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Because I’ve Been Reincarnated As The Piggy Duke, This Time I Will Say I Like You - Chapter 5


5.) The Commoner is So Bad At Using Magic

[Wa, waa! Who, Who is it?]

He is a boy wearing our school uniform with an innocent face. His brown hair is crumpled, in his chest the emblem is not the purple one, but an emblem made single green line.

It means he is a commoner and a first year of our school.

It seems he is putting up his guard when see me coming out. If only i have learn hiding magic, there will be no problem encountering the number one trouble child in the magic academy, the piggy duke.

[Training your magic huh?]

[A....De,Dening-sama. Ye-yes. I was training my magic here]

[Is it wind magic?]

I can hear your voice saying 'Wind' you know. 'Wind' is the most basic magic, it will call a small wind for you. It will be a prefect spell for training isn't it. but, it is somewhat strange. There is no wind spirit at all around this guy. If it's in this condition there is no way wind magic will success.

[Oi. Repeat that magic you did just now, Buhi]

Hearing me raise my voice, he raise his cane while shaking.

[Wind!.....Aa, I knew it's not working. Dening-sama. I never succeed invoking my magic even once....Ahahahaa, how pathetic i am, with how much effort i am entering this magic academy and after all that i can't even graduate. I can't see my parent like this...]

That boy laughing but his face looked liked he want to cry.

The heck is he talking about. Of course it won't work. No matter where i look i can't find any wind spirit around him. Forget about the wind spirit, it is the earth spirit looking at him from above the ground now.

This is that isn't it. He mistake his own magic aptitude. I knew the wind magic is an elegant magic and many student yearn for it, but the wind spirit is a naughty one. I don't think he have what it takes to be loved by the wind spirit.

Let's try one suggestion to him.

[Oh yeah. Try saying I love earth spirit and then use earth spirit now]

[...Eh? Earth spirit?]

[Just do as i said. It's not even that hard thing to do]

The boy tremble again hearing me.

He feel nervous seeing me it seems. On top of being his senior i am also that piggy duke after all. But i urge him to say it faster.

[I-I love earth spiriiiiit! A, AAAAASU!!!]

As he shout like i said, at the same time bulges from the ground starting to showing up. The earth spirit was watching the boy ever since he showed up and the moment he said the thing I told him, they instantly like him and flew to his shoulder. I knew this would be a success.

[I-I succeed!!! This is the first time!! Thank you very much!! it isn't that, Dening-sama!! With this i will succeed passing the second year exam!]

Just now, you almost calling me piggy duke when you're in hype don't you. I knew it, my nickname even spread out among the first year now.... Piggy duke...Piggy duke. It's not like i hate that name though

[Congratulation. I think rather than wind magic you are more suited with earth magic. First you need to master the basic of earth magic, you can challenge another kind magic after that. But always remember, if the earth spirit is sulking they won't lend you any power]

[Ye-yes! Understood!]

He looked at me with sparkle in his eyes. Looking at him make me remember the first time i succeed invoking my first wind magic. Ah~ How happy it is. Especially for him, it will decided whether he pass the promotion to the next class or not.

After tapping the boy's face, I laugh loudly.

[Ha, I am truly grateful! Dening -sama]

[It's okay, it's okay. Buhii.Buhi.]

Somehow it felt really good.

It's not word of abuse but, this is the first since i came to this magic academy, the word of gratitude.

While hearing the sound behind me, i lightly move my hand and start running again.


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