may vary from place to place. (T/N: this part doesn't make sense)

Currently, it is the first day of the red moon.

It could be said that this is the day that Kurando is experiencing this world's date system since having arrived in this world.

Anyhow, the 1st day of the red moon, it is the day that Kurando became aware of this world's date system (calendar).

While Kurando was recovering from his wounds after the duel with Hayato, he and Yukishiro traveled west along the Arerudouria mountain range until they reach Dorugan's centermost city, Tansuku.

Accordingly, Kurando didn't want to deal with anything troublesome so instead of approaching Tansaku, he passed through and headed south from there.

As he continued moving south from Tansaku, the Roorana region came into view.

It appears that on the map, where Dorugan and Roorana are divided, the meadows of Roorana meet with the wilderness of Dorugan. Over yonder, there are bits and pieces of a ruined fortress.

Although there were one or two small villages serving as a stronghold around, to no surprise, Kurando merely passed through.

It was 60 days from Sarewado village to Dorugan's and Roorana's borderline.

While Kurando was still recovering from his injuries, he was riding on Yukishiro but after he recovered, Kurando traveled the distance with his own feet. As his body had become accustomed to high altitudes, Kurando's heart and lungs are more capable. He is able to traverse the land faster than the average hunter.

He enters Roorana. Pass the meadows, a forest appeared.

As they continued traveling south, Yukishiro and Kurando did not hunt and gather in the forest nor grassland.

And thus, they arrived in the United Kingdom of Erurodoriana's capital city, Ronderuku (ロンデルク).

Erurodoriana's center most town has a history of being the imperial capital and the largest city.

However, Kurando ignores it and furthermore, he heads south.

Why is it that he ignored the main cities?

With his abnormal traveling speed and no witnesses nor traces being left behind, he struggles to his destination.

By chance, Kurando could have been followed from Sarewado village. However, he rode no magical beast carriage nor was he sighted by any witnesses from the neighboring villages. It would be a difficult search to find him.

Although that probability is low, Kurando insisted on his forceful march.

If the hunter association and Erurodoriana issued a warrant for Kurando, he would have nowhere to go but Erurodoriana has no reason to do so.

While Arisu is a princess of Arubaumu, she has no authority in Erurodoriana.

Because the hunters association is deeply connected to Erurodoriana, Arisu will not be able to investigate Kurando as Arubaumu political power does not reach that far.

As it is possible that the information could be leaked from Arubaumu's side to Hayato's enemies, it seems that Arisu would not try such a stunt.

Although if Arubauma did earnestly try, Kurando's effort to conceal himself would be meaningless. There are no further sides to debate the matter.

For now, Kurando has decided to merely focus on not being attacked from behind.

Simply put, it is better to avoid Tansuku &Ronderuku and along with it anything troublesome.

Where does Kurando plan to go?

There was another location that he could have chose from at the time of his summoning aside from the snowy mountains.

The desert.

At any rate, he can't enter the Arerudouria mountain range.

If possible, a place with no other hero would be preferred.

Because Arubaumu was where the heroes were summoned, it might be better for Kurando to travel to another continent;that way few heroes would be around.

This is what Kurando was thinking.

On the map that he had previously received from Iraida, there is such a place drawn out. A large desert is located there.

Kurando happily set that place as his destination.

While at first, he was concerned over whether Yukishiro would be about to adapt to a region with a hot climate, during their journey as they passed through dry and warmer climates, no abnormalities were seen in Yukishiro.

Rather, it seems its own magic can regulate its body temperature.

Having turned 2 years old, Yukishiro has once again grown visually larger.

Its size is no longer comparable to a snow leopard but it is now completely equal to a tiger.

Or rather to say, it isn't so much like a tiger as its short &slims legs are similar to a leopards'.

There is a membrane of skin that runs from its forelegs to its hind legs, like that of a Japanese flying squirrel. Its tail has also become longer and has grown in thickness.

During this forceful march, Yukishiro has been coated in its black panther illusion.

By the way, Kurando's dark brown yet almost black colored hair has been altered to a dull blond color.

