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Beast Piercing The Heavens - Chapter 85


Chapter 85 - Demonic Emperor

Qinghan, together with his team members, were guarding the eastern part of the lake.

Throughout the night, no enemies appeared. They got used to this fruitless situation, for it had been like this for days. Some were cultivating, while others were peacefully sleeping. Until the next morning, when the silence was broken by the warning devices around the teleportation spots.

The team members all raised their vigilance, wishing to enjoy a brutal fight, after so many hours of waiting.

A scout took the initiative, and disappeared by using his Invisible Technique. As for the others, they clenched their fists, as they were ready to fight.

- Gugugu... -

Within the blink of an eye, another urgent siren rung, which frightened everyone. Their valiant expression immediately turned pale, as another scout was instructed to carry the message to the whole super team!

This was a first-grade alarm! The enemy ahead could be a Demonic or Barbarian Emperor!

All of a sudden, the birds flew away from their trees, as though they were scared of some ferocious beast.

- Swoosh! -

Upon receiving the message, Shisan rushed to Qinghan, who was now wrapped up in an armor of Battle Qi, as he was fully prepared for the upcoming fight...

- Swoosh! -

A lot of the super team's members arrived, including the advanced cultivators in the Realm of the Prince.

’’What's going on?’’ Hua Cao whispered to Qinghan.

Turning around, Qinghan replied, ’’I'm not quite sure yet. We'd better go and have a look when everyone's here.’’

As per the previous agreement, once an advanced enemy, like the Demonic or Barbarian Emperor, appeared, they would all come to help. Also, each Prince-Realm cultivator would be assigned a specific task, with two safeguarding the young lords, and four attacking the enemies, while the last one kept patrolling for any further dangers. This way, the enemies wouldn't be able to flee, and the rest of the team members would be well protected. Of course, most importantly, the descendants of the prominent families, some of whom might easily be killed by the enemies, would stay unharmed.

’’Let's go, they've successfully besieged them!’’ Shisan had received information from a Prince-Realm cultivator, and urged the rest of the team.

At the same time, Qingcheng also arrived, with a group of beautiful girls walking behind her.

Since the enemy was encircled by advanced cultivators, they had nothing to worry about. In a hurry, they ran to the scene to obtain some knowledge, such as demonic techniques or witchcraft, from the enemy.

When they arrived, a stick-like demon entered into their view. Black scales were covering his skin, including his face. His head was small and spinous, and his pair of eyes had some green light gleaming inside. In the middle of the lawn, he was besieged by four cultivators in black samurai outfits. Looking closer, the weeds and flowers in the surroundings were completely trampled. Predictably, this demon had attempted to flee, but failed.

’’Oh, it's a snake-shaped demon!’’

Qinghan yelled in excitement, as he had learned some knowledge about this race. This was actually a pure breed snake demon, which accounted for a majority of the population in the Demon Prefecture. Because of their stunning speed, and toxic venom, they were known as a comparatively strong sub-race. Despite all of their advantages, they were short of attacking skills.

’’Haha, since it cannot run away, his ring is at our fingertips.’’ Shisan somehow felt relaxed after seeing this situation.

Looking at the perplexed expression on the others' faces, Shisan explained, ’’The snake-shaped demon is known for their amazing speed and sneak attacks. You know, they're able to conceal themselves with the help of the surrounding environment. If a cultivator is bitten by such a demon, he will definitely die, for there is no antidote for the venom they release. However, for cultivators in the Realm of the Prince, they're able to protect themselves from the demon's venom with their unleashed Battle Qi. Look, right now, this demon has no chance to use his trump card - his venom! For those below the Realm of the Prince, you should avoid meeting a snake-shaped demon. If you get sneaked attacked by him, your physical functions will gradually fade away... The likelihood of being killed under such circumstances is extremely high!’’

’’Thanks for your reminder!’’

