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Beast Piercing The Heavens - Chapter 106


Chapter 106 - Dragon's Cave

- Swoosh! -

The patience of the wolf had worn off, as he now spit out two more fierce gust streaks towards the barbarians and demons that stood in his way. Strangely, the two gusts didn't collide with each other and instead exploded separately, but somehow the damage was actually magnified. The grey gust penetrated through the demonic teams, and froze hundreds of them into ice sculptures;while the red one went to the barbarians, and set up billowy fires that dashed to the sky. The surrounding verdant grassland was beyond recognition, as if it was covered by the lava emitted from a volcano.


Raising his double heads towards the sky, the wolf was quite satisfied with his destructive force, as well as the frightened expressions on his enemies' faces. Triumphantly, he gave out a confident howl, before he waved his gigantic hips and slowly returned to his cave. In order to give a lesson to these ’’weak crawlers’’, he had wasted a large amount of his energy;but now, since the enemies had lowered their heads in awe, he wouldn't care too much about them anymore. Therefore, he just left.

Standing at the entrance of the gorge, both Yao Kaka and Man'gan witnessed the ferocious battle behind them, as fury sprawled in their eyes. Now, they had lost more than half of their team members within mere seconds. Only some survived, as they had been lucky enough to turn around and run away in time.

Yao Kaka snatched the crystal ball from the demon beside him, in order to closely check where the target was. Suddenly, when he saw the flashing red spot, Yao Kaka gritted his teeth, ’’Go and chase him. Humph! I promise that I'll tear him into pieces!’’

’’Yeah, chase that bastard!’’ Like Yao Kaka, Man'gan was also checking the red spot on his crystal ball, while calling out Qinghan's name.


’’Where are we...’’

Vigilantly, Qinghan swept his eyes around his surroundings, and looked at Shiqi, Shisan, and Qingwu for a proper answer. They had been teleported to a tranquil valley, where the land was covered with verdant trees. Also, in the middle of the valley was a small-sized pool.


With an extremely solemn expression, Shisan quickly put his index finger against Qinghan's lips. At the same time, Shiqi pulled out the sword on his back, as he walked several steps ahead to check the surroundings.


Twisting her slender waist to one side, Qingwu widened her eyes, and looked around in full curiosity. Several minutes later, she suspiciously murmured, ’’Shisan, I guess this place is clear. Relax, and don't act so nervously.’’

Without replying to Qingwu, Shisan fixed his eyes on the left side. An instant later, he exchanged a glance with Shiqi, and both of them nodded with a bitter smile. Gradually, their faces turned deathly grey!

’’What's in the valley?’’ Judging by Shisan and Shiqi's abnormal expression, Qinghan couldn't help but ask.

’’Both of us sense the existence of a powerful demonic beast, whose absolute strength should be no lower than the Silvermoon Double-headed Wolf we just encountered!’’ Dejected, Shiqi waved his head. It could only be explained that their luck had run out;otherwise, how could they meet another demonic beast after just escaping from the previous one.

’’Ahhh!’’ In sheer astonishment, Qingwu exclaimed in horror, and in a hurry, she covered her mouth with her hands, in case the sound she made would grab the attention of the beast. The Silvermoon Double-headed Wolf was already an eighth-grade demonic beast! How could it be possible that they had been teleported to a valley which was inhabited by an even mightier beast? By taking two deep breaths, Qingwu somehow calmed herself down, before she whispered concertedly, ’’Then, shall we return to the teleportation posts nearby and leave once again?’’

’’No, it won't work! You know, each and every teleportation post only works once every thirty minutes. During the time inbetween no one is able to be teleported! Stay where you are, and remain silent. If that beast in the cave is provoked, we're all doomed! We're blessed by the Heaven, or we would've certainly been discovered already!’’ Shisan wiped the cold sweat off of his forehead, as he replied.

Knowing the severity of the situation, Qinghan and Qingwu shut their mouths, and silently observed the surroundings.


All of a sudden, to their left, a thunder-like howl broke the silence, which scared the hell out of them! The four of them staggered in toddled steps, for their bodies were off balance after hearing this abrupt sound.

’’The howl of a dragon? Have we been exposed?’’

As the creepy sound gave Shiqi goosebumps, he released all of his Battle Qi in defense. While at the same time, he drew Qinghan near, ready to flee.

’’Wait!’’ When Shisan was about to lift his legs, after grabbing Qingwu in one hand, he came up with a new discovery. Hastily, he drew Shiqi back, and yelled in a muffled voice.

’’Shisan, what's up?’’ Bewildered by Shisan's sudden change of attitude, Shiqi asked impatiently.


Unexpectedly, another sound came amidst their conversation, which scared Shiqi to the ground. Flustered, he stared to the left, and extended his Battle Qi enwrapped sword, which had a glaring light on its edge, as he was fully prepared to launch a battle.

’’Idiot! Withdraw your Battle Qi, now! The demonic beast hasn't found us yet!’’ Although it took a full minute for Qinghan to calm down from the first sound, he had figured out something, and whispered to Shiqi in a scolding tone.

’’What?’’ Hastily Shiqi held back all his Battle Qi, as confusion filled his eyes, he followed Shisan's glance into the left cave. Given the magnitude of the sound, it must be a giant dragon. But, if they were discovered, the dragon could come to them and smash them instantly, why would he bother to howl so many times. Apparently, the dragon's howl had nothing to do with the four of them. They were comparatively safe so far.

But, if Qinghan didn't stop Shiqi from releasing his Battle Qi, they would, sooner or later, be discovered. If that happened, no matter how fast they could run, they wouldn't be able to escape from this valley.

Dragons were long considered as high-ranked beasts, and even the weakest one could become an eighth-grade one. The imposing atmosphere created by the howling of the dragon fully penetrated through the air. Since the presence of the dragon was so self-telling, then how hadn't the dragon found and devoured them yet? Instead, the dragon kept on howling.

’’What shall we do now?’’

With years of experience in life-and-death battles, both Shisan and Shiqi didn't feel relieved by the temporary security. They danced on the edge of death whenever they received a risky task from the Ye Family. Yet, never had they felt as helpless as they did right now.

Half an hour ago, they had successfully escaped from the close chase of the enemies. At least, they were confident in protecting the young lords, and helping them out. Now, in face of an unseen mighty beast, rather than hundreds of demons or barbarians, they found themselves at a loss. It was still too early to predict whether they could survive or flee from this dragon-inhabited valley.

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