And thus Kurando and Yukishiro raced to reach their destination in the south and arrive at the port town of Osuron (オスロン). 90 days have passed after they had left Sarewado village. It is evening now.

By the way, it goes without saying that Kurando was unable to beat Yukishiro even once.

A wall of stone enclosed the bay and the town.

As the towering stone wall that surrounds the place is dyed by the evening light, the inside of Kurando's nose is stimulated by the faint salty breeze from the sea.

It was a nostalgic scent.

Even in this world, the scent of a salty sea from a port town isn't any different from his homeland.

However, Kurando &Yukishiro did not enter Osuron.

Rather, they couldn't enter.

Although Yukishiro was disguised as a black panther and Kurando showed them the dark green ring, the gatekeeper refused their entry.

It was the rule and that could not be helped.

While it is possible to entrust Yukishiro to the magical beast stable, the day was already almost over. And even if he enters the town, there wouldn't be anything he could do thus Kurando decided not to enter the town today.

With that being said, Kurando makes camp under a tree near the vicinity of the stone wall and lays down, using Yukishiro as a pillow.


Yukishiro appears to have something to say to Kurando who decided not to enter the town.

「It is alright for today. Tomorrow we will have to search for a ship, anyhow.」 (Kurando)

Kurando tickles Yukishiro's throat.

――Guur, gruuunnn

Reacting to Kurando suddenly tickling it, without question, Yukishiro wrapped Kurando's chin with its long adult tail and then brush it against the tip of Kurando's nose.

Kurando makes a wry smile.

’’It is like I am kneeling to queen Yukishiro’’, Kurando thought.

「......what are you doing?」 (???)

With a sigh mixed in, Kurando hears the husky voice of a familiar woman.

Yukishiro's tail moves away from Kurando's face.

「......Iraida? I see you're flaunting your chest as usual.」 (Kurando)

It is that same Iraida Baagin;she is a giantkind with dark brown skin and a lion mane-like red hair. She has on her usual dark red corset like leather armor and her hands are placed on her hips.

「I would be saying, long time no see but good grief;the gatekeeper had asked the association to investigate the unknown magical beast and hunter that were lurking around outside of town...... it seems that it is a magical beast I have never seen before.」 (Iraida)

To be accurate, the gatekeeper had contacted the association about Kurando &Yukishiro's entry;by chance, Iraida just happened to be at the association and she decided to go have a look.

「Its name is Yukishiro. It is probably a daikoku panther. It's smart and can understand speech.」 (Kurando)

Iraida glanced at Yukishiro.

Yukishiro yawns, showing its indifference.

「A daikoku panther, huh. Well, that is okay and all but what are you doing here. Is it not better to enter town?」 (Iraida)

「Is it not already dark? I won't be able to search for a ship so there is no reason to enter town. That is why I'm camping out here. As for my hair, well, I just felt like it.」 (Kurando)

「A ship? ......ah, what, hold on a moment.」 (Iraida)

Saying so, she turned back to the gate and entered the town.

Iraida returned.

She is holding a barrel of wine in her hand.

The sun was hidden from view and the red crescent moon floated in the night sky.

「It has been reported to the gatekeeper that there is nothing out of the ordinary. We can now have a steady conversation. Is that alright?」 (Iraida)

While grinning, she hoisted up the barrel and cup.

Kurando and Yukishiro looked at one another and showed a wry smile and then nodded.

Iraida takes a seat facing Kurando.

「You are the same as ever.」 (Kurando)

「The same can be said about you」 (Iraida)

Saying so, Iraida scooped a cupful directly from the barrel.

Kurando makes a porcelain bowl and hands it to Iraida.

She doesn't particularly say anything and scoops alcohol with the bowl.

Kurando receives the bowl and places it in front of Yukishiro. It sniffs the alcohol and then showed a pleased expression.

「......can it handle it?」 (Iraida)

「It is far stronger than me.」 (Kurando)

Upon hearing so, Iraida seems glad.

「Cheers to the moon goddess as thanks for our reunion.」 (Iraida)

This is a toast that hunters have a custom of yelling.