Every nodded appreciatively, for this was a matter of life and death. In order to stay alive, they embedded this piece of golden advice within their mind. Meanwhile, the four cultivators in the Realm of the Prince didn't have the slightest intention to fight, as they just stood there releasing their Battle Qi. Surprisingly, the cultivators' Battle Qi actually had different colors. Looking from a distance, they were actually like four immortal guardians.

Out of desperation, the snake-shaped demon tried to run away many times. It changed into a streak of a black figure, as he would run in all directions, but he always ended up failing. Somehow, he was like a caged mouse, running everywhere for any possible exits. Sadly, in the end, he realized that he had no chance to get out of this ’’cage’’...

’’Humph, this Demonic Emperor is terrible. Except for his speed, he should feel ashamed of himself.’’ Feng Zi figured out that this demon would be easily killed by any of the four cultivators surrounding it.

’’Since they're all at a similar level of power, why's the difference so distinct?’’ He added in confusion.

’’Apparently, the snake-shaped demonic emperor is far from an equal opponent for cultivators in the Realm of the Prince. But, if we encountered him without any preparation, except for the advanced cultivators, we would probably all be killed! Of course, this doesn't count for the members of the Hua family, who'll certainly find a way to flee by using their Invisible Technique.’’ Shisan raised his eyebrows, and replied in an intimidating manner.


Hearing this warning, everyone stared at this black-scaled demon with fear flowing in their eyes. It wasn't a mouse that was caged in, it was a ferocious monster!

Shisan stopped for a few seconds, so that others would have the time to digest what he had just told them. A little while later, he offered them a detailed explanation, ’’His speed surpasses that of any similar-level cultivator. Plus, his endurance is also very impressive. Honestly, anyone who falls behind his movements will be killed. But, yes, he does have a weakness - his attacking ability! But, remember, he also has a lethal ’’weapon’’ - his venom. An abrasion in his skin helps him release enough venom to kill you. Once you're bitten by such a demon, you'll soon become paralyzed. Thus, you'll be an easy prey for him under his claw at that time. Indeed, the snake-shaped demon is a formidable opponent for all cultivators below the Realm of the Prince. In each and every Prefecture War, a large number of cultivators from the Mars Prefecture are killed by them! The reason why the four Prince-Realm cultivators didn't attack him yet, is to provide you guys with an opportunity to observe him, and figure out ways to counterattack whenever you encounter any of these snake-shaped demons.’’

Shisan's enlightening speech had impressed them all. Now, everyone was looking at the demon in a world of his own, imaging what they would do if they encountered such a mighty opponent.

Like the other young lords, Qinghan also pondered for a while, and came up with a conclusion: before he had fully mastered the Mysterious Trace Steps, he would use his integration technique to kill demons who're at a similar cultivation level;he would regard the demons as his main target in the final war. Although he was eager to make sure whether or not his holy-level bronze ring could heal the poisonous wounds, he felt that it was too risky to try it out...

About half an hour later, under the instructions of Shisan, the four Prince-Realm cultivators began to launch their attacks. Since other demons and barbarians could appear from other teleportation posts at any time, they deemed it was the right time to attack, before they were caught in an uncontrollable situation by the appearance of more enemies from other teleportation posts. Suddenly, the amount of Battle Qi doubled as they drew closer towards the demon. In the Realm of the Prince, the skill of unleashing Battle Qi would be greatly upgraded, it could not only be used as a defensive armor, but also restrict or weaken the opponent's attack.

Eventually, the snake-shaped demon was driven into a corner, as he was attacked by Battle Qi from all directions. Gradually, his movements turned slower and slower, as it was almost reduced to half of his original speed. In the end, one of the four cultivators, who was from the Feng family, killed this demon with his sword.

’’Young lord Qinghan, come and get the credits!’’ With a chuckle, Shiqi winked to Qinghan.

Immediately, Qinghan bounced up from the ground, jumping to the Demonic Emperor, who would give him 100 credits! Apparently, Qinghan was thrilled by the amount of credits he would get this time.

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