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Beast Piercing The Heavens - Chapter 60


Chapter 60 - Please, be our master!

’’Really? Especially for me?’’ Qinghan lifted his eyebrows in confusion, ’’Miss Qingcheng, I believe this is our second time meeting each other. Why would you bother to come to see me?’’

Qingcheng didn't immediately respond;instead, she just slightly turned away, looking at the Tranquil Lake. After a while, she replied with sorrow-filled eyes, ’’Yes, it is only our second time meeting each other, and you don't even know me well. So, why do you hate me so much? Am I doing something wrong?’’

’’Hate? Er... since when?’’ Qinghan was left bewildered, at the same time, he conveyed his voice to Little Black, asking it to continue playing outside the vicinity, for Little Black was his ace in the hole, he wouldn't reveal it until the last minute.

Out of anger, Qingcheng rolled her eyes, and threw a complaining look at Qinghan, hoping to get his attention. Despite her pouted mouth, and slightly outraged expression, Qingcheng's beauty didn't abate at all;on the contrary, when her anger mingled with her naughty and pureness, she looked even more adorable.

Actually, as a girl, Qingcheng was rather embarrassed to speak like this. However... the conversation she had overheard when Qinghan had made that promise to give up the chance of pursuing her, and the abnormal behavior of Qinghan in the Emerald Green Garden, had all successfully ignited her competitive spirit.

Throughout history, men in the continent had been crazy for the holy virgins. However, the previous Yan'er was rejected by Ye Dao, which was taken by the Yue family as an insult. Now, the son of Ye Dao - Qinghan, would most likely copy his father's behavior in this regard. How could Qingcheng be willing to leave this matter as it was? So, she had decided to do something about it herself. Therefore, when she had heard that Qinghan was walking alone along the lake, she had dashed here without a second thought.

Nevertheless, Qingcheng became nervous in front of the man she had a feeling for. After a little hesitation, she slowly came up with these words, ’’Young lord Qinghan, to tell you the truth, I have eavesdropped your conversation when you landed on the island. Also, I know what you have done back at the Emerald Green Garden... Aren't these apparent evidence for your disliking of me?’’

’’Err!’’ Qinghan was taken aback, and thought to himself, ’’It seems that the Yue family is still mad at my father. Now, this girl desires to regain their face from me? No way!’’

’’Miss Qingcheng, I would like to explain it a little bit.’’ Finally, Qinghan managed an exaggerated smile, as he had just come up with a new strategy.

’’I'd love to know the details!’’ Qingcheng stepped closer to him, with her ears pricked up.

’’Hehe! Miss Qingcheng, you misunderstood me. Actually... it's a conspiracy!’’ Qinghan chuckled proudly. Knowing that this explosive piece of information had successfully grabbed Qingcheng's attention. He continued, ’’Indeed, my admiration for you is like the moon hung up in the sky, like the turbulent torrents in the river, like... To put it simply, I love you until the seas run dry and the rocks crumble, until the earth trembles and the mountain sways, until heaven's falling down and earth's opening up... Despite all of that, I've lost my confidence in front of so many wooers, like the feminine-looking Hua Cao, the handsome Shuiliu, the hypocrite Wuhen, and the muscular Feng Zi... Alas, neither in appearance nor in capabilities am I qualified to compete against them.’’

’’So I have racked my brain to think out a way to distinguish myself from the others. Finally, I thought out a brilliant method ’’let the enemy off in order to catch him later!’’ Look, I've succeeded, you're coming for me! My beautiful lady, you have to believe that my love for you is real...’’

In the beginning, Qingcheng was touched by Qinghan's passionate confession, however, the more she listened, the weirder it became. Inside her black pearl-like eyes, the light of excitement gradually turned dim. Even an idiot knew, this sudden, hysterical expression of love was just a hoax. Qinghan was making fun of her! After standing there silently for a while, Qingcheng sighed with grief, ’’Young lord Qinghan, if you don't like me, please just say it. You don't have to amuse me in such a nasty way. Sorry to disturb you, I have to go now...’’

Any normal girl, who had received such a ’’sincere’’ expression of love, would laugh out with their eyebrows curved into the shape of a crescent. But Ye Qingcheng was different - she was not only beautiful, but also intelligent. How could she fail to notice the undertone in Qinghan's seemingly ’’sincere’’ speech?

As the slender figure of Qingcheng disappeared in the verdant forest, Qinghan touched his chin, and pondered, ’’Am I going too far? Why am I feeling sorry for her...’’


As darkness fell, the moon was rising from the western sky, like a shimmering, silvery plate, pouring soft rays of white light on the island of the Tranquil Lake.

People swarmed in and out of the gates, bustling about for the preparation of the Summer Fire Festival. Every fifteen years, the Yue family would have a grand celebration for this festival. The lawns in front of the three yards were already decorated with ceremonious accessories, showcasing the grandiose of this festival.

Owing to the concerted efforts of numerous people from the Yue family, the lawns were trimmed in an apple-pie order. And in the center of the lawn, an outdoor camp was set up. Rows of campfires were ignited, and lines of wooden tables were put on the brocade-covered ground. Piles of fruits, and kettles of wine were displayed on the surface of the tables. Now, people began to roast suckling pigs and lambs on the fire, making clicking sound all over the place.

