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Beast Piercing The Heavens - Chapter 121


Chapter 121 - ’’Battle’’ of Cursing

In the afternoon, the battle continued. Once again, Sainan led the way up the small mountain path, trying to break the defensive formation formed concertedly by both the demons and barbarians. This time, three Prince-Realm cultivators of the Feng Family and Yue Family had been placed in the middle of the team, providing them with an opportunity to carry out sneak attacks whenever they found an opportunity. Only when the defensive formation could be ripped open, could Sainan, and other members in the forefront dash into the enemies and begin to fight. Otherwise, they would be blocked from entering the very scene of this battlefield.

It seemed, however, that Yao Kaka and Man'gan had raised their vigilance, since some of them had been attacked by the swordsmanship of the Feng Family. Thus, their formation had been adjusted to an arrow shape, rather than the fan-shaped one they had used in the morning. The demons and barbarians started to counterattack!

In the front, lines of Barbarians Emperors emitted yellowish halos around their bodies;each of them exhibited the same position, with one hand circled around their heads, and another holding a gigantic spiked club. All of a sudden, they all flooded towards the human legion, as they were smashing their weapons at everything that stood in their way. They were closely followed by the Demonic Emperors and Demonic Marshals, who were using their demonic techniques along the way.

Being wrapped in Battle Qi, Sainan gave out a loud order, as they prepared to attack. But, when they saw the fully-prepared barbarians and demons, they were left unknown what to do next. Since the barbarians had already covered their heads, including their eyes, with their bare hands, the Enchantment Skill of the Yue Family would exert no influence on them at all! Also, the swordsmanship of the Feng Family wouldn't serve its purpose either. The barbarians in the front were all tightly protected by the bright armor, that was supposed to be super defensive.

In the second round of the battle, the Mars Prefecture Legion was forced to retreat down the small mountain road again! The outcome was quite favorable for the demons and barbarians, because none of them were wounded. While on the human side, several Prince-Realm cultivators were gravely injured.



Overlooking the stampeding humans, the demons and barbarians couldn't help but laugh out wildly. Some of them even began cursing, humiliating the Mars Prefecture Legion, in what the humans considered as sarcastic tones. Very quickly, the morale of the legion had slipped into a big dip.

’’Stop laughing, you bastards! Come down, and I'll slaughter all of you by myself!’’

’’Stop yelling at us! If you have the guts, just come down and have a one-on-one fight with us!’’

’’Yao Kaka, did your father give birth to a son with no asshole? Come down, let me f*k your asshole!’’

’’Man'gan, my dear son! Your mummy is calling you for dinner...’’


Teasingly, numerous elites of the Mars Prefecture Legion cursed the demons and barbarians with even nastier and shameless curses. They stood up front, one after another, as they all rested their hands on their hips, spitting out whatever came to mind. However, due to the language differences, only a bunch of demons and barbarians could understand them. Actually, they didn't care if the others could understand them or not. Both sides all quite enjoyed this cursing competition, for they had vented most of their negative feelings in this way. When one man was exhausted in doing so, another would fill his position and continue the cursing.

’’Human... rubbish...’’

’’Come up here...’’


It turned out that the third round of the battle was merely a war of words, and had nothing to do with strength or weapons. Each side, be it the humans or the demons and barbarians, they stood there topless, and cursed each other in their own respective language. They ’’greeted’’ each and every single female of each other's prefecture, like ’’f*k your great grandma’’. Even the female babies were listed in the cursing list. It was so dramatic that the situation had spiraled out of control.

’’Sister Sainan, you better stop them. Listen for yourself, how disgusting! I cannot bear it anymore!’’ Qingcheng went into Sainan's tent, and pouted disappointedly.

The moment the ridiculous quarrel began, Sainan had hidden herself in her tent, as she was sipping a cup of tea to relax herself.

’’Hehe, let it be! They should have a way to vent out their dissatisfaction;otherwise, our morale will plummet even further. Hey, don't get disturbed by this. At least, no one will die in a quarrel.’’ With an absent minded glance, Sainan continued to enjoy her tea.

In response, Qingcheng rolled her eyes and immediately understood what Sainan meant. During these days, they had met with consecutive losses, and none of the team members were in a good mood. They had hatred and indignation buried deep inside, which should be brought out to balance their feelings. At least, they might get a feeling of triumph after cursing the enemies, for they were much more eloquent and fluent in phrasing. In Sainan's point of view, she hoped that her members' thwarted feelings could be somewhat compensated by doing so, no matter how absurd this was.

After a little while of silence, Qingcheng covered her ears with her hands, and shook her head, ’’How shameless they are! How are they able to let such disgusting words leave their mouth? Ohhh, I don't want to hear it!’’

’’Alas...’’ Sainan's smile froze, as her face turned blush in embarrassment after hearing the obscene contents of their curses. Helplessly, she also shook her head, and used her Battle Qi to shut the voices out.

The shameless Mars Prefecture members, in order to insult the enemies, began to describe the size of the female reproductive organs from the other two races. Some said they were as wide as an ox's mouth;some added that the hair around the organ was as thick as the width of a human arm, and the hole was wide enough to such an extent, that one could push an ox into it.

Both Sainan and Qingcheng were unmarried girls, how could they stand such indecent descriptions!

Only at dust did this ’’competition’’ end. With no doubt, the human side was victorious. Which had greatly lifted his spirit.

Now, the members were busy cooking, as they were preparing supper. Being exhausted, their appetite was amazingly good, as all of them wolfed down their meals in only a few minutes. Afterwards, they assembled in groups of twos and threes, and started to recall how valiant and intelligent they were in the afternoon.

Qingcheng and Sainan, who were about to step out of the tent for supper, were forced to go back in, for their appetite was greatly ruined by what they heard.


Meanwhile, on the other side, Yao Kaka and Man'gan also enjoyed a good appetite, for they were so proud of themselves in today's battle against the human legion, which they considered to be an epic victory. Several big chunks of roasted meat, and a dozen kettles of wine had already entered their stomach. As they hung their arms on each other's shoulder, Yao Kaka and Man'gan enjoyed their current bromance. It made for an odd scenario, however, as the size difference was simply too big - Man'gan was more than two meters tall;while Yao Kaka was only a 1.7m dwarf, they didn't look like brothers, but more like father and son...

Both of them were young lords of their own prefecture. They shared a similar background, so it was much easier for them to establish a friendship with each other. In their opinion, they were superior to those human young lords or ladies, like Qinghan, Feng Zi, or even Sainan.


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