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Beastly Fēi That Go Against The Heaven: Coerced By The Huáng Shū - Chapter 99



Learning How to Eat

Jing Yue yawned as she went to school. When she reached the gate, she happened to see Ning XiangYuan who had also just arrived. She instantly had a beaming smile and went to greet her.

Ning XiangYuan was talking affectionately with Jing Yue. However, whenever she spoke, her gaze would repeatedly fall on the carriage behind Jing Yue.

’’What's the matter?’’ Jing Yue, sensing Ning XiangYuan's gaze, slightly turned her body around in doubt to look.

Panic flashed in Ning XiangYuan's eyes. She hastily lowered her gaze and laughingly said, ’’A...... nothing, I just wanted to check whether LanLan has come or not.’’

’’She always comes early. She must have been inside already, let's go inside.’’ Jing Yue didn't feel that there was anything wrong at all. She randomly answered and pulled Ning XiangYuan into the school. Sure enough, they saw that ShangGuan LingLan was already inside.

’’Jing Yue, come here quickly!’’ ShangGuan LingLan also saw Jing Yue and Ning Xiang Yuan. She beckoned the two of them and went to greet them, saying happily, ’’Do you guys know what we're going to learn today?’’

Jing Yue rolled her eyes and spoke, ’’Learn about what? As long as it isn't learning about kneeling to salute, whatever it is won't be a problem.’’

’’I've just heard that Princess ZiLing said that today we're going to learn how to eat.’’ ShangGuan LingLan said and blinked her eyes.

’’Pu (pffft)...... eating has to be learnt?’’ Jing Yue asked, and felt like she was about to cough up blood, her widened eyes were staring at ShangGuan LingLan. ShangGuan LingLan pulled Jing Yue and said, ’’For some types of banquet ah, the rules for those kinds of things are very numerous. That's why we're learning about this.’’

’’Then...... Does that mean we can eat for free?’’ Jing Yue's eyes moved. Surprise and happiness were visible in her eyes, thinking that, unexpectedly, she could eat for free when she was studying. It was simply a dream come true!

Didn't know whether there was a lesson on how to sleep or not?

She would willingly learn, every day!

However, once Jing Yue, who was still carrying this idea walked to the school ground, she was instantly petrified. She stared at those empty plates spread all over the area in front of her, the corners of her mouth were tightly pulled down, 'This...... This is the legendary free of charge banquet?'

Jing Yue's eyes widened as she stared at those empty plates that had been arranged on the whole table as well as the words attached on them. They were very simple, if the word 'fish' was written on the attached note, then the dish was fish and if the word 'chicken' was on it then it was a chicken dish.

Jing Yue forcefully closed her eyes. She refused to remember even the slightest ghost about this lesson. Her brain was completely thinking about wanting to go and eat something like this and that during the class. She held this idea with all her might until they were finally dismissed.

’’Aaaaah......! This won't do!’’ Jing Yue pulled ShangGuan LingLan with one of her hand and Ning XiangYuan with the other hand, saying, ’’This lady is about to die from hunger! Let's hurry and go eat!’’

’’Jing Yue, slow down a bit.’’ Ning XiangYuan was walking with a lady's small steps, it was hard for her to follow Jing Yue. While ShangGuan LingLan on the other hand, she looked even more anxious than Jing Yue. She walked with large strides pulling Jing Yue to move faster and said, ’’We shouldn't take the carriage, let's just directly ride the horse!’’

’’Ke ke ke (cough)...... Big sister, this is the main street, you'll be arrested for riding a horse here!’’ One of Jing Yue's feet had just stepped out of the school's gate when she heard ShangGuan LingLan's words. She almost tripped over the doorstep.

’’I am ShangGuan LingLan, who'll dare to arrest me?’’ ShangGuan LingLan arrogantly raised her eyebrows as she said, ’’If he still wants to stay in the imperial city, he wouldn't be so stupid to come and provoke my general's residence.’’

’’All right, all right, all right...... Your backing is strong! But, this lady doesn't like troublesome things, therefore, we'll obediently sit on the carriage, okay?’’ Jing Yue spoke as she pushed ShangGuan LingLan towards her carriage. She reached out to pull Ning XiangYuan, however, Ning XiangYuan moved away.


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