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Beast Piercing The Heavens - Chapter 117


Chapter 117 - Ye Qinghan Keeps Running!

Silently, the formidable legion walked along the bumpy road. However, the geography on Ghost Island restricted them from marching in a linear form;instead, they had to be arrayed in different formations, in order to cater to the specific landscape.

Among them, the busiest one was Hua Cao. As a young lord of the Hua Family, he was responsible for collecting all the reports from the scouts. In an interval of a couple of minutes, a scout would appear in front of him, informing him of the situation up ahead. Moreover, he was also in charge of marking the teleportation posts, investigating the geography, and arranging a suitable route. The most outstanding scouts of his family had already been appointed by him to check on the escape route of the enemies.

While at the same time, the two Prince-Realm cultivators of the Hua Family threw everything at their young lord, in the name of training his ability of becoming a commander. The two of them leisurely walked beside the girls of the Yue Family, chatting with them as if they didn't know there was a war up ahead. Seeing this, Hua Cao was so outraged, that he could vomit blood.

As for the commander-in-chief, Sainan, she was also quite occupied. It was her first time to arrange such a big event. She managed to appear as composed as she could be;yet, in fact, this task had kept her nerves on edge ever since they had left the camp. It was true that she was the only daughter of Long Pifu, the first-ranked candidate on the Mortal Ranking List. The reputation of her superior-than-men personality had already spread across the Mars Prefecture. Despite her confidence in herself, the elders of her family had long held prejudice against her. As early as a couple of years ago, her father, Long Pifu, had actually appointed her as the young leader of the Long Family;yet, the elders had unanimously vetoed her father's proposal. This bunch of stereotype-stricken elders were loyal admirers of patriarchy, thus they wouldn't allow a woman to break this tradition.

Sainan's purpose of attending this Prefecture War, therefore, was crystal clear: she was eager to prove herself, and persuade the elders to let her be the next young leader. Based on her identity as the daughter of Long Pifu, as well as her own personal crimson, she had successfully taken command over all the elites from the Mars Prefecture! She held rosy prospects for a triumphant battle, and she wouldn't miss this golden opportunity to annihilate the demons and barbarians, and polish her own reputation.

However... as a commander-in-chief, she was held accountable for the lives of thousands of people. The heavier the duty, the more concerned she became. Yet, she had no time to lament on all these issues, as she was busy receiving, digesting, analyzing the reports, and giving orders, one after another...

As for Qingcheng, unlike Sainan, she had nothing special to do. The members of the Yue Family had taken care of everything for her.

As Qingcheng followed the legion, she couldn't get rid of an image in her mind: a young man with faint smiles on his face. Her pearlescent eyes kept staring at the distance, hoping that Qinghan would suddenly fall into her view.


On the other hand, Qinghan took as long as half an hour to collect the rings Little Black had reaped. In total, putting all the rings together, Little Black had contributed more than one thousand credits for his master! But, right now... Qinghan was busy refining a huge amount of energy, that was gushing out from within his body. He couldn't comprehend where all this energy was coming from.

Early in the afternoon, he had sensed something abnormal in his physical body, and found a small distortion in his chest, from which countless pure energy poured out of. Within seconds, all the energy had rushed into the nearby meridians, blending together with his Battle Qi.

At the beginning, the energy was coming out in slices, which was almost unnoticeable to Qinghan. Gradually, however, the energy had turned thick, and dense, gushing out from the chest in large amounts. Not knowing if this energy was detrimental for him or not, Qinghan came to a halt, for a closer inspection of this energy.

When he bent his head to look at his chest, he received Little Black's conveyed voice, telling him that this energy was actually originating from the Dragon Crystal, all he had to do was to circulate his Battle Qi as fast as he possibly could.

Without any hesitation, Qinghan strained every nerve in his body to circulate his Battle Qi, while running at his fastest speed. As a life-long companion, Qinghan believed in every word Little Black said, and believed his beast would do no harm to him.

The sudden acceleration of speed shocked Shisan and Qingwu. But they said nothing, as they simply speeded up accordingly, following closely behind Qinghan.

It was almost effortless for Shisan, a Prince-Realm cultivator, to catch up to Qinghan, while Qingwu's competitive personality drove her to never show weakness in front of men, even though she was only in the Realm of the Marshal right now. Interestingly, they somewhat amused themselves by competing with each other in speed along the way back to the camp. Eventually, Shiqi, who was doing the patrolling job in the front, was outstripped by the three of them. At last, Shiqi also joined in their little running ’’competition’’.

To everyone's confusion, Qinghan didn't show any sign of slowing down after almost three hours! Without a single word, Qinghan still led the way in the forefront. As for Shisan, he didn't care much about it, because his cultivation level allowed him to run as fast as Qinghan. However, Qingwu was already panting with a blushed face, as she couldn't stand it anymore. Although she could sustain a whole day if she released all her Battle Qi to propel her running speed;however, right now, after running with these three men in absolute silence, she was absolutely bored. Now and then, she would shout at Qinghan, asking him when they would have a rest. Disappointingly, Qinghan was so submerged in his running, that he didn't give her a response. Feeling wronged by Qinghan's indifference, Qingwu swore to surpass Qinghan, to vent her dissatisfaction.

The brightness of the sunshine was gradually diminishing around the end of the afternoon. The four of them continued to run, with four black shadows dragging behind them.

At dusk, when Ghost Island was covered in darkness, Qinghan stopped. Not interested in any casual smalltalk, Qinghan informed the other three that he needed to cultivate for some time. He climbed onto a giant tree, hunkered on a wide branch, and started to cultivate.

The other three had attempted to inquire Qinghan about his weird behavior, but when he said he had to cultivate, they gave up and refrained their curiosity. They guarded Qinghan in shifts, after they had eaten some solid food.

Qinghan wasn't a young lord who was fond of putting on airs;he was propelled by the force of the energy, which would probably explode if he didn't carry it into his Dantian by circulating the Battle Qi while running. Once he stopped, the overflowing energy was about to burst out of the confinement of his meridians. Having no time to waste, he had to cultivate to keep the Battle Qi running, so that all the energy he received would be stored in his Dantian.

The next day, Qinghan started running as soon as he had finished his breakfast. Except for eating and sleeping, he was always running or cultivating, because if he would stop, then the energy in his body would burst out.

Like a turned-on machine, Qinghan's exaggerated zeal in running and cultivating bewildered the other three. Although Qinghan had once explained in a hurried tone, they still didn't understand it. They kept accompanying him day in and day out, while, at the same time, they continued to protect their cultivating young lord.

Seeing the Battle Qi around Qinghan's body getting thicker and thicker, the other three felt so happy for him. They appreciated Qinghan's crazy persistence in cultivation.

Due to Qinghan's crazy running, everyone had fully unleashed their potential and ran at their maximum speed. Originally, they had estimated that the journey would take them at least ten days;whereas within five days, they had already covered half of the distance. But what surprised them was, during these days, they had never run into any war-participants, be it demons or barbarians, or the elites from the Mars Prefecture. They forecasted that some great event was looming around the corner. Therefore, they raised their vigilance, especially at night. In order to facilitate them to escape, they chose places near teleportation posts to take a rest at night. By doing so, they could easily teleport, once they unfortunately encountered someone too powerful to fight against.


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