Two people and 1 animal slightly raised up their cup &bowl.

Of course, Yukishiro had used its tail.

As far as Kurando is aware, this country doesn't have a custom of tapping cups in a toast.

Kurando, Iraida, and Yukishiro gulped down the alcohol.

「All things considered, you appear to have become a fine hunter it seems.」 (Iraida)

Iraida says as she looked at Kurando from top to bottom.

Kurando has on his dark gray Barobashishiri (spiral horn monitor lizard) leather armor, giantkind gloves, a worn ice soldier's small shield, and an Aromeri (tri-horn deer) kukuri katana &boomerang. He is wearing leather pants and at his waist side there is a small magic gun. Around his leather belt, there are several wooden test tubes on his left side and there is a knife strap to his right leg.

If we were to compare it to his former appearance, simple work clothes with a leather top and bottom, the current him looks like a hunter.

It was strange that he was going hunting in just his work clothes and a leather top and bottom.

The magic gun at his waist was taken during the time Erika was immobilized by the poison. Yukishiro had secretly secured the 3-burstfire magic gun. Like the time with the ice warrior's shield, it had retrieved it for the sake of strengthening Kurando. Although, he could only make a wry smile when it was presented him.

From here onwards, with the wounds that he must carry, will he be mistaken for a bandit? Kurando doesn't have the will to say, ’’good job stealing for Erika’’.

「This armor has been very helpful, thank you.」 (Kurando)

「I only took the leather armor to the workman, nothing more. As for the cost...... it was paid for by Makushiimu. Ah, shit, I'm glad that guy got overcharged.」 (Iraida)

Halfway through, she sounded displeased with the matter.

What had happened in the past? Kurando was unable to hear what had occurred.

「At any rate, he had gaintkind gloves adjusted for another race. Do you have something on him? ......whatever could it be?」 (Iraida)

Kurando laughs from his nose.

「I wonder. Kukuku」 (Kurando)

It could be said that neither would speak up.

It is thought that Kurando was the closest to grasping that person's weakness.

「......fufufu, serves him right.」 (Iraida)

If Kurando had to guess, Iraida was laughing out of happiness.

「You suddenly disappeared and then show up here of all places. What happened? Ah, you don't have to tell me if you don't want to.」 (Iraida)

The day after Kurando when inside the cave with the hero, Kurando disappeared without meeting up with Iraida.

Therefore, Iraida is not aware of the circumstance around the heroes.

The Arerudouria mountain range is an unexplored region;as such, Sarewado is the only town in the northmost area of the continent. However, it is said that within the mountain range it is at spacious as the Dorugan region and the place is assumed to not be as cold. (T/N: don't know)

Oh and, Osuron is located facing the sea.

「Well, various things happened.」 (Kurando)

Kurando takes out meat from his rucksack and then seasoned it with salt and pepper. And as usual, he pierced it with an earth stake and begin warming it up with concentrated fire spirits.

Kurando became aware.

To some extent, one needs to make allies or it will be checkmate.

It is true that a person who does distrust people may still yearn to be with others.

Even if people live apart, sudden encounters are possible but it is not always necessary to be protected by people such as Oofuia and Makushiimu.

However, a simple conversation is fine.

Besides, confining to another party is involving them in the affair.

In other words, it might be possible to trust Iraida but Kurando decided not to.

「I see. Then do you know about the rumors pertaining to Arubaumu's hero?」 (Iraida)

Iraida doesn't forcefully ask about it and changes the topic.

At that time when Kurando had left the association building, Erika and Hayato had suggested a hunt but Iraida had refused.

Because it was only the two of them (Erika &Hayato) that suggested they hunt the Gorushazo (6-hump buffalo) together, it was only natural she declined.

The Gorushazo live in herds and will never desert their companions. In reality, this hunt would require at least 10 people.

As Hayato had the confidence to do the hunt with only a few people. It would have been the type of hunt where a single person is carrying the team. Iraida had no mind to play along.

In such a case of a single person doing the hunting, it didn't matter which hunter tagged along.

