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Beast Piercing The Heavens - Chapter 71


Chapter 71 - The Unleashing of Battle Qi

The theory of unleashing Battle Qi was quite simple, and it could be mastered by any cultivator. Ye Qinghan was no exception. Moreover, Ye Tianlong had already bestowed him a stack of secret manuals, including the one dealing with the most efficient method of unleashing Battle Qi.

Battle Qi originated from the essence of heaven and earth. Before one cleared his meridians, the Battle Qi could be stored and circulated in one's cells. In a similar way, the Battle Qi could also be led out of one's body through the cells.

However, before one's Dantian was condensed, the circulating speed of Battle Qi was extremely slow. Even if the little amount of Battle Qi was unleashed, it was impossible to form any visible shape, let alone hurt others.

Only when a cultivator's Dantian was condensed, and his other twelve meridians were cleared, could a perfect circulation system be formed between the meridians and the Dantian. A steady flow of Battle Qi, by that time, would be circulating inside one's body, which made it possible for the unleashing of Battle Qi. The required amount of Battle Qi would be condensed into terrifying crystals of power. These crystals of power could be used to directly attack, or to be exploded to cause a disastrous situation for one's opponent.

Inside the commodious carriage, Qinghan crossed his legs on his bedside, while he already was fully concentrated on the circulation of Battle Qi in his meridians and Dantian, despite the clops, and the noises caused by the wheels.

Suddenly, Qinghan pushed a small amount of Battle Qi, from the steady flow inside the circulating system, to the five fingers of his left hand. The complexity of the meridians deterred the accurate flow of Battle Qi;however, the ten fingers, where most of the meridians existed, were the most efficient part to unleash Battle Qi. In each and every finger, there was a small meridian, which was connected to the meridians in the other fingers. In other words, the palm was a meridian-laden section of the body. Due to this, it was relatively more convenient to unleash the Battle Qi through the fingers. Therefore, without further consideration, Qinghan imitated what the ancestors had written down, and led a specific amount of Battle Qi to his fingers, in a speedy, but controllable manner.

When the small amount of Battle Qi emerged from his five fingers, it would be condensed into a crystal of Battle Qi. Cautiously Qinghan controlled the speed of unleashing, and witnessed the mixing and condensation of the Battle Qi in his palm.

- Buzz! -

All of a sudden, as the unleashed Battle Qi accumulated to a certain amount, Qinghan felt the force in his palm disappear, like a fully blown-up balloon being poked and flattened.

’’Damn! I screwed it up! The most difficult part of unleashing Battle Qi would be the controlling of the proper speed.’’ Qinghan stared at his empty palm, and murmured to himself. Although he had failed on his first try, he was far from thwarted. Actually, there wasn't much skill involved in this process, it all depended on one's mind. There were sadly no shortcuts available. The only way to succeed, was to repeat this process of controlling the speed and flow of the Battle Qi, time and time again.

’’Again!’’ Qinghan encouraged himself, as he closed his eyes and concentrated all of his mind on the conveying of Battle Qi.

Two times, three times... fifty times!

One day, two days... four days!

Eventually, on the fifth day, did Qinghan jump out of his carriage. He did some relaxing stretches, in order to activate his almost rotten waist. After releasing a long breath, he turned around, and found Feng Zi and the other young lords, who were sitting around a table.

’’Young lord, did you finish your cultivation?’’

Shiqi, who had been guarding around the carriage for the last few days, smiled to Qinghan the moment he saw Qinghan emerge from his carriage.

’’Yes, I've finished. Come with me, and let us enjoy some good wine together!’’ Qinghan was in high spirits, for he had just successfully mastered the technique of unleashing Battle Qi. With a bright smile, he walked towards the crowd of young lords.

’’Hey, young lord Qinghan. You've finally come. Take a seat, please!’’

’’Qinghan, you're such a diligent cultivator!’’

’’Hello, young lord!’’

Everyone who was nearby, quickly stood up, warmly greeting Qinghan. The members of the Death Squad, as well as his five new disciples, all bowed to Qinghan with full respect.

’’Hey, come on. I've already told you guys, please eliminate those unnecessary formalities. Personally, I don't like it when you guys do that. I'll go and sit down with the other young lords to have a nice chat with them!’’ Qinghan waved his hands, and stepped forward, ’’Feng Zi, Hua Cao, Shuiliu, I'm coming. Save me some wine, please! I've promised to drink an entire urn of wine as an apology for not joining you guys the other day.’’

’’Alright! I like your straightforward personality. Let us have a blast tonight!’’ Feng Zi tapped on the edge of the table, and told everyone to refill their cups with wine.

