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Beast Piercing The Heavens - Chapter 69


Chapter 69 - Soul Tranquilization

The moon hung high up in the sky, pouring its silvery light all over Enchantment City, where the hustle and bustle never stopped, even at this time of midnight.

In the center of the city, the Yue Pavilion.

The young lords, together with the elders, were led to their respective room to rest. Since the closure of the Summer Fire Festival, all men, both young and old, had been asked to leave. It was a rule established by the founder of the Yue family, and had never been broken.

The Yue Pavilion, which could be divided into three sections, covered a total area of tens of hectares. It was said, that there were, in total, 9,999 rooms! The front yard was used as a place for customer entertainment;the middle yard, which included nine different-sized attics, was catered for treating the special guests;and the back yard was where the management personnel of the Yue Pavilion lived.

Indeed, the Yue Pavilion was the top-grade entertainment center of the Mars Prefecture. The front yard accounted for two thirds of the ten-plus hectares, with three stories, and 9,000 rooms. Every day, thousands of customers fluxed into the pavilion from different places. They spent both their sperm and crystal coins here, which contributed to the wealth of the Yue Family. Needless to say, in economic terms, the Yue family was, by far, the most affluent among the prominent families.

In the First Square Attic, Qinghan quietly sat, while the manager of the Yue Pavilion was introducing him to the general structure of the building. This manager managed to look rather calm, but she was extremely curious about Qinghan's abnormal behavior - Qinghan was supposed to be with Qingcheng tonight, but he had followed the other young lords off the island. As a man with a healthy body, Qinghan was afraid that he wouldn't be able to resist the beauty of Qingcheng, when he was laying beside her on her bed. Back in Wild City, he had experienced the taste of woman, which he considered toxic and addictive. So this time, in order not to be enchanted by Qingcheng, he chose to keep a distance from her. Most importantly, the main purpose of his trip was to save his sister, if he found himself waking up in Qingcheng's bed, he would be feeling rather guilty. Also, given the enchantment skill Qingcheng possessed, Qinghan predicted that he would never get rid of the sensual pleasure, and cling to Qingcheng once he had climbed onto her bed. So eventually, he reckoned, that the Yue Pavilion would be a safer place for him.

The Yue family treated Qinghan with the highest respect, as was evident by the room he was given to rest in - the First Square Attic, which was supposed to be reserved for the most important customer. The walls and pieces of furniture were all decorated extravagantly, and even the chamber pot [1], which lay behind the decorative folding screen, was made of jade! Moreover, Yue Niang had accompanied him since he stepped into the pavilion, introducing him to this pavilion as well as the Yue family.

’’Young lord, please rest in this room! If you're in need of anything, please tell the maids outside the door.’’ Yue Niang explained to Qinghan with cautious respect. After all, she had to be respectful to him, because her family obviously thought very highly of this young man.

’’Ok, thank you, Yue Niang. I think I'd better let you go now. I appreciate your hospitality.’’ Qinghan smiled, showing his satisfaction.

Yue Niang bowed to Qinghan, before she left.

Inside the quiet room, Qinghan scratched his head, walked to the table, and poured two cups of tea. After that, he jerked his head towards the folding screen and said, ’’Elder Qingniu, since you've already sneaked into my room, why don't you come out and have a cup of tea?’’


Behind the folding screen a large figure appeared, Ye Qingniu! He looked around at the luxurious decorations of the room, while he walked towards Qinghan. Without any embarrassment, he sat down in front of Qinghan, and took the cup of tea.

’’Good tea! Good tea! This is called Dragon Saliva Tea. To tell you the truth, only the Yue family could afford such extravagant tea. Seldom have I had a chance to drink it. You know what this means? The Yue family treats you as an extremely important person.’’

’’Come on, you're lying. Based on your social status, you can obtain access to any kind of famous tea.’’ Qinghan rolled his eyes, as he was mad at Ye Qingniu's arrangements. The main purpose of their trip was to save Qingyu by taking part in the Elite Prefecture War. Qinghan had never expected, before he had left the Ye Castle, that the elders would arrange such a meaningless festival.

’’I admit, it's my fault. I should've informed you about the Summer Fire Festival at an earlier time. Well, anyway, if you get the support of the Yue family, the odds of waking up your sister will be greatly increased. And, with their help. your future cultivation will also gain bigger improvements.’’ Ye Qingniu chuckled, as if he was proud of his wisdom.

’’Why were you so sure that I would be selected in the end?’’ Qinghan took a sip of his tea, and glanced at Ye Qingniu lopsidedly.

Hearing this question, Ye Qingniu couldn't help but laugh. He was so happy, that his wrinkle-ridden face was suddenly gleaming with the light of youth.

’’Haha! In the beginning, I thought you would have a reasonable chance to be chosen;however, when Tu Qianjun came, I guessed that the possibility of you being chosen had turned to zero! No one knew, however... that you had a card up your sleeve. Good job! As long as you become a son-in-law of the Yue family, you'll benefit a lot from it. Your father is a moron, had he chosen the holy virgin, Yan'er, he wouldn't have been killed in the Luo Shen Mountain.’’