Although at that time, she was more concerned about why Kurando had escaped and his relationship with Hayato. Based on the incident involving the cave, she assumed that there was some level of discord between the two.

However, that was a trivial matter to Iraida.

She found Kurando to be ignorant of the world, unhunter-like, odd, and unpredictable;he was a troubled younger brother that she just couldn't leave alone. That is all.

「Nope, I'm unaware. I haven't approach any towns.」 (Kurando)

「You have come this far yet haven't gone near a town...... haa, you're an incomprehensible man as ever. It is a hot topic in Ronderuku but you wouldn't have known unless you approached town.」 (Iraida)

「Is Ronderuku close to here?」 (Kurando)

「......generally, the problem is the distance it takes to travel from Sarewado to Osuron by magical beast carriage. In such case, you would have had to transfer to Ronderuku;if you didn't stop by any towns then what road did you travel to reach here? My, are you not taking after Makushiimu? Certainly, you are not thinking with your muscles?」 (Iraida)

Indeed, Makushiimu had headed from Ronderuku to Sarewado half-naked.

Kurando showed an amazingly unpleased expression.

While chuckling and smiling, Iraida begins to talk about the rumors surrounding the hero.

At this time, Kurando became aware that today was the first day of the red moon. That aside, Iraida spoke about the rumors.

When the hero had returned from the trial of truth, they went to prison without a trial.

To be accurate, it was the hero's companions. The assassin girl was sent to the heroes' prison in the cold desert. One of the other heroes, Erika was sent to a prison in Arubaumu.

But above all, the hero Hayato voluntarily entered prison himself. It caused quite an uproar in Arubaumu.

The former assassin girl entered prison to atone for the crimes she committed when she was an assassin. Erika previously had been using the hero party's name rather coercively and complaints &claims of damages have reached Arubaumu. She was imprisoned under the pretense of letting her head cool off.

「Is the prison in Arubumu comfortable?」 (Kurando)

Kurando jokingly asked.

「Is there such a thing as a comfortable prison? Well, they are heroes so the treatment will be something like that. Although Arubaumu is a major power, its prison is originally harsh. Well, they probably won't die and they will be treated well enough that they don't become ill.」 (Iraida)

Will Erika become a little more cool headed from this?

However, Kurando could more or less guess the situation at the heroes' prison.

At any rate, it would be managed by fellow Japanese. However, it is not like they aren't dealing with the local people thus it is probably not like how it would be in Japan.

If they are to be locked away, then it may as well be a normal prison as far as Kurando is concerned.

And the next part is where things get interesting. That Arisu Kingston was sent to Oofuia of 『Maruuna Nyuumu』 under the pretense of receiving training.

During the time Hayato was away, rumor has it, the king became fed up with Arisu's selfishness and entrusted her to their associate, Oofuia, whom which they had a political practice of handing people over to for the intent of bridal training.

The women of 『Maruuna Nyuumu』 shuddered at the thought of Oofuia's disciplining practice and training. It probably was a perfect punishment for her.

Such is life, Kurando could do nothing but consent.

Very, very, frustrating.

Even though Arisu received punishment, she was not punished for her wrongdoing towards Kurando the victim. It was as if the crime against him did not exist. He had no choice but to swallow his tears.

From Kurando's standpoint, he would not receive trial as a hero.

With the hunter tag and green ring, it won't be a problem for Kurando to pass for a normal hunter.

As the immigration check for a hunter isn't too strict and there is no citizenship to worry about, if by some chance he has to stand trial, it won't change the fact that he has to deal with the locals.

However, if the other party is a hero, he would be at a disadvantage.

In a sense, if it were made public that Kurando was a summoned person, he himself does not know what he would do.

Kurando especially didn't want to take the risk of trying.

「Nevertheless, Hayato Ichihara will remerge.」 (Iraida)

Hayato is the strongest hero, he is the one that supports the other heroes and he serves as their pseudo breakwater. If Hayato were to completely leave the center stage, it would be chaotic. Arubaumu who holds the most heroes wanted to avoid such a situation.