’’Feng Zi, careful, the table is not made of marble, it's rather fragile. If you break it, we won't have such a convenient place to enjoy our meals.’’ Hua Cao reminded Feng Zi in a joking manner, before he turned his head to Qinghan with a smile.

’’Yes, Feng Zi, you should be punished for this and quickly drink an urn of wine empty!’’ Shuiliu joined in.

’’An urn of wine? Humph, to me, that's a piece of cake!’’ Feng Zi glared at Shuiliu, and extended his fist. However, when he was about to slam his fist on the table, he remembered Hua Cao's words, and awkwardly placed his hands on his legs.

’’Hehe, would you mind if I join you and drink a cup of wine?’’ An oriole-like crisp sound came from afar, and the young lords all curiously jerked their heads in that direction. Soon, a girl in a white dress, with a pleasant fragrance, stood in front of them. This girl was Qingcheng.

’’Oh? Won't you let me join you?’’ Hearing no response, Qingcheng asked curiously. Strangely, she was still wearing that white veil, which only revealed her pearlescent eyes.

’’Of course you can join! You're Qinghan's wife, we're honored to have you with us!’’ Feng Zi laughed loudly, as he quickly emptied a chair for Qingcheng.

’’Errr...’’ Qinghan felt embarrassed, and shot a resentful glare at Feng Zi. But he still acted kindly, in case the lively atmosphere would be ruined.

’’Miss Qingcheng, please take a seat.’’ Qinghan pointed Qingcheng to the emptied chair.

’’Yes, our brother Qinghan's wife, please sit down!’’ Hua Cao and Shuiliu also replied, despite the envious and gloomy feelings inside their heart.

In contrast with Qinghan's awkwardness, Qingcheng acted more natural. Disregarding the occasional glances of the others, she sat down, and corrected their callings, ’’Hey, you guys should call me Qingcheng. I'm not used to that other title. Plus, we aren't even married yet.’’

’’Alright, Miss Qingcheng, but I believe that you two will get married in the near future. Oh, your veil... it would be rather inconvenient to enjoy a cup of wine with that on.’’ Feng Zi smilingly replied.

’’Qinghan, you should take her cup of wine instead.’’ Shuiliu was determined to befuddle Qinghan. Since he had lost the battle on the festival, he wouldn't lose yet another one on this table.

’’Yeah, it really is too inconvenient.’’ Hua Cao also looked at Qinghan.

’’Ok, her cup of wine is shall be drunk by me! Plus an urn of wine, as I've promised!’’ Qinghan didn't feel threatened at all, as he grabbed the urn and poured the wine into his mouth.

People in the Flame Dragon Continent were brought up as cultivators, so everyone was capable of drinking. As for Qinghan, ever since he had had his first taste of wine in Wild City, he had been clear headed. The wine, to him, was like water. No matter how much he took in, he remained sober.

’’Come on, I'm not afraid of anyone!’’ Feng Zi also grabbed an urn of wine in his hands, ready to compete with Qinghan. Feng Zi, Hua Cao and Shuiliu had formed a kind of alliance in defeating Qinghan, so that their lost face could be somewhat regained after what had happened at the Summer Fire Festival.

A war without smoke or gunpowder was launched. Both Qinghan and Feng Zi quickly finished three urns of wine! Feng Zi was as drunk as a lord, staggering back and forth aimlessly;while Qinghan remained in high spirits. Realizing Qinghan's terrifying capacity of drinking, Hua Cao hesitated, but soon after found himself drunk as well. Similarly, Shuiliu was finally too drunk to care about his manners, as he stretched his legs out, before falling asleep underneath the table.

At the same time, Qingcheng kept an eye on Qinghan, for she was worried about him. However, after Qinghan had successfully drunk the three young lords under the table, Qingcheng giggled with relief, ’’Qinghan, has your family got a secret method for remaining sober?’’

’’Haha, I just happen to be good at drinking wine.’’ Qinghan touched his swollen up belly, before he stood up with some difficulty. He stumbled forward, while hiccupping along the way.

’’Are you ok? Where are you going? Shall I accompany you?’’ Qingcheng asked anxiously.

’’No, no, stay where you are... I'm going to pee. I've drunk too much wine!’’ Qinghan somehow managed to stutter these words.

Qingcheng was embarrassed by this unexpected, yet straightforward answer, as her cheeks immediately turned red. Nevertheless, she asked Shisan to follow Qinghan, in case of an emergency. After that, she hastily walked towards her carriage, very much like an alive and kicking rabbit.

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