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Beast Piercing The Heavens - Chapter 97


Chapter 97 - Find Ye Yi's team

’’Bring them here!’’

Qinghan hadn't been in touch with Ye Yi ever since their departure. When he was told that the Sickle Team might be under a severe crackdown by Yao Kaka, he had appointed Shisan to inquire about them, yet no reliable results were obtained. Now, unexpectedly, they had come to him! How could Qinghan not be thrilled to meet them again?

’’Wait, I think it would be better to meet Ye Yi alone. Ask the super team to keep on walking, and I'll catch up to them later.’’ Qinghan suddenly changed his mind, and decided to visit Ye Yi in person, rather than bringing them all here, which would increase the risk of revealing their identities. Turning his head around, Qinghan smiled at Qingcheng, Hua Cao, and Feng Zi, as if he was trying to tell them it wouldn't be a big deal.

’’I'll personally escort young lord Qinghan!’’ Shisan stepped out, for he was responsible to ensure the security of Qinghan.

The rest of the team carried on their journey, whilst Qinghan and Shisan walked towards Ye Yi.


Led by a scout of the Hua Family, Qinghan and Shisan arrived at a piece of grassland, where a stalwart man was standing with his back facing them. When this muscular man turned around, they immediately recognized each other, and a sincere, amicable smile emerged on their faces.

’’This is my friend, we found him! Now, your task is finished, thanks for your help.’’ Qinghan turned to the scout before he nodded to Ye Yi.

Without a word, the scout of the Hua Family quickly understood the undertone in Qinghan's remarks, and left.

’’Big brother!’’ Shisan could no longer hold back his emotions, as he strode towards Ye Yi with tearful eyes, as he gave his brother a warm bear hug. Even his voice was choked with sobs.

Meanwhile, Qinghan stood there smiling, for he intended to give them ample time to exchange their feelings. He knew well, as death warriors of the Ye Family, Shisan, Shiqi, and Ye Yi, had formed an intimate relationship, stronger than that of any biological brothers. Along their long journey, Shisan and Shiqi had been worrying about the safety of their fellow brothers, which was witnessed by Qinghan. Since Ye Yi was safe and sound, he was really happy for them.

’’Young lord, please, this way!’’ After a short while, both Ye Yi and Shisan bowed to Qinghan with full respect.

The three of them hurried to a nearby spot, and wormed their way into a thick ambush, until they arrived at a secluded cave. Here, Ye San, Ye Jiu, Ye Shiyi, and the rest of the Sickle Team came into their view.

’’Third Brother, Ninth Brother, Eleventh Brother! Err, Ninth Brother, your arm?’’ As Shisan greeted each of this bothers, his warm smiles suddenly frozen, and turned into a surly face. He saw that one of Ye Jiu's sleeve was empty, dangling in the air.

’’Ah! Ye Jiu, you...’’ Following Shisan's eyes, Qinghan also found the lost arm of Ye Jiu.

’’Hehe, young lord Qinghan, don't worry. This arm was cut off by an upper level Demonic Emperor of Yao Kaka's team. I have another arm, with which I can still slaughter enemies!’’ With a bright smile, Ye Jiu replied, as if he had just lost a piece of a fingernail rather than an arm.

’’Hey, you, Shisan, don't behave like a woman;we're supposed to be tough guys. Being alive is the greatest luck I've ever received. My arm is gone, but I'm in front of you, fully intact. Well, should I have the chance, I'll certainly pluck the golden hairs off of Yao Kaka's head!’’ In Ye Jiu's eyes, a flash of hatred and indignation appeared, as he mentioned Yao Kaka.

Without any further casual talks, Qinghan pinned his eyes onto Ye Yi's, and urged him, ’’What on earth happened to you all, please tell me the details!’’

Anxiously, Shisan raised his voice, ’’Big brother, is it all because of that demon, Yao Kaka?!’’

’’I'll start from one month ago.’’ Ye Yi explained as he frowned, as though he was rather reluctant to recall his memories, ’’At the beginning, we divided the team into two groups, with the weaker group running in the front as bait, to lure the enemies in, and the stronger ones lurking behind, to sneak attack them. Actually, we carried out this strategy with effective results. Many barbarian and demonic teams swooped towards the weaker group, but ended up being killed by the more advanced cultivators from behind. This way, we slaughtered a large amount of enemies, and gathered a lot of credits accordingly.’’

’’But later on, as we kept killing the demons and barbarians indulgently, we became the target of the super teams led by Yao Kaka and Man'gan respectively. We acted more vigilantly, since we noticed the changes in the situation. It was, however, beyond our expectation, that Yao Kaka had mimicked our strategy by sending out small teams in the front to bait us, so when we began our slaughter, several other advanced teams would arrive and besiege us... Fortunately, one of our scouts saved us by sending out the retreat signal in time! As for Ye Jiu, he was entangled by two Demonic Emperors, and we used a small group to distract the enemies, in order to help Ye Jiu out. In the end, the small group was sacrificed, and Ye Jiu survived, only losing a single arm.’’

In a few words, Ye Yi made a rough account. As Qinghan and Shisan listened, their faces turned pale, for they could feel the danger and misery beneath Ye Yi's tone.

’’Then how did you guys escape Yao Kaka's pursuit? Why has there not been any news from you?’’ Qinghan inquired in confusion.

’’Big brother, we were greatly worried about your safety!’’ The usual calm expression on Shisan's face had been replaced with hatred and anxiety.

’’Hehe, Yao Kaka had split his team into four groups, with each group being led by over a dozen Demonic Emperors. They carried out their pursuit in full fledge, and blocked all the paths towards our ’’safe haven’’ - the temporary camp that belongs to the Mars Prefecture. With no choice left, we ran away blindly, and eventually flocked into a valley, a perfect place for fleeing.’’ Ye Yi tapped on the shoulders of Shisan, as he continued.

’’What kind of valley?’’ In utter curiosity, Qinghan urged, for he had never thought there would exist a natural place for running away.

’’Black Dragon Valley!’’ With a burst of chuckles, Ye San, who stood beside them, replied.

Both Qinghan and Shisan looked at one another, before they exclaimed almost simultaneously, ’’Black Dragon Valley? Isn't that the place where the eighth-grade black dragon lives? Isn't this place super dangerous? How could you guys survive there for a whole month?’’

’’Haha, I understand your confusion. Let me explain it to you: if you walk inside the entrance, there is a narrow, yet rather deep grotto on the left side. The size of the black dragon deters itself from entering this grotto, and we've been pretty safe there. Back when we were at the very entrance of this valley, we dived into the grotto without disturbing the black dragon, while the team led by Yao Kaka didn't have our luck, for they were discovered by the dragon, and were treated as aggressive invaders. Therefore, half of Yao Kaka's team members died under the attack of this dragon!’’

’’As for why we have spent a whole month in that grotto, mmm... You know, we were afraid that we would grab the dragon's attention if we all came out together, because we've witnessed his mighty power when he killed scores of demons by just exhaling one breath! Several days ago, however, a stupid team accidentally entered this valley, and immediately became the target of the dragon. Taking advantage of this mess, we all scrawled out!’’

Ye Yi's vivid account of their adventurous escape stirred Qinghan and Shisan's feelings, as they listened with extreme rapture. If it wasn't for the good luck, or the incoming of that hapless team, Ye Yi, as well as the rest of his team, would´ve all been doomed.


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