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Beast Piercing The Heavens - Chapter 92


Chapter 92 - The First Triumphant Battle

The young man in black clothing was shuttling through the barbarians, using mysterious footsteps, while holding a dagger in his hand. Interestingly enough, his natural and unrestricted steps made him look like an elegant dancer. Every now and then, as he moved around, a glaring beam of light flashed from his eyes. Whenever a barbarian drew close to him, he would be able to have their minds frozen, letting him freely cut through their throats. With widened eyes, the barbarians collapsed on the ground, one after another, while blood kept gushing out from their decapitated bodies...

’’Oh, My God! Shiqi, since when is this young lord so invincible? What's that light in his eyes? Is it an Enchantment Skill like the one of the Yue Family? Oh, look at his cyan dagger... I guess it's at least a treasure-level weapon. Wait... his footsteps... Oh! It's great elder Ye Qingniu's Running Bull Step. But this guy's style of steps seems even more unbridled...’’

Feng Meng scratched his head, while staring at Qinghan with voracious eyes. He was pondering... If he had the same weapon as Qinghan was currently using, would he have let the Barbarian Emperor get away so easily? No! Despite his envy over Qinghan's dagger, he could do nothing about it. It was said that no craftsman in this continent was able to make high level weapons, and one could only find these rare things in one place - the Luo Shen Mountain! Based on Feng Meng's ability, so far, it was far too dangerous for him to enter that place...

’’No, I think it isn't our Enchantment Skill, although it resembles our technique in some ways. But... his speed is much faster, and the duration of his skill is distinctively longer than ours. I heard he's the son of Yue Shui'er, but I've never heard of any male being able to inherit such a skill. Oh, this young man is full of secrets...’’ Yue Xian'gu, one of the three appointed cultivators to chase the Barbarian Emperor, replied to Feng Meng with a frowned expression. As a Prince-Realm female cultivator, Yue Xian'gu didn't share the normal dominating manner of her male counterparts;rather, she painstakingly kept presenting herself in a gorgeous manner, though she didn't have the slightest touch of a female immortal as her name suggested. (Xian'gu literally means a female immortal)

’’Haha! Let me tell you, Ye Qinghan is the unofficially announced future leader of the Ye Family!’’

As smart as Shiqi was, he wouldn't act silly by telling them of Qinghan's integration technique. So he replied with some irrelevant news, yet he was surprisingly proud when saying these words. Looking at this young lord, who always smiled when he talked to his subordinates, Shiqi felt rather lucky to have met him. One day, when Qinghan ascended the throne and became the Ye Family Leader, Shisan's life would certainly change in a better direction...

Meanwhile, the expression on Qingcheng's face was rather complicated. As Qinghan ’’danced’’ in the group of barbarians, her feeling to marry him grew even stronger.

Since they had first met on the boat on the Tranquil Lake, Qingcheng realized she had a crush on Qinghan for his talented literary skills, as well as his distinctive personality. After seeing Qinghan's performance - the Dance of the Cavalry, Qingcheng was even more assured in her determination to marry Qinghan...

Meanwhile, another admirer of Qinghan, was Qingwu. Back in the Drunken-heart Garden, she had witnessed Qinghan's true masculine side - he had killed the people he hated most in front of the family members, including the Emperor-Realm Ye Ron. Now, over these past few months, this unyielding young man was quickly maturing. It was true that Qingwu also had some kind of feelings for Qinghan, but when she looked at Qingcheng, the potential future wife of Qinghan, she was suddenly filled with a blend feeling of sadness, and envy. Also, Qinghan's sister, Ye Qingyu, who was willing to sacrifice her own life in order to save her brother, was another competitor in love. As a result, she was really at a loss and didn't know what to do about her feelings for Qinghan.

It only took Qinghan a few minutes to slaughter all the remaining barbarians. In order to tidy himself up, Qinghan rubbed his blood-stained face, but this only made it worse. Without noticing others' astonished looks, Qinghan rolled his sleeves up, and started to collect the corpses.

