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Beast Piercing The Heavens - Chapter 105


Chapter 105 - Silvermoon Double-headed Wolf

The Silvermoon Double-headed Wolf, whose territory was being invaded, acted extremely sluggish. He didn't sense the arrival of the super team, until Hua Xin tried to enter into his specific cave. Far from aggressive, this wolf only released a streak of gust to warn Hua Xin, but never came out to chase after him.

Although Shisan was confident in this escape, he prohibited all the members from releasing their Battle Qi, which was considered as a possible trigger to provoke the terrifying beast inside the cave.

A couple of minutes later, they successfully arrived at the area that was littered with teleportation posts. The scouts of the Hua Family reported back, that currently everything was under control: the demons and barbarians were still several kilometers away from them, and so far, the wolf wasn't leaving his cave. In total, there were approximately forty teleportation posts, and each allowed a maximum of five people to be teleported. As per Shisan's arrangement, each group stood beside their respective post, as they waited for the next order.

’’Listen up, guys! Once the teleportation posts are activated, everyone will be teleported to different places within the confinement of Ghost Island. I have marked ten spots on the map, and after being teleported, you'll travel to the nearest of these spots. This way, we'll remain somewhat grouped up, rather than alone. Alright, the eventual destination is the temporary camp! Our only task is to survive and reunite in the camp! After the Prefecture War, our Ye Family will compensate everyone with ample rewards!’’

Shisan instructed the members in a low voice, as he showed the map to each of the five-people small groups. Everyone bade farewell to each other following that, for they would most likely be separated from each other after teleporting. Perhaps, some of the lucky ones would be directly teleported to the temporary camp;while some might be teleported to the demonic or barbarian teams! Everything was random in the process, and one could only rely on heaven's will to survive.

They were greatly confused, as the super team had no idea what kind of witchcraft could foretell their whereabouts. They figured that Yao Kaka and Man'gan might've already set up blockades in the way that led to the Mars Prefecture's temporary camp. Considering the relatively weak girls of the Yue Family, and a dozen of wounded members, they weighed it would be riskier if they went forward and encounter the enemies' ambush.

Therefore, given the practical situation, being teleported would be the best choice. Plus, there was a powerful eighth-grade wolf that could be used as a ’’weapon’’ to slaughter the incoming enemies. So, they carried out the latest escape plan without any hesitation.


The abnormally slow speed of the human super team, which was under close observation by both Yao Kaka and Man'gan, raised some doubts among the demons and barbarians. But, when they looked back at the formidable force of their army, they regained their confidence and accelerated their speed.

Even if they were ambushed by the team led by Sainan, Yao Kaka and Man'gan believed that they would still be able to knock them all down. They had brought half of the most capable soldiers of their prefecture, so they wouldn't fear what would come at them, be it the reinforcements of the Mars Prefecture or a giant dragon!

Definitely, there was no dragon, but only an eighth-grade Silvermoon Double-headed Wolf.

Because of the special geography of this gorge, it wasn't a recorded spot on the map. Neither did the demons nor the barbarians know of such a reclusive place. They just followed the red spot on the crystal ball and recklessly flooded into it.

However... they were left dumbfounded when they saw the famous Double-headed Wolf.

The first thing that came into their view was the despiteful faces of hundreds of human beings. An instant later, all the humans disappeared in front of them following a glaring light, as well as an earth-shaking sound. Annoyed by the noises and lights, a beast came out of his cave, with two ferocious heads protruding in the front.

Of course, the light came from the teleportation posts. And the beast was the Silvermoon Double-headed Wolf, which was intentionally provoked by Hua Xin's palm of Battle Qi. The timing was perfect!

Startled, Yao Kaka and Man'gan licked their dry lips, and cursed the deceitful human race;while at the same time, all of them instantly started to run, in the opposite direction! The outraged wolf stared at them, ready to swoop over them.

Several minutes ago, both Yao Kaka and Man'gan had vowed solemnly that their teams could punch a dragon down;but now, in front of Double-headed Wolf, which was slightly weaker than the dragon, they realized what was called horror, coercion, and cruelty!

As leaders, both Yao Kaka and Man'gan retreated, escorted by scores of Demonic Emperors and Barbarian Emperors. While the rest of the team members were forced to confront this beast, only to give their leaders a chance to escape!

Without any attack, the wolf had already made the demons and barbarians flinch;once they collided with each other, the latter would undoubtedly be killed.

At this moment, the demon and barbarian soldiers knew all too well of their fatal destiny, they were bound to die: if their respective leader died, they would be killed as punishment, and even their relatives would be involved and killed;if they fought with the beast, they would also die, but on their own will...

- Boom! -

As expected, the drum-sized four eyeballs of the wolf were filled with despise, as he simultaneously opened his two mouths, shooting out two different colored streaks of gust. The grey one was piercingly cold;while the red one was surging with hot waves. These two streaks rose up in the air, and gradually blended together. When the barbarians and demons came closer to it, the gust exploded! The most advanced soldiers instantly vanished in the blast, leaving nothing but their ashes.

Among them, three Barbarian Emperors were only slightly injured, due to their impressive defensive power. But they all had their viscera somewhat displaced by the sheer power of the vibration caused by the explosion. On the other side, the demons weren't that lucky, for at least two Demonic Emperors were severely wounded, and lay on the ground with disfigured faces.

- Si! -

By sucking in a deep breath, the rest of the demons and barbarians backed away, fearing to anger the wolf even more. The sound of footsteps of the running away Yao Kaka and Man'gan could clearly be heard amidst the chaos. Obviously, their leaders hadn't run away to a secure distance quite yet. With trembling legs, the demons and barbarians looked at the horrible beast with ghastly-pale faces.

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