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Beast Piercing The Heavens - Chapter 68


Chapter 68 - The Proposal Presented by the Yue Family


All the people, who had been preparing to leave, unbelievably turned around, looking at Qinghan, as if they had bumped into a ghost in broad daylight. Some of them even rubbed their eyes, to make sure whether Qinghan was sober right now. Was he just drunkenly babbling, or did he really mean it?

’’Bastard, what are you talking about?’’ Ye Qingniu had a good laugh the moment he had heard the final result. Just now, he was flattered by the other envious elders surrounding him. Qinghan's abrupt response, however, had extinguished his mirth, and he flared out, with his eyes wide open.

’’You...’’ Being embarrassed, or even humiliated by Qinghan's bold rejection, Qingcheng's face turned into a bashful blush. Qinghan's previous indifference, together with his stunning performance in the end, led Qingcheng to such a prediction: Qinghan was playing the hard-to-get trick. In Qingcheng's opinion, the further he kept away from her, the more intense his love would be. Therefore, after hearing the affirmative message from Yue Ji, Qinghan had made the announcement. How could she know, that in the end, Qinghan would replicate his father. Nothing could console Qingcheng at this moment...

’’Ohhh...’’ Qinghan's words also reminded Yue Ji of Ye Dao, who had done the same shit fifteen years ago to Yue Yan'er! She couldn't help but believe that it might be a hoax played by the heavens. After a serious analysis, she sighed, ’’Well, you're right, young lord. But, if you don't mind, would you please let us know your reason? Is it because our Qingcheng isn't good enough for you?’’

’’Wow, Elder Yue Ji, this is a pretty personal question. I hope you won't interfere in the personal affairs of us teenagers.’’ Qinghan bowed to Yue Ji with due respect, before he peered at Qingcheng, an expression full of guilt covering his face, ’’Honestly, I have no intention to offend the Yue family by doing so. Plus, Miss Qingcheng is a perfect girl, both physically and intelligently. However... I have a fiancée back home! That's why I've declined Qingcheng.’’

With a deep sigh, Qinghan tossed his head upward, staring into the starry sky. He missed his sister so much right now.

’’Bastard... Since when have you had a fiancée? I've never heard about that. Bullshit!’’ Glaring at Qinghan with his big eyes, Ye Qingniu exclaimed, but when he found the desperate expression on Qinghan's face, he paused for a little while, and scratched his hair, ’’Alright, even if you are engaged, you can still marry Qingcheng... No big deal.’’

At the same time, Feng Zi and Hua Cao glanced at Qinghan with the corner of their eyes, showing their disdain. Throughout the Flame Dragon Continent, even an ordinary man would marry several wives, as long as they were financially affordable. For people like these young lords, it was rare to only adhere to one woman. In other words, they believed that his excuse was totally untenable.

’’Fiancée? Is this the only reason?’’ In order to be assured, Yue Ji repeated his answer. She considered it to be not a problem at all, because men in the continent were all allowed to marry more than one wife. So she immediately added, ’’That's ok. Qingcheng won't mind being your second wife. Don't forget, if you marry our Qingcheng, you'll automatically enjoy the privilege as a son-in-law of my family, which I'm sure will greatly assist you in your cultivation. I guess your fiancée will agree with your second marriage as well. Am I right, Elder Qingniu?’’

Qingcheng was outraged towards Qinghan, but after knowing the truth, her anger had quickly and quietly vanished. On the contrary, Qinghan's melancholy expression touched the string of her heart. Her black pearlescent eyes still gleamed with hope, and her cherry-colored lips slightly parted.

Receiving the fierce, or even hostile glances from others, Qinghan came to the realization, that he wouldn't be able to get off of the island today if he failed to give them a convincing answer. He began to wonder, how his father had gotten himself out of this kind of trouble when he had rejected Yan'er.

After some pondering, Qinghan rubbed his nose before he raised his head, staring at both Yue Ji and Qingcheng.

’’Elder Yue Ji, Miss Qingcheng, I really don't want to explain it in details... Let me put it this way, my fiancée was in an inch-away-from-death situation, and currently is still in a vegetative state. You know what? She has even sacrificed her soul in order to save me! Now, I have to obtain a rare pill to save her. Oh, my beloved girl, I'm not sure if she can even be saved, despite all of my efforts... Given all this, do you still think, that I'm in the mood to marry another girl? Besides, I haven't even been acquainted with Miss Qingcheng yet, as we know very little about each other. I mean, we don't have true love. If you guys hurried us into a marriage, we won't be blessed. It's absurd, and unfair, to both of us!’’

