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Beast Piercing The Heavens - Chapter 112


Chapter 112 - Little Black Takes Action

With no ample time to verify whether this was just a piece of inaccurate information provided by negligent personnel, or simply a plot set up by the people from Immortal City. Yao Kaka cursed Tu Qianjun for thousands of times in his heart, but right now, the most imperative thing was to run away! He wished for his hands to change into a pair of wings, so that he could fly away from this terrifying dragon. Otherwise, he would most likely end up like his comrades, who had nothing left but their skeleton after being burned by the Black Dragon's Breath, or a heap of meat under the earth-shaking slam of the dragon's tail.

’’Hu! Hu!’’

The female dragon was in her pregnancy, which was a period during which she wasn't supposed to be disrupted. The brainless demons and barbarians, however, invaded their territory in such high profile! Moreover, the male dragon was snapped out from a sound sleep by the noise made by the demons and barbarians. Putting all these elements together, the male dragon had reached the extreme of fury, as he had now completely engulfed the Black Dragon Valley in a sea of flames. At the same time, his giant tail pounded on the ground, attempting to flatten this whole area.

The demons and barbarians in the frontline all turned away, as they were desperately trying to run away. In the face of such a ruthless beast, no one dared to fight back. Considering the limited space of this valley, there were few places left for them to hide at, after the destruction done by the dragon. In other words, due to the fallen trees and bushes, this place had turned into a deserted barren land. With nothing to cover themselves behind, the demos and barbarians were exposed like the bull's eye in the center of the target, allowing the dragon to freely attack them.

- Pit-a-pat! -

The pool, which was located in the center of the valley, became the last haven for numerous desperate demons and barbarians, who kept diving into the water, to avoid the continuous attacks from the dragon.

- Bang! -

Yet, a small portion of the demons and barbarians began to swarm into the cave, which was where the female dragon was at! Upon noticing this, the male dragon immediately turned around, slamming these demons and barbarians high up into the air. Looking around, the dragon reassured himself of the safety of his wife, before he rushed towards the pool!

The remaining demons and barbarians had no alternative but to collectively jump into the pool.

- Hu! Hu! -

The murderous intent grew even fiercer in the dragon's eyes, for he pumped out one breath after another towards the pool. A second later, the water in the pool boiled up due to the heat created by the Black Dragon's Breath. The demons and barbarians underneath the baking water clenched their teeth, sustaining bitterly. After all, if they dared to pop out and show their face above the surface, they would definitely be killed.

Apparently, the fury of this dragon had reached such a point, that he tried to consume his precious Yuan Qi in order to annihilate the intruders. Seeing no demons or barbarian coming out of the pool, he continued to exhale his Black Dragon's Breath, until all the enemies were burned to death! Half the volume of the water in the pool had already been evaporated by now...

Triumphantly, the dragon looked at the clusters of floating corpses on the surface of the pool, as he was feeling rather satisfied with the power of his attack. After that, he turned around, and gave out the loudest-ever howl, while facing towards the cave on the left side. Instead of going back into the cave, the black dragon flew towards the opposite direction of the cave, as he wished to teach these invaders an impressive lesson. By doing so, he desired to punish the demons and barbarians, as a warning to future intruders. Anyone who provoked the black dragon would share their fate with these demons and barbarians. The whisk of the dragon was simply too dangerous to twist!


Barely had the black dragon flown away, or several human heads, and a pitch-black beast, popped out from behind a rock on the right side of the Black Dragon Valley.


Layers upon layers of corpses were spread all over the valley, which stunned Qinghan and the other three. As soon as they noticed the arrival of Yao Kaka and Man'gan, they had all moved towards the entrance of the grotto, curiously watching the situation. They had to seal the entrance, however, when the demons and barbarians ran away in any possible direction. Otherwise, this grotto would become the best hiding place for their enemies.

In a hurry, the four of them had extended their weapons, as they had smashed the ceiling apart, allowing chunks of rocks to fall down and block the entrance. At the same time, they had asked Little Black to sense the ongoing situation outside, and report to them. Luckily, in extreme panic, neither the demons nor the barbarians had ever found this grotto. In the end, the five of them had safely waited inside the grotto, until the dragon had left the valley.

’’Haha, let's run away! Right now! If the black dragon comes back, or his pregnant wife regains her force, we'll all be dead!’’ Shiqi deliberately turned his head away, in order not to see the bloody valley. He waved his hands to the others, trying to persuade them to run away.

’’I agree. If we stay here any longer, I'm afraid I'm going to vomit!’’ By covering her mouth with her slender fingers, Qingwu sniffed the air disgustingly.

’’Errr!’’ Shisan stole a glance at the cave on the left side, before he yelled, ’’Let's get out of this damn valley!’’

Since the male dragon was now busy chasing after the remaining intruders, the valley was relatively safe. It provided the four of them the golden opportunity to collect the credits, which were desperately needed for Qinghan, from the corpses. However... no one was sure when that black dragon would come back. On the other hand, if the female dragon summoned her husband back, they would also be doomed. In the end, Qinghan decided to lead the rest of them out of this dangerous place, while suppressing the temptation to snatch the credits.

After all, if they missed this chance to escape, they wouldn't be as lucky as today to encounter such an opportunity.

’’Jiji! Jiji! You go first;I'll catch up to you later!’’ When Qinghan was about to turn around, Little Black smilingly conveyed this message to Qinghan.

’’No, Little Black, it's far too risky for you! I won't allow you to do so!’’ At first, Qinghan was shocked, but he soon realized what Little Black would do next.

’’Ahh, hurry up and come with us. What if the black dragon hasn't gone too far away from here, he could come back at any moment! Staying here is simply too dangerous!’’ Much to Qinghan's astonishment, Shisan tried to dissuade Little Black.

Despite being a rare holy-grade battle beast, Little Black could die prematurely just like any other battle beast. The family would suffer a great loss if Little Black sacrificed himself like this. Given the value of this beast, Shisan immediately vetoed his proposal.

’’Jiji!’’ Staring at the upset expressions on their faces, Little Black pouted. He rolled his eyes, and came up with a good idea. All of a sudden, his head-sized body grew to the size of a horse.

’’Boss, I forget to tell you, during my sleeping period in your summoning space, I have improved my speed. Now, in terms of speed, I'm equivalent to those in the first level of the Realm of the Emperor! Even if the dragon came back, I'll be able to escape! Let me show you!’’ Little Black raised his head, shot a despiteful look at both Shisan and Shiqi, before he turned to Qinghan.

Without any more words, Little Black shrank his body, and wobbled fiercely, before he shot out like an arrow. In the blink of an eye, he had managed to jump hundreds of meters away.

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