’’Bullshit, if my father had chosen Yue Yan'er at that time, then I wouldn't exist in this world...’’ Qinghan glared at Ye Qingniu, but later, he asked in a low voice, ’’Tell me, why did the Yue family choose me, rather than any of the other young lords? I don't think my dance was all that powerful... I really wish to know the reason.’’

’’Errr!’’ Looking at the serious expression on Qinghan's face, Ye Qingniu stopped laughing, and pondered with arched brows, ’’I don't know the specific reason either. However, one thing I can tell you is, that when you were dancing, you stirred up the essence hidden between heaven and earth. Do you remember the sudden gust of wind?’’

’’I was so immersed in my dancing, I had no idea about my surroundings. But I do know, that this was the best spiritual status I have ever experienced, so peaceful, so relaxing, and so soothing...’’ Qinghan closed his eyes, in an attempt to relive that moment.

’’Ha!’’ Ye Qingniu tapped his forehead, and started to smile again, ’’You lucky bastard! This is the Soul Tranquilization state that every aspiring cultivator dreams of. So far, your cultivation has been all about physical improvement. Now, however, you've reached the point of soul cultivation. Based on your current level, your soul is too weak, and you need to absorb more Battle Qi in order to further refine your soul. However, once you enter into the Realm of the Emperor, you have to cultivate your soul without the assistance of Battle Qi, which would be unimaginably difficult.’’

’’Your full mental concentration on your sword dancing led to the rising up of the essence of heaven and earth. This is a hard-acquired state, which we call Soul Tranquilization. Once you enter this stage, your cultivation will improve by leaps and bounds. Most importantly, your soul, during this state, will be cultivated in a speed ten times faster than usual. You know, the Yue family is famous for their soul cultivation. Almost all their techniques, including the enchantment skill, are based on their soul. That's why they chose you, I guess.’’

’’Soul cultivation?’’ Qinghan murmured, for he was bewildered by this newly-learned skill.

’’The Yue family is excellent at spiritual attacks, and Fairyland Attack is the most famous one. Yue Hou once used this skill and successfully induced a Saint-Realm cultivator to commit suicide! As for the enchantment skill, hehe, it is created by the descendants of Yue Hou, to maintain their lucrative business. Remember, Qinghan, you'd better try to imbed that peaceful feeling in your mind. Later on, you'll realize how truly powerful it is. Practice from time to time, so that you might stabilize that state. If you totally control the Soul Tranquilization state, you'll be able to compete with Yue Hou, and perhaps, even surpass her.’’ Ye Qingniu stood up, looking at Qinghan with passionate eyes.


In the northern yard, the island of the Tranquil Lake.

In a plain room, Qingcheng was standing in front a white figure, with eyes full of respect and admiration.

’’Qingcheng, tell me, will you blame me for making this decision?’’ The white figure didn't turn around, and her voice was cold and crisp.

’’No, master. I wasn't forced into choosing him. Actually, I had a special feeling for Qinghan. Well, honestly, I'm quite satisfied with this result.’’ Qingcheng kept her head low, but when she mentioned Qinghan her eyes lit up, and the corners of her lips rose up.

’’That's great! As far as I know, Qinghan is the second cultivator in this continent, who has achieved the Soul Tranquilization state. Our ancestor, Yue Hou, acquired this state in her thirties. But look at Qinghan, he is only a teenager. Wow, I have to say, he has limitless potential in this regard. In my opinion, he will probably become the first man to walk out of the Flame Dragon Continent. Therefore, we have to seize this opportunity, and establish a good relationship with him. Since you like him, that won't be a problem, right? Tomorrow, they will go to Dragon City. Qingcheng, go with your future husband, and try to enchant him.’’ The white figure replied excitedly.

’’Yes! I will.’’ Qingcheng nodded her head, as the light that flashed in her eyes was even brighter than a star.


In the Four Square Attic, the Yue Pavilion.

Xue Fei sat on a wooden chair, staring at Wuhen, who was standing in front of him. After a long while, he broke the silence, ’’What you have done is too radical. Our family will be isolated by the other families! Forget it... it has happened already. Since you plan to cling to Tu Qianjun, just go and follow him. I hope you won't regret it!’’

’’I don't think I did anything wrong. Look, only with the support of Immortal City can I walk out of this continent. As for the other four families, I'll be able to annihilate them all once I reach that stage. Believe me, second grandpa.’’ Wuhen replied with wild conceitedness.

’’Alright, let's forget it.’’ Xue Fei sighed.

Suddenly, Xue Fei whispered, ’’I guess Ye Qinghan is determined to kill you. Well, we'd better think ahead of him, and assassinate him instead!’’

’’Yes!’’ Wuhen's eyes flickered with murderous cold light, as he replied with a firm nod.


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