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Beast Piercing The Heavens - Chapter 204


Chapter 204 - Passing the Illusion Trial

There was a special cave at the rear hill of the Ye Castle. This cave was on the hillside, facing south. It could easily be spotted anywhere in the Ye Castle. Despite its exposed location, seldom anyone had entered this cave.

Inside the cave, the decoration was plain and clear. On top of the ceiling, a fix-sized luminous pearl drove away the darkness with its mild light.

At the center, there stood a gigantic bed made of white jade, with puffs of white smoke coming out from its edges. In the middle of the bed sat a middle-aged man, and this man was ordinary-looking, but his two long white eyebrows were quite impressive. This middle-aged man hunkered in a stable position, as if he was a motionless statue. The white smoke coming from the bed swayed left and right in rhythm with the man's breathes, which made it exceedingly weird.

After a long while, this middle-aged man twitched his eyebrows, before he opened his eyes, and revealed his two ocean-deep eyes.

’’Dammit, this kid... he shouldn't be so easily trapped since he has such a strong soul power now.’’

Ye Ruoshui murmured to himself rather concernedly. He knew, Qinghan was in trouble in the Illusion of Lust. He decided therefore, to wake him up through voice conveyance.

’’He has a once-in-a-million kind of talent! If he dies like this, that will be a true shame! Alas, I will help him, no matter what. I have to discontinue my current cultivation. I don't care if I will have to re-cultivate for another fifty years or not, I think he is worth saving!’’

Ye Ruoshui sighed as he shook his head hopelessly. Soon afterwards, there appeared golden gleams around his body, making the cave even brighter.

Only a thin streak of golden light could be seen after he flew up in the sky, as he went southwest. That golden light quickly disappeared.


’’Boss, wake up, please! Don't you remember any of these girls, like your sister, Ye Qingyu, Ye Qingcheng, and Ye Qingwu? Do you know how many people are eagerly waiting back home for your return. Please, don't degrade yourself in this way...’’

Helplessly, Little Black repeated his imploration in an attempt to get Qinghan back from the illusions. Every time he tried to do so, he was met with nothing but silence. Just like when a soil-made ox entered in the boundless ocean, it only plunged deeper and deeper, and not even a single ripple appeared.

Of course, Qinghan wouldn't be so heartless to forget these girls, who admired him so much. But right now, in spite of his efforts to stay calm and sober, the lust desires occupied his brain, leaving no room for regrets or anything else. The influence exerted from the illusions turned much more powerful as time went on, which explained why Qinghan was so addicted to it and couldn't be called back to reality. He might never be able to wake up again.

It was like the crimes done by the juvenile rapists. They were clear about the possible consequences of what they were going to do, and about the fact that they might be sentenced to death if they were caught in action.

They knew how unlawful this was, however, they were caught by the feeling of lust at a time when their brain was uncontrollably full of selfish desires. Even if the ground would collapse or the earth and moon collided, they wouldn't change their mind to fulfill their evil desires at that moment.

- Buzz! -

A booming sound out of the blue surprised Qinghan, as he raised up his head and found the scene was dissipating together with the girls. In front of him, there appeared a big character.


Like a sword piercing through Qinghan's heart, this character of Tao shattered all the lust desires in his mind. All of a sudden, he was back to a peaceful mindset, as the Taoism was imbedded deep in his brain, to help him steer away from lust.

- Shu! -

Miraculously, his bronze ring started emitting a white flow, which penetrated through his body, as well as his soul. He was so comfortably level-minded right now, after some bouts of quiver.

’’What a close call! Ahh!’’

Qinghan thought to himself as he sighed. Immediately, he released his Battle Qi, and spurted to the ancient tree, trying to reap the pink spirit fruit of lust hanging up high.

It all happened within a second. The gigantic character of ’’Tao’’ that appeared in his mind made the illusions fall apart. The memory of the previous scenes resurfaced in Qinghan's brain however. It was so tempting to recall the ’’happiness’’ he just enjoyed.

’’Get away!’’

With an affirmative shout, Qinghan quickened his speed and picked up the pink fruit before the feeling of lust captured him once again.

- Boom! -

The moment the spirit fruit of lust was picked off from the tree, the whole world seemed to return back to tranquility. The trees, the white fog and the smooth mud road... everything was real now.


Taking in a long, deep breath, Qinghan stared at the pink fruit in his hands with wide open eyes, for his heart was still fluttering in fear. The illusions of lust were so dangerous that he could've died just now, if the mysterious character of Tao didn't appear timely... It was all because of this momentarily moment of soberness, that he succeeded in healing his soul through his bronze ring after which he successfully passed the trial.

’’Boss, you did it! Oh, my, I thought you would never wake up again! You scared me!’’

With mixed feelings of joyfulness and surprise, Little Black congratulated his boss.

’’Hey, Little Black, come out! I know you're worrying about me all the time... I just never expected the illusions could be so powerful! Alas, it's my luck to get out. Errr... did you see the big character of Tao just now? Who do you think is helping us?’’ Qinghan first spoke in an apologetic tone but soon turned doubtful at the appearance of the Tao character.

’’Yeah, I felt it too. It was so powerful. But, I don't know where it came from either!’’ Little Black blinked his eyes and swooped into Qinghan's arms.


’’It's me that showed you the character of Tao!’’

Ye Ruoshui's voice flew in the mountain, as Qinghan and Little Black were trying to figure out this question. To Qinghan, the voice was actually familiar, but this time, Ye Ruoshui's voice seemed exhausted and less energetic than the previous time.

’’Ah, ancestor! It's you!’’ Qinghan exclaimed, and all of his suspicions were dissipated.

Who else would have the ability to do such magic? It must be an immortal-level cultivator!

’’Thank you for saving my life, Ancestor! I've passed all the seven illusions created by the trees of the seven human emotions. Does that mean I've finally broken through the Illusion Trial as a whole?’’ Qinghan asked confusingly.

’’Oh! That's great! Eh, you'd better keep silent and listen to me. You have to remember every word I'm going to say.’’ Ye Ruoshui emphasized, as his voice continued conveying into the Luo Shen Mountain.

’’In order to pass the First Trail, or the Illusion Trail, you have to eat all the seven spirit fruits you get from the seven ancient trees. Once you do, you'll be directly teleported to the second trial, where there is a forbidden-entrance system that will prevent my voice to reach out to you. I'm afraid you have to rely on yourself to explore and pass the second trial!’’

’’Ok, the Second Trail, or the Puppet Trial as we usually name it, is a channel leading to the very top of this mountain. There are twelve caves along the way, in which various so called puppets are waiting to confront any invader. The further you go, the more powerful the puppets are. Everywhere is safe except the twelve caves. You have to beat all of the puppet guardians. Remember, you have to grasp the Laws of Heaven and Earth in this process, because techniques won't help. The Third Trial... I failed so many times. Be aware that you're only allowed to enter the third trial within three years from now. If it takes you longer... you'll be doomed. Alright, that's all. Remember every tip I gave you. When you pass all the trails and come back, I will lead others to welcome you back outside the Luo Shen Mountain. Come on, you can do it!’’

Ye Ruoshui enunciated the details of every trial, hoping to guide Qinghan to the final success. While at the same time, Qinghan grew pessimistic and frightened as he listened. He could only respond with a bitter smile.

Could Qinghan really pass all these upcoming perverted trails?


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