The five young lords arrived timely. Apart from Qinghan, who was dressed in black clothing, the other four young lords were dressed up luxuriously. They each wore a tailored banquet robe, and their hair was combed backwards. An ingratiating smile was plastered on each of their faces, revealing their pretentious noble temperament. They stood out like arrogant fighting cocks, leaving Qinghan behind like an escort.

On the campground, groups of young lords from the Mars Prefecture scattered here and there. Since their families weren't as influential as the five prominent ones, they weren't allowed to come until the evening party began. At the same time, countless young women of the Yue family also came out to the camp, it was their presence that made this party so bustling.

Most of these relatively low-status young lords were from families affiliated to the five prominent families, therefore, they immediately stood up, and greeted the five young lords with warm welcome.

’’Hello, young leader Wuhen, I'm Liu Shao. Wow, you look like a million dollars! I bet you'll be the lucky man tonight!’’

’’Oh, brother Feng Zi, I'm Cao Pei. Good luck! I hope that you'll finally bring Qingcheng home...’’

’’Hey, young lord Hua Cao. I'm a cousin of your Uncle's nephew. It's a great honor to meet you here!’’

’’Young lord Shuiliu! Haha, I have long known your reputation. Today, I finally meet you face to face. I'm so excited...’’

The four young lords responded with big shining smiles, for they were quite satisfied by this flattery. Meanwhile, they all looked at Qinghan with the corner of their eyes, as if they were showing off their status and reputation.

Why did they look so overbearing? Because all the people ran for them, and paid their due respects. Not a single person had noticed Qinghan, who was only several steps away from the four young lords!

Since they were in the Yue family, Qinghan had been mocking them the entire time. But now, they had the upper hand, teasing Qinghan as much as they could. Usually, they wouldn't pay much heed to these lackeys;however, in order to flaunt their popularity in front of Qinghan, they replied to them with great zeal.

Disregarding their efforts to humiliate him, Qinghan stopped in front of a table, and poured himself a cup of tea.

’’Excuse me?’’

At this moment, five strange young lords appeared in front of Qinghan, and respectfully bowed to him. It seemed as if they were a little bit nervous.

’’What?’’ Qinghan raised his head in confusion. After looking these five men op and down, he even arched his brows.

These young lords bended their knees a little bit, and said cordially, ’’Are you the young lord who ruined Ye Qingkuang's cultivation, killed Ye Ron, and imprisoned Ye Jian... I mean, are you young lord Ye Qinghan?’’


As soon as they had asked their question, the whole camp was immersed in a deathly silence.

The other four young lords, Feng Zi, Hua Cao, Wuhen and Shuiliu, all stopped their conversations mid-sentence, as they were trembling with wide open mouths. A couple of days ago, they had received the news that the Ye family had gone through some radical changes: Ye Jian was imprisoned, Ye Qingkuang was ruined in cultivation, and one of the elders in the Ye family, Ye Ron, was killed. But they had no clue who had done all these incredible things. Now, it seemed as if it was all done by Qinghan! However, on second thought, they reckoned that this might be a joke, for the authenticity of this news was still yet to be proven. Therefore, they threw a dubious glance at Qinghan, waiting for his response.

As for the other guests at the party, they all jerked their heads towards Qinghan, who they had previously thought was only an escort.

’’He is a man full of stories!’’

’’Yeah, although we aren't sure whether or not it was he, who has done all those brave deeds, he has come here on behalf of the Ye family, which should be an indirect proof that he is respected and valued by his family.’’

Even the beautiful girls of the Yue family all saluted Qinghan with their eyes. Based on the hearsays, they had already known something about this special young lord, who was the new favorite of the Ye family. And unlike other young lords, he didn't show any interest in the holy virgin - Ye Qingcheng. Right now, they had all fixed their captivating eyes on Qinghan in great admiration.

As Ye Jian, Ye Ron, and Ye Qingkuang were all famous celebrities in the Mars Prefecture, hence the news about their recent misfortune had spread quickly within the region. Now, it stunned them all, that Qinghan, a normal-looking teenager, had been the main person responsible for these events.

’’Watch your mouths! Don't spread rumors! Yes, I am Ye Qinghan, what can I do for you?’’ Qinghan responded furiously, and threw a reproaching glance at these five idiots. In Qinghan's opinion, this news was supposed to be a family secret, how did these idiots dare to blatantly ask such a question in front of so many people?

’’We're Dongfang Dao, Nangon Qiang, Sima Fu, Xiahou Gao and Dugu Jian. Please, be our master!’’ The five young lords all kneeled down, with tears in their eyes.

’’What's wrong with all of you? Please stand up! Would anyone of you give me a proper explanation?’’ Qinghan frowned, as he was unable to figure out their motivation.


’’Oh, he has stolen the limelight from us!’’

’’But, honestly, this isn't like a show.’’

The crowd burst into a clamor. All of them were quietly discussing the current unfolding of events.

As for the five young lords, who remained kneeled down in front of Qinghan, they were well-known advanced cultivators in the Mars Prefecture, whose intelligence, talent and skill were among the top. Now, to everyone's surprise, they asked Qinghan to become their master, and they were willing to follow him for the rest of their lives!

Translated by XianXiaWorld


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