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Because I’m A Weapon Shop Uncle - Volume 2 - Chapter 27



Translated by lovelyxday

The Uncle and the Return (The First Half)

In this moment, I believed that retribution really existed in this world.

If you harm others, restitution will befall you in the end.

The rain fell harder;thunder rolled;lightning flashed like tree roots in the air.

In this kind of weather, Ailee's body grew ice cold too soon.

Even if I hugged her with all my might, it was of no avail.

It would be better to say that even my body was cold.

The crowds erupted into confusion;someone started to run away.

The person who was escaping was sliced into pieces by a blade that seemed to appear from thin air.

’’It's good now, Leon. The obstacle is gone.’’

Scampelier hugged my head from behind, pushing down on me with her weight.

I could feel the softness of her chest and the pounding of her heart.

But I did not respond at all.

I only desired for everything to be a nightmare, but I felt the rain striking my face all too clearly.

Rain and tears and sweat all mixed together.

The sky and earth were connected by the clear sounds of rain, striking the grounds in sheets.

How noisy.

I waved my hand and formed an umbrella out of magic power.

Don't disturb Ailee's sleep.

’’That's right, Leon. If humans know that you're alive, would it be very annoying?’’

I could not comprehend this sentence.

I only heard it.

’’As expected, I'm always thinking of Leon. This is great.’’

As she monologued, she slapped my back.

Scampelier stood up and stretched her arms in front of her.

A cracking sound. I lifted my head and saw the fortress descending.

The closer devils were to their fortress, the stronger they got.

And a devil inside a fortress was something a god was helpless against.

When the fortress had descended about fifty meters, overwhelming strength exuded from Scampelier.

Then a ring-shaped layer of magic started to expand with me and Scampelier at the center.

When the unthreatening magic completely covered the city, something strange happened.

Everything disappeared.

Just a moment before, there were still frightened people scattered everywhere. Just a moment before, the dragon fire was still raging. Just a moment before, there were still smoking ruins.

Everything had disappeared.

Of the entire city, the only that remained was a broad expanse of cobblestones and the foundations of the buildings.

The things that normally were here were nowhere to be seen.

After that, blood spurted from the ground.

A river of blood.

’’Ah, I almost forget. Leon doesn't like this.’’

After Scampelier said this, my body started to float.

’’Okay, Leon. Don't hug that dead insect anymore.’’

I hugged Ailee closer to my chest, but suddenly I was hugging air.

I stared, wide-eyed, as Ailee fell into the sea of blood.

Scampelier happily bathed in the churning blood.

She raised her open hands to the air, rivulets of scarlet blood running down her fingers.

This was a true devil.

’’Leon, why aren't you happy?’’

In the next instant, she was hugging me from behind.

’’Ah, that's right. Your wounds will be healed. Leon, you don't need to be so careful.’’

When Scampelier touched my broken arms, I felt like time was flowing backwards. My destroyed hand reappeared at my stump. My bones cracked, and soon it was back to normal.

’’It was hard to meet you again. That imitation also died. Then logically, shouldn't you be happily exchanging happiness[1] with me?’’

Scampelier cupped my face and kissed it.

But I didn't feel anything.

It was like I was numb to everything. It was different from heartless. It was true sensation of nothingness.

Even my brain felt like it had partly died.

I let Scampelier swirl her slick tongue in my mouth.

After a moment, she let go of me disinterestedly.

’’Don't be like that. Leon, something else changed you.’’

I felt weightlessness.

My field of view rapidly changed.

Now, I was sitting on a chair in a sealed room.

A torch was stuck into the wall, but the firelight was extremely faint.

I didn't need to guess to know that this was Scampelier's fortress.

Even I had no way of reacting to the speed that brought me here. Scampelier was definitely the strongest when she was close to her fortress.

Here, I was just her prisoner.

’’Be good, Leon.’’

Scampelier stood behind me and used a black cloth to cover my eyes.

I already gave up on struggling.

Right now, I only wanted to die, but I didn't have the energy to commit suicide.

Completely muddleheaded, just like a zombie.

Clack, clack.

My hands were bound behind the chair, and my feet were bound to the chair legs.

I lifted my shoulders up to my head.

The sound of rustling cloth.

Scampelier sat on my legs.

She spread open her arms to embrace me, her soft peaks pressing against my chest.

She meticulously used the inside of her thighs to rub my legs. She breathed alluringly into my ear.

But I did not have any interest in this.

It would be better to say, I no longer had any emotions.

My body and mind were frozen.

’’I always, always wanted to see you.’’

Scampelier nibbled on my ear.

Like a cat, she rubbed against my cheek.

I didn't see, but from the breath from her nose I could tell she was moving her face.

Then, my lips were snatched away.

I let her adjust the cloth, and did not resist at all.

Scampelier moved.

’’This is no good. I don't want you like this.’’

I didn't say anything.

’’What changed you?’’

The black cloth around my eyes were removed.

Still in the dimly lit closed room.

’’Leon, there's another woman's scent on your body.’’

I had no way of responding to her.

’’It's fine like this. I will just destroy your everything, Leon. Because I love you.’’

Scampelier tugged my hand around her waist, then threw herself into my embrace.

’’I was very bored. Leon. Except for the excitement of killing people, I had no other happiness. But when you and I met, everything changed. I was always waiting here for you, waiting for you to find me. Holding back my feelings. When I heard you died, I was really surprised. I thought, 'Should I kill all of the humans or not'. But now, I finally don't have to be patient. You are mine, Leon.’’

She paused.

’’Thus, for our happiness, I must sweep all the obstacles away.’’

1. *cough* *cough*


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