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Beast Piercing The Heavens - Chapter 82


Chapter 82 - Hunting (3)

After a long night of cultivation, Qinghan had finally condensed a drop of liquefied Battle Qi. In total, he had successfully condensed a dozen drops of Battle Qi. However, he had to fill half the space of his Dantian, in order to enter into the second level of the Realm of the General. As per what his father had written down in the manual, it would normally take over 1,000 drops of liquefied Battle Qi to completely fill the Dantian. Moreover, the size of Qinghan's Dantian was one-third larger than normal. So Qinghan thought that it would take around 750 drops, to reach his goal. It seemed that there was still a long way to go...


At dawn, the team that was on duty that night was sleepy and fatigued. While at the same time, some slight noises rang in the air from the teleportation posts. The elite members under the ancient trees suddenly became alerted, as they were searching around with their shrewd eyes. Qinghan also woke up the descendants of the Ye family, in case they were needed. Two scouts from the Hua family, under Qinghan's instruction, used their Invisible Technique, to find out what was happening.

A minute later, the scouts came back, and told them two enemies had emerged, one was a demon, the other was a barbarian.


Qinghan lifted the corners of his lips, and laughed with a touch of evilness. He whispered to one of the scouts, who responded with a suspicious smile, before he disappeared.

’’Young lord, what shall we do now?’’

Looking at Qinghan through the gaps of the leaves, the descendants of the Ye family asked in doubt, as they couldn't wait to slaughter those from the other races. Also, the other members of the team were staring at Qinghan, waiting for his order.

’’Hush! Stay where you are, and wait for further orders!’’ Without any explanation, Qinghan waved his hands, and fixed his eyes on a place in the near distance.


The horrifying howl indicated that a fight was going on nearby. The team members, holding their weapons in their hands, prepared to rush to the fighting scene. Without Qinghan's order, however, they just stood there, suspiciously looking at Qinghan. One of the elites from the Hua family was about to dash out, but when he remembered what Hua Cao had told him, he retreated, and glared at Qinghan.

’’Young lord!’’ The descendants of the Ye family urged Qinghan in low, but pressing voices, as they grabbed Qinghan's sleeves, pulling him closer.

’’Take it easy, guys! They aren't fighting against our people. You'll know what's going on later!’’ Patting on the shoulder of one of his team members, Qinghan smiled. He then warned them not to drag themselves into a battle out of mere impulse.

- Swoosh! -

A black figure suddenly appeared, he was the scout of the Hua family.

’’Young lord Qinghan, we did it! The demon and the barbarian are fighting against each other right now!’’ With eyes full of joy, he reported to Qinghan.


The rest of the team finally understood Qinghan's true intention: he had asked this scout to induce a fight between the two races. Apparently, Qinghan expected to benefit from the tussles of the two races, and obtain the credits without expending any effort.

Qinghan's evil smile, had sent a chill down the spines of his team members. Among them, only the descendants of the Ye family knew that their young lord was notorious for launching sneak attacks and conspiring...

’’Now, let's go! Take cover!’’ Disregarding other's shocked expressions, Qinghan ordered them to move towards the fighting scene.

Hiding behind the thick bushes, the team sneaked along the way. When they arrived, they saw that the barbarian was a little bit smaller than the one they had seen before, but the appearance was otherwise almost identical, with an armor covering his muscular body. The demon, on the other hand, was a tiny, hunched creature, with eyes rolling quickly, and ears pricked up. All his fingers were slightly curled up, and his fingernails were long and pointy. Looking from afar, this demon seemed like a leopard-man. This kind of demons, also known as the leopard-shaped demons, could easily outpace the barbarian, thus he could easily dodge any attacks from the barbarian. This demon, however, lacked the required attacking skills to bring the barbarian down, as he only managed to leave some white scratching marks on the barbarian's armor!

It seemed, that this fight would become a battle of attrition. It was a fight of endurance. No matter who was defeated, the winner would be neither of them. Qinghan had already led his team in the bushes, ready to end both of their lives at a proper time.

Half an hour later, the demon slowed his pace due to a lack of endurance. His enemy, the barbarian, however, only had some minor flesh wounds. By the time the barbarian would bleed to death, the demon would've already died from exhaustion. His pair of black bean-like eyes rolled for several times, as he pondered for a second. He was preparing to flee!

’’Members of the Hua family, it's time to slaughter this demon! As for the others, please stay alert! As for the barbarian, I'll deal with him!’’ Realizing the demon was going to run away, Qinghan immediately stood up, and gave orders to his team members. With a dash, he jumped out of the bush, and took out his Cyan Dragon Dagger.

With the protection of the Tortoise Armor, Qinghan rushed towards the barbarian without any fear. Qinghan had deduced, that this barbarian was less competent than the previous one;it could be a Mighty Barbarian Soldier at best. Also, Qinghan regarded it as an opportunity to practice his Mysterious Track Steps. While he was fighting, the other team members would be on alert duty, in case any demon or barbarian would teleport in the nearby surroundings. With nothing to worry about, Qinghan was confident to kill the barbarian within seconds.

People began to disperse in every direction, guarding nervously around the teleportation posts. They were afraid whether or not they would be able to struggle with the randomly emerging enemies. As for their leader, Qinghan, who could kill cultivators in the Realm of the Marshal, they were sure he would succeed.


It was the first time for Qinghan, to have a face-to-face fight against a barbarian. In order to kill the enemy as fast as possible, he immediately integrated with Little Black. The surge of confidence was about to explode, for he couldn't wait to kill his first barbarian. Even if this barbarian were to have the power equivalent to a cultivator in the Realm of the Marshal, he would still be confident!

Fortunately, the puffing confidence was still under Qinghan's control. He was level-headed, and wielded his dagger towards the back of the barbarian.

In a hurry, the barbarian turned around in surprise. Despite his quick response, Qinghan successfully stabbed his dagger deep into his flesh, leaving an opening in his armor. Soon after, the scarlet-red blood oozed out of the wound.

With one stab, Qinghan had successfully left a deep wound on the barbarian. His black eyes were lit up out of sheer excitement. Looking at his Cyan Dragon Dagger, which lived up to its title as a treasure-level item, he couldn't help but chuckle. Without this sharp dagger, he wouldn't be able to cut into the barbarian's armor.

Soon, Qinghan put away his dagger. Instead, he formed a Battle Qi armor. At the same time, he unleashed some Battle Qi under his feet, stepping towards the barbarians in a bizarre manner...

’’Eh, what's your young lord doing?’’

In the near distance, a girl from the Yue family, and a young man from the Ye family were lurking in the thick weeds. Through the space between the weeds, they witnessed all of Qinghan's movements.

Time and again, Qinghan deliberately dashed towards the gigantic barbarian, not to attack it, but to run around it, in an attempt to dodge the fists of this muscular enemy. By walking in creepy, exotic footsteps, Qinghan was occasionally hit by the pot-sized fist from the barbarian, at which time he was thrown away like a sandbag. Strangely, every time he was attacked, he would undauntedly help himself up, and run towards the barbarian once again...

’’I... I don't understand, either. Perhaps, our young lord is trying to entertain himself...’’ The young man of the Ye family replied to the girl. He couldn't figure out the reason behind Qinghan's weird, or even ridiculous behavior.

’’Haha! It seems as if the barbarian is making fun of your young lord...’’ The girl from the Yue family quietly laughed.

Qinghan, 1.7 meters tall, seemed like a child, when playing around the 2 meter tall barbarian.


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