After hearing this revealing of true love, Ye Qingniu lowered his head, and let out a sigh. As for the other young lords, though they were convinced about the fiancée issue, they were so tempted to show Qinghan the middle finger.

’’True love? Do we have such a thing in the Flame Dragon Continent? We never have to acquaint a beauty for a long time, before we establish a relationship with her. The bed is the best catalyst for love. For such a stunner like Qingcheng, I'm willing to sleep with her at first sight. It just takes one night's pleasant company to turn a stranger into a lover.’’

However, as for Yue Ji and Qingcheng, they had received a different feeling out of this. Qinghan's loyalty to his fiancée had touched them. Qingcheng even appreciated Qinghan's attitude toward true love.

The fact that Qinghan had rejected the most popular beauty, simply because of a beloved girl, had touched Yue Ji a great deal. However, she wasn't discouraged. As long as Qingcheng could marry him, Qinghan would gradually kneel down under her skirt, given Qingcheng's advanced enchantment skill. In her opinion, it was just a matter of time.

’’Well...I don't think it's a problem! Hey, I have an alternative proposal for you.’’ Yue Ji was determined to persuade Qinghan into agreeing to this marriage, ’’We'll support you, with all of our possible efforts, to save your fiancée. How about that? If you agree, don't worry, we won't force you into marrying Qingcheng. Instead, Qingcheng will accompany you for a period of time, to help you decide if you two are suitable for each other. There's ample time for you to make your final decision, whether to marry our Qingcheng or not.’’

Feng Zi, Hua Cao and Shuiliu, looked at each other in astonishment. They'd heard that only those less influential families had begged for a marriage with the Yue family, never had they heard of the Yue family begging anyone for marrying a holy virgin.

’’Since when had the holy virgin of the Yue family become so cheap?’’

’’Yue Ji even offered to let Qingcheng accompany Qinghan for a period of time, to test if she's a qualified wife. Haha, if Qinghan finds her user-friendly, he'll keep her;if he finds that her skill in bed sucks, then he'll just return her to the Yue family. Son of a bitch, Qingcheng's not a commodity!’’

The young lords whispered in low voices, expressing their dissatisfaction.

’’Sister Yue Ji, we appreciate your good intention. But... this little bastard Qinghan... As an elder, I'm responsible for his bad manners. Before I accept your proposal, please accept my apology for his rudeness.’’ Ye Qingniu interrupted with hyper enthusiasm, which annoyed the other elders surrounding him.

’’Errr...’’ Qinghan was embarrassed, as he kept stealing glances at that ’’peach flower’’.

’’I... I have to say, Elder Yue Ji, your proposal is not fair to Qingcheng. Plus, I've contributed nothing to Qingcheng, or the Yue family, so I don't deserve such a reward.’’


’’I'll throw up if he continues this hypocritical manner.’’

’’When will he say yes? Until everyone from the Yue family kneels down in front of him?’’

’’I've never seen someone as shameless as him! If it wasn't for the elders, I would've already punched him right in his face!’’

Another wave of whispers stirred up among the young lords.

Meanwhile, Ye Qingniu coughed and winked, to remind Qinghan to act properly. However, Qinghan didn't change a bit of his original attitude, leaving Ye Qingniu stomping the ground in fury.

The pure sincerity in Qinghan's eyes convinced Qingcheng, that he wasn't acting out a drama. After all, Qingcheng was brought up and trained in such an environment, that a micro-expression change was nothing strange to her. She believed in her intuition. So she stammered out, with a blushed face, ’’ I... I'm willing to accompany you, no matter what.’’


Qinghan lowered his head, as he was forced to make a choice right now. Given all that Qingcheng and Yue Ji had said, if he still ruthlessly rejected her, he would most likely be punched by the other young lords. So, after a little while, he reached his hand to his jaw, and said, ’’There is one thing I don't quite understand. I know I'm excellent, but... I mean... Why have you singled me out?’’

Hearing this, the other young lords booed Qinghan. But an instant later, they calmed down, as they were also curious, since they had the same question lingering in their heads.

’’I have to keep the secret. You will know why later!’’ Yue Ji took the initiative and replied, and after that, she stepped closer to Qinghan, and whispered softly into his ears, ’’Hey, what do you say about being my Sifu.’’

’’You're super important to our family!’’ A bright smile emerged on Qingcheng's face. Looking at the child-like Yue Ji, whose face was just inches away from Qinghan's, Qingcheng smiled even more merrily. The peach flower in her hair, looked even more dazzlingly beautiful, accompanied with her giggling.


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