First of all, if Hayato were to vanish from the front stage, the countries could begin to treat the heroes as slaves. At worst, they could be killed.

Up until now, if something happened to the other heroes, Hayato would try to physically manage it. And as a result, Arubaumu and the teachings of Sandora would make a move and the comrades of the other heroes would receive a suitable reward.

And on the other hand, it was because of Hayato that the other heroes were not too physically rowdy.

At one point, Hayato had physically punished one of the other heroes who had acted poorly. And afterward, none of the other heroes acted up anymore.

This was how troubled they were if Hayato were to disappear from the center stage. As the saying goes, the general would lower his head in order to welcome Hayato.

「I see. It might be too late to ask now but what is a hero?」 (Kurando)

Being surprised, Iraida silently gulped down her cup and helped herself to another scoop of alcohol.

「You...... ah, nevermind.」 (Iraida)

Expression so, Iraida gave an honest explanation.

「About heroes, well, it is loosely defined and varies between countries.」 (Iraida)

「......hey.」 (Kurando)

「Fufufu, reality is such at thing. Well, Erurodoriana holds many frontiers and while the faith in the goddess is a strong belief, Arubaumu &Purovun (プロヴン) is another matter. Over there, they are mostly believers in the Sandora's teachings. The sun priestess, which is referred to as the ’’Mido (ミド)’’, was the first hero and was said to have defeated the demon king. The Mido's power was not bound by the natural rules of magic. A divine blessing was said to be proof of being a hero. Well, that was several thousand years ago. It sounds like a myth.」 (Iraida)

「Is there such a thing as a demon king......?」 (Kurando)

「It is a fairy tail. Well, the appearance of monsters might have something to do with a demon king. If I had to say, based on the teachings of the spirits, the hero Hayato has some connection to the matter. Anyhow, you probably don't know so I'll explain it. 200 years ago, during the magic revolution, the number of believers in the teachings of the spirits dramatically increased. Before the magic revolution, it was a tiny religion on the frontier but now it is on the same scale as the teachings of Sandora and the belief in the Goddess. Well, it is only limited to this continent.」 (Iraida)

A bowl is suddenly presented in front of Iraida.

It was Yukishiro's doing.

Without hesitation, she received the bowl and scooped more alcohol.

「Well, that is what rumors say. Where do you plan to go from here? You said something about a ship, right.」 (Iraida)

The bowl is passed to Yukishiro and then Iraida listens for Kurando's response.

Kurando used his knife to cut off thin slices of roasted meat and then presented the remainder of the roast to Yukishiro.

Of course, he wouldn't forget to give Yukishiro a portion of the roasted meat.

Having alcohol and meat, Yukishiro was put in a good mood.

Kurando stacked the thinly sliced meat onto the plate made of earth. He then placed the yellow fruit of the capricious goddess, Eganadia, on the side after having cut it so that it could be easily squeezed and used as a garnish for the meat.

「With this, you can try squeezing a bit of fruit juice on the meat.」 (Kurando)

Saying so, Kurando handed out the dishes to the two of them before answering Iraida.

「I plan to take a ship to the desert.」 (Kurando)

Iraida picks up a thin slice of meat and then the yellow fruit. She squeezes some of the acidic fruit juice onto the meat before eating it.

「This is quite refreshing. So, you plan to take a ship to the desert, huh. I can't say much for myself but that sounds like a broad plan.」 (Iraida)

Kurando and company drinks up. The drink appears to be some kind of red wine mixed with distilled liquor with a high alcohol concentration.

The solid rich and bitter flavor of the red wine went well with the fatty meat.

「I'll manage. I always have wanted to go there someday. Iraida, are you still in the middle of fulfilling your duty to your country?」 (Kurando)

While picking up a stack of meat, Iraida gulps down the alcohol.

「Muu, I have one more country I need to visit. I have been thinking about where to go as you can travel to most places from here.」 (Iraida)

「I see.」 (Kurando)

「Putting that matter aside......」 (Iraida)

In that manner, under the dim twilight of the red crescent moon, the two people and 1 animal advanced into the night.


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