The rest of the group also joined in helping Qinghan to place the corpses together in one place. Soon after, they had collected all the scattered barbarian bodies, and Qinghan began to take the rings off of the corpses. Eventually, he found the number of credits had accumulated to nearly one thousand! Out of sheer happiness, Qinghan couldn't help but grin like a baby, even though the blood stains on his face made his expression somewhat hideous and savage, which led others to take a step back, as they had goose bumps. When Qinghan finished collecting the credits, he made a victory gesture to Shisan, who was also smiling with a blood-smeared face.

’’Everyone, please retreat to the cave where we spent the night yesterday!

Since this battle had lasted for about half an hour, they had to retreat to a safer place, incase they got suddenly ambushed by another group of enemies. Therefore, under Shisan's instructions, the scouts of the Hua Family led the way back. As for the corpses, they didn't have much time or energy to give them a proper burial, and they believed that the monsters would come out at night, and help them to clear the traces of this battle by eating the corpses.

The first battle was an absolute victory! The members of the super team knew, however, that there was still space for improvement in terms of coordination. But, today was truly a fruitful day: the whole barbarian team was defeated, while most were even killed, and the super team hadn't lost a single member. The only pity was, that the Barbarian Emperor, who represented the largest amounts of credits in the team, had successfully run away. Also, some Barbarian Generals had escaped from their chase. Based on the gained experience from this first battle, they decided to adjust their fighting strategy somewhat, in order to obtain more credits by not allowing the enemies to run away so easily.


After one night's good rest, the super team continued their risky journey. However, they didn't hastily go into the deeper parts of this region, as they only wandered around in the vicinity of the cave.

In the afternoon of the third day, they finally encountered a demonic team. This was actually another normal team, just like the previous barbarian one. Under the tightly coordinated efforts of the four families, the demonic team was completely encircled within two rounds of fighting. In the end, Shisan appointed five Prince-Realm cultivators, to kill the two Demonic Emperors, and they succeeded! Of all the members of the demonic team, only a dozen of them managed to escape. This team, to some extent, contributed greatly to Qinghan's credit-collecting mission.

Half a month passed, the super team had, all together, slaughtered eight groups of enemies, and the credits accumulated to a record high - nearly 3,000 in total! They had achieved this by following the same strategy every day, which allowed them to only slaughter those enemies that were carefully observed by the scouts of the Hua Family, so that they could retreat safely soon after they finished the fight.

The crazy killing of Qinghan's super team, finally grabbed the attention of the leaders of the other two races. They finally started to coordinate their attacks on this human super team. By sending out several chosen elite teams, the demons and barbarians tried to seek revenge for their lost fellowmen. But the fact was, that the teams they sent would always end up fleeing out of sheer terror, whenever they were under the observation of the scouts of the Hua Family.

Gradually, the reputation of the super team increased to an all time high. It was said that a super elite team, formed by the four prominent families, had killed a dozen of groups from the Barbarian or Demonic Prefectures, in their black samurai suits. Most importantly, the casualty rate was rather low, with only a few dozen humans being injured or killed in all these battles.

Although there was some exaggeration in these rumors, the death toll in the super elite team was extremely low. The coordination among the team members had improved gradually, as they were absorbing experience in each and every fight. The scouts of the Hua Family were like ghosts, as they could sneak attack the enemies out of the blue;the Enchantment Skill of the Yue Family, as well as the unpredictable Swordsmanship of the Feng Family were also one of a kind. In addition, the Prince-Realm cultivators were always there, ready to cope with any emergencies.

Actually, most of the members from the super elite team were descendants of the ancient immortals, so they had inherited their respective special techniques. In front of the normal teams from other races, this super team was definitely holding the upper hand. If they failed in any of these skirmishes, the commander, Shisan, would rather kill himself in shame by bumping against a tree...

[Editor note: So the title for this chapter and the last 2 were all ’’The First Triumphant Battle (1)(2)(3)’’. This author really seems to enjoy to spoil what's happening next, even though it might be somewhat obvious even without the title. Would you guys like me to continue to change the title on spots like these, or do you guys prefer to see the original title in all chapters? Hope you guys have enjoyed this chapter :)]

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