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Beast Piercing The Heavens - Chapter 203


Chapter 203 - Entrapped

As Qinghan stepped further into the space, the illusions kept changing. Now, he was in a luxurious nightclub, a high-grade one. The strong smell of fragrance and liquor was mixed together here. Under the colorful light, several coquettish girls were gracefully waving their slim bodies in a rapid tempo aligned with the rhythm of the passionate music. Piece by piece, they got themselves stripped, stimulating the hearts and minds of the young men there.

’’Wow... I bet these girls cost several thousand dollars. Look at how they move their waist... so charming!’’

As soon as Qinghan entered this visionary nightclub, he was stunned by the nasty scene. For a moment, his eyes turned blank and his mind flew to the girls. Fortunately, it didn't take long for him to realize it was a trick, and he was on the verge of being entrapped. In order to stabilize his mind, he chose to close his eyes, and cover his ears with his hands, while running away like crazy.

At first, Qinghans found himself in total darkness and silence, because he had deliberately stopped his ears and eyes from working. Soon after that, however, he could subconsciously feel how he was approaching the ancient tree.

- Pia! -

There was light in front of him all of a sudden. A pink lamp in the darkness! He figured out that this must be part of the illusions, which were fiercely attacking his soul. Despite Qinghan's efforts to shield himself away from the appearing scene, he simply was unable to dodge it any longer.

Most dangerously... an evil expectation aroused in his heart, as he started craving for having a closer look at the scene. As if there was an invisible force that pointed his glance in a certain direction.

At the time when his eyes landed on that spot, he couldn't take his eyes off from it anymore.

It was the Yue Pavilion, the most popular brothel in the Mars Prefecture. The decoration of the room was girlishly cute. Most intriguingly, there lay a stunning beauty on the bed, whose exceedingly beautiful appearance should be put in the same category as Qingcheng and Qingwu.

This beauty was almost naked, with one elbow supporting her body as she lay on one side. A piece of filmy, semi-transparent gauze was casually put on her body, with the embroidery part of this gauze covering right on the most feminine parts. Half of her snow-white bosom could still be seen, as well as a patch of ’’grass’’ between her legs.

The most beautiful moment of a woman was when she was half-covered and half-exposed. When a man was put in such a situation, he would be strongly seduced to strip her off to explore everything beneath that cover.

’’Who's standing there?’’

Qinghan's arrival woke up this sleeping beauty, as she opened her eyelids. At the same time, her red lips slightly parted, while speaking in the most seductive tone that could numb anyone's nerves, ’’Oh, handsome young guy, please treat me gently... My sisters have all warned me that the first time will be painful...’’

Looking at the wobbling body, Qinghan's face turned flamingly blush. His silence was taken by the girl as acceptance. Qinghan found there emerged a warm flow below his stomach, which quickly spread over his entire body. His heart palpitating, his breathes deep and heavy, and his Adam's apple shivering up and down as he swallowed over and over again.

Eventually, Qinghan stepped backward, heading to door, rather than the bed where the beauty lay upon. It seemed the girl was a virgin, which alone was enough to lure Qinghan in, but he felt guilty of being so indulgent in a brothel owned by the Yue Family. After all, Qingcheng, his future wife, was from this family. Thank goodness, he was sober minded once again and ran out of the pavilion.

As he ran and ran, he eventually stopped while his mouth fell open widely. A line of super beauties were walking straight in his direction!

Now the scene became a movie studio. When Qinghan walked closer, all his persistence on staying calm and sober collapsed. The stars of this movie were all se*y girls! Now they were waiting for their male main character to start shooting.

’’Hey, Ye Qinghan, you are the male protagonist, hurry up and take off your clothing! Haha, just hold your 'gun' and initiate the battle! Alright, action!’’

The director yelled at Qinghan telling him he was chosen as the only male character in this movie. Qinghan's blood surged;it was a dream-come-true for him to be surrounded by so many famous female stars.

Sola Aoi, Yoshizawa Akiho, Mutou Ran, Ozawa Maria, Kaede Matsushima...

Would he really be working with so many goddesses, and filming an orgy?

The female stars were fully prepared for the shooting, some put their uniforms on, some posed in a voluptuously gesture, waiting for Ye Qinghan to make his move.


Qinghan found there was something sticky oozing out of his nostrils, as two lines of blood appeared right under his nose.

’’Happiness came so unexpected!’’

’’Wait, What are you doing?’’

Qinghan shockingly found that his trousers had been taken off already amid his pondering. A second later, a slippery hand snatched his swelling ’’thing’’. Out of sheer curiosity, Qinghan glanced down and met with an innocent, girlish face. The girl stuck out her pink tongue and slowly licked. Soon, the whole ’’thing’’ was wrapped in her warm, juicy mouth...

Uncontrollably, Qinghan started to quiver. His eyes became blank, for his soul and mind were focusing on the boundless sensual joy.


In Qinghan's previous life, he was an orphan. When he grew up, he became an indoor man, because seldom did he go out.

In these Illusions of Lust, he completely sank into depravity. In his previous life, he had a hobby of appreciating the body art performance on his computer screen. He had often had an intimate touch with the goddess in his dreams and fantasies.

Whenever he had such dreams, he would wake up by the coldness of his dampen sheets. Now, he could finally fulfill this wish of his. Without even the slightest resistance, he relaxingly enjoyed the goodness of this illusion.

This was dangerous, super dangerous!

As he got nearer and nearer to the ancient tree, the power of the illusions turned fiercely stronger. If Qinghan failed to wake up at this critical point, he would eventually die after constantly releasing his sperm during intercourse, drying himself out.

’’Boss, wake up! Wake up!’’

Little Black knew his master was unfortunately entrapped in the illusions. But, he still couldn't figure out why his boss found joy in making these hilarious gestures... sometimes he was kissing, sometimes he stretched his hands touching, and sometimes he kept his body moving back and forth...

The ignorance in this particular aspect didn't prevent Little Black from understanding how dangerous the situation was for his boss. He kept imploring, but no response came from Qinghan.

Instead, Qinghan was shivering all over his body, especially his buttocks!

’’Boss, a rainstorm is on the way, let's go home and collect our clothing, it's still hanging outside to dry!’’

’’Boss, I've been upgraded. I'm a saint-grade battle beast...’’

’’Boss, help me! Someone is chasing me! Ahh, a female beast! She's trying to molest me!’’


Whatever Little Black did, Qinghan soul was too deeply stuck in the illusions. Little Black really tried as he even used multiple funny tones to laugh Qinghan awake.

’’ 止めて? Shit! I don't understand any Japanese. Speak Chinese...’’

While at the same time, Qinghan seemed to have trouble communicating with the female stars. He passionately yelled out, as he kept shaking his body while laughing.

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