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Beast Piercing The Heavens - Chapter 107


Chapter 107 - Being Out of Danger for the Moment

However, what should the four of them do next? Stay where they were and wait for the teleportation posts to work again? Or wait for the dragon to become exhausted and stop howling? Obviously, this wasn't the safest solution. Deep inside, they doubted whether the dragon in the left cave had noticed their arrival or not. They couldn't afford taking such a gamble, for Qinghan, the future of the Ye Family, should be safe and sound when they returned back from this war.

Either running away or waiting at their current location, both would be dangerous! Shisan and Shiqi were both caught by a mixed feeling, as they were so tempted to lead their master out of this valley, yet they couldn't come up with an effective solution.

’’Shisan! Pay special attention to the right side of the valley!’’

At this moment, Qinghan spoke up in a low, but firm voice.

Being taken aback, both Shisan and Shiqi turned around and stared at Qinghan in confusion, as they were curious to find out about Qinghan's plan. While at the same time, Qingwu also jerked her head, and looked at the right side of the valley, but failed to find anything special there.

’’Hey, guys, is it possible that there are two dragons on Ghost Island? Wait... is this the Black Dragon Valley Ye Yi mentioned before?’’ Not giving any constructive suggestions, Qinghan threw out some unrealistic nonsense. Yet, despite the wild imagination of Qinghan, Shisan took it rather seriously, and suddenly unlocked his knitted eyebrows, as he overzealously leaned forward, staring at the right side of the valley with a cheerful expression.

The dragon, known as at least an upper-level eighth-grade demonic beast, was a much more powerful being than the Doubled-headed Wolf. While the most advanced soldiers in this Prefecture War had only reached the peak level of the Realm of the Prince, like Long Sainan, the snake race demons beside Yao Kaka, and the two super-sized barbarians beside the golden-armored Man'gan. Their power was apparently greatly lagging behind the eighth-grade wolf, let alone the more powerful dragon. Given the overwhelming power of the dragon, the amount of their species was strictly limited here on Ghost Island, otherwise the Prefecture War would turn into a war between beasts, for the members of the three prefectures were too weak to fight with these beasts!

Qinghan's point was evident, the left side of the valley was inhabited by a giant dragon. It reminded him of the Black Dragon Valley mentioned by Ye Yi several days ago. Plus, the geographical feature of this place was identical with what Ye Yi had described. Most importantly, the Sickle Team had spent a whole month inside this valley and came out safe and sound. In other words, at least there was a place to hide themselves, and not be found. That place was right over there, on their right side!

Undoubtedly, Shisan quickly echoed with Qinghan's analysis, and secretly admired the quick wits of his young master, who was now considered to be the hope of the Ye Family. Immediately, he began to search around the right side of the valley with extreme caution.

’’Shisan, what happened? Tell me.’’ Shiqi was obviously less smart than Shisan, for he stared blankly at the right side, finding nothing but ordinary weeds and trees. Although his intelligence had failed him to figure out the undertone in Qinghan's remarks, he quickly noticed the changing emotions in Shisan's eyes, from desperation to excitement. Therefore, he couldn't help but to ask the reason behind this all.

Having no time to talk with Shiqi, Shisan anchored his eyes on the right in rapt, as though he was appreciating a stripped beauty. Not a single spot was left unscrutinized.

Eventually, after examining the target place three times, Shisan noticed an extremely shady spot - a giant stone was covered by rampant vines under a tall tree. On the side of the stone, traces of footsteps could still be seen if one looked close enough.

’’I found it!’’ Clenching his fists, Shisan turned around in joyfulness. He then pointed his index finger at that great stone and said, ’’Shiqi, look at that stone! Behind it, there is a grotto, and we can hide there for the time being. You should lead the way for young lord Qinghan, and Miss Qingwu into the grotto, and I will cover from behind. Remember, don't release your Battle Qi, and keep the sound of your footsteps as low as possible!’’

’’Alright.’’ Despite all his doubts and curiosity, Shiqi leaned forward and wiped his eyes, in order to have a better view of the stone. Yet, an instant later, his eyes were filled with light.

For years, Shiqi was accustomed to take any and all of Shisan's advice, for he firmly believed in the latter's judgment. Now, that Shisan had given him such an urgent instruction, he had no reason to doubt the existence, or safety of the grotto in any way. He responded with a nod, therefore, and grabbed both Qinghan and Qingwu's arms. Like a wild ape, Shiqi lifted two people while galloping through the weeds. Based on his cultivation level, he effortlessly took both Qinghan and Qingwu in his arms, and ran without making any noise. The total weight of these two people he lifted was estimated to be one hundred kilograms;yet, without using his Battle Qi, to Shiqi, this task seemed like a piece of cake.

Being suspended in mid-air, both Qinghan and Qingwu felt awkwardly uncomfortable. Although they could've run just as fast as Shiqi if their Battle Qi was fully released, being carried was the most secure way for them at the moment, in case of an unnecessary accident. While at the same time, Shisan followed them in the rear, while he kept turning his head around to check the environment. He paid special attention to the left side of the valley, from which the terrifying howls came. After all, a casual breath exhaled by the dragon could end their lives!

’’Grrr! Grr!’’

The continuous howls accompanied the four of them along their way to the stone, leaving them terrified to death, for their clothing was soaked in cold sweat. Hardly had they sighed a breath of relieve, when they reached the stone and found a small grotto, two meters in height and one meter in width.

The four of them quickly entered the grotto in succession. Walking inside this hole, they found it to be long and distant;they had no choice but to zigzag further, inch by inch.

- Pia! -

Quickly, Shisan unpacked his bundle and took out an ancient lighter. Soon after, beams of glaring light pierced through the pitch-darkness. Despite not knowing what was up ahead of them, they were depressurized by a great deal, because they had temporarily gotten rid of the dragon. Accordingly, their intensely nervous expressions turned much more composed than before.

After a bit of walking, the space ahead became much more spacious. Looking closer, their eyes met with some dim light, which picked up their spirits immediately. In much hastier footsteps, they directly walked towards the faint light. Soon, they arrived at a natural grotto, in which a small pool of limpid water could be seen, while several small holes in the ceiling brought in beams of shining sunshine.

Being out of danger for the moment, the four of them reached the limits of their physical strength, and listlessly sat on the ground due to exhaustion. Even Qingwu, who had so far managed to present herself in a graceful, feminine manner, slipped on the ground carelessly. The traces of inhabitation reminded Shisan of Ye Yi's team... Out of deep grief, he sighed, ’’Ah! This must be the place inhabited by the Sickle Team for an entire month!’’

’’I'm the one to blame. Now they've all sacrificed themselves... I feel so sorry for them. Alas!’’

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