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Beastly Fēi That Go Against The Heaven: Coerced By The Huáng Shū - Chapter 100



Call Xiao Chen Here to Pay the Bill

(Translated by: RenRen, Edited by: Yzrahc`dryzzle, Proofread by: Strix)

’’You guys should go. There are some matters in my house so I have to rush back. I can't follow you both.’’ Ning XiangYuan said as she faced Jing Yue and ShangGuan LingLan while her lips rose into a smile.

’’E...... All right then!’’ Jing Yue was a bit dumbfounded. She then patted Ning XiangYuan's shoulder, saying, ’’Next time if there is time, we should go together. You're busy, you should go back first!’’

’’En.’’ Ning XiangYuan smiled gently. She looked at Jing Yue and ShangGuan LingLan, smiled and turned around, getting onto her carriage.

Jing Yue and ShangGuan LingLan rode in the carriage towards the main street. Inside the carriage, ShangGuan LingLan frowned and stared at Jing Yue before she said, ’’Jing Yue, don't you think today YuanYuan is very weird ah? I watched her for a long time and found her to be absent-minded for the whole day.’’

’’Now that you mentioned it, I also felt it.’’ Jing Yue frowned and inquired, ’’Did her father, perhaps run into some kind of adverse matter in the court?’’

’’I'm not too sure... we should ask her tomorrow. If it is something we could help with then we should help them.’’ ShangGuan LingLan spoke with a frown.

’’Wu...... we'll discuss this later.’’ Jing Yue waved her hand. She looked at ShangGuan LingLan and asked, ’’Where do you want to eat?’’

’’Jin Yan Lou!’’ ShangGuan LingLan firmly said, holding out her hand and using her finger to point.

’’It's not like we can't......’’ Jing Yue paused, then looked at ShangGuan LingLan and said, ’’But, did you bring enough money?’’

’’E...... I also don't know whether it will be enough or not. Previously, every time I went to Jin Yan Lou, it has always been my elder brothers that paid the bills.’’ ShangGuan LingLan was slightly confused. She took out her pouch and pulled out a roll of paper money from it, handing it towards Jing Yue, and asked, ’’Will this be enough?’’

’’En...... I don't know either.’’ Jing Yue shrugged. Up until now, she still hadn't completely understood what this ancient paper money meant and how to exchange it with things.

’’Doesn't matter. If it's not enough, I still have money on me.’’ Jing Yue impatiently waved her hand before saying, ’’Worst case, after we finish eating and it's not enough, calling Xiao Chen here to pay the bill will do.’’

’’Domineering!’’ After ShangGuan LingLan heard Jing Yue, she instantly stuck her thumb up to give Jing Yue a 'like'. Jing Yue had taught her the meaning of this gesture. She found that she had always discovered very interesting things when she was together with Jing Yue.

Jing Yue and ShangGuan LingLan, the two people arrived at Jin Yan Lou riding in a carriage. They confidently asked for a private room and sat inside, ordering a table full of food, suddenly feeling just like they were big bosses. This kind of feeling indescribably made Jing Yue felt pleasure.

Just like those years, she had also stood on the peak of the world. Of course, it was only for one night.

’’The food's ready!’’ Jing Yue was in the middle of reminiscing when ShangGuan LingLan, who was sitting on the floor and was already impatient from waiting, saw the approaching food. ShangGuan LingLan's eyes instantly released a ferocious ray. However, because the person who was serving the food was still there, she completely didn't have the nerve to start eating.

’’Wa (wow)!’’ Jing Yue saw a plate of chicken coming towards her. She instantly ignored everything and raised her hand to grab it.

The little attendant who carried the dish widened his eyes in shock. Watching Jing Yue's unscrupulous movement as she tore the chicken had practically terrified him. This crude manner of eating was simply very much not in line with the highest quality clothes she wore on her body.

’’Jing Yue! You're cheating!’’ Once ShangGuan LingLan saw her, she instantly stopped caring about her image and pounced on the table, fighting over the food with Jing Yue.

Two beautiful, dignified-looking women...... were really nothing more but only looking dignified!

The two of them gorged on the food on the table. The little attendant carrying the dish stared blankly at them for a long time before remembering to put the dish on the table and withdrawing from the room. His eyes were filled with wonder. He couldn't help but doubt, 'are these two persons pretending to be rich? Or perhaps, the clothes on their body are actually something they've stolen?'


  • The 'like' ShangGuan LingLan showed with her thumb here symbolizes a 'like' usually given in an online post such as in facebook.


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