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Beast Piercing The Heavens - Chapter 104


Chapter 104 - Under Siege Once Again!

Chapter 104 - Under Siege Once Again!

In the front, there were four teams composed of both demons and barbarians, charging towards the human super team in a large fan-shaped formation.

History had been replayed! People from the human super team looked at each other in utter astonishment, some of them even stared at the sky blankly, as if they were praying for help from the heavens. They felt as if an all-seeing eye was watching them coldly, or that an invisible hand maneuvered everything unfavorably for them.

’’Holy shit! Let's all turn west! I believe, if we hang on for some minutes, we can run into some teams from our prefecture. The noise of the footsteps of so many demons and barbarians, will surely grab the attention of others.’’ Shisan forced a seemingly encouraging remark, but only he himself knew how bitter and helpless he felt right now. It was beyond his ability to save the team from this desperate situation.

As an excellent team of the human side, the super team was able to confront any single team on Ghost Island, which had already been proven in previous battles. The heaven-defying techniques of the four families, the close cooperation, and the absolute ability of the Prince-Realm cultivators, all of this represented their incomparable advantages. Today, however, they were as weak as ants;anyone with some force could grind them into pieces. The unprecedented alliance between the demons and barbarians had confused all the super team members. Everything was so creepy and suspicious! Overwhelmed by surprise and desperation, the super team felt as if they had reached the end of their wits!

Meanwhile, Shisan believed, that Sainan would probably come to help them out any moment now. She wasn't a moron, and quite responsive in discovering emergencies. In face of this abrupt, creepy attack, Shisan had no better choice but to rely on the wise and resolute Sainan as their last hope.


A crisp, yet resolved shout broke out, and everyone jerked their heads towards the source of the sound.

’’Let's go to the east instead! It isn't a good plan to rest all our hopes on Sainan!’’ It was Qinghan who had spoken up. Being ghastly pale-faced, his eyes were lit up, shining like the scorching sun. At this moment, no one dared to look directly into his eyes, for the light in his eyes was simply too bright.

’’Just go! Go to the east! Do you guys remember the Silvermoon Double-headed Wolf in that gorge? If I remember correctly, it's just several kilometers away from here. There are a lot of teleportation posts, and most importantly, that mighty wolf!’’

’’To the east? Are you sure? We can be killed by that Double-headed Wolf! Qinghan, are you out of your mind?’’

In the beginning, people thought that Qinghan had gone mad! The Double-headed Wolf was an eighth-grade demonic beast, which was considered to be a greater threat than the demons and barbarians that were chasing them. As the old saying goes, the God of Longevity hanged himself to death, for he was tired of his boring life. But now, the super team members were all young elites, carefully-selected by their respective family, none of them wished to die in the mouth of a wolf.

At the same time, the Prince-Realm cultivators pondered for some seconds, before their eyes lit up, ’’Yeah, go east! All of you, go east! Our destination is the gorge where the Silvermoon Double-headed Wolf resides!’’

All of a sudden, the human super team turned around hastily, as they started to negotiate about their direction along the way. Several minutes later, all of them were told what would happen next, which had rekindled their passion once again...


By checking the transparent ball in their hands, both Yao Kaka and Man'gan satisfyingly realized that Qinghan's team had turned east. Without any hesitation, they changed their route accordingly, as they howled triumphantly along the way.

Indeed, the four teams led by Yao Kaka and Man'gan were originally arranged to divert the super team's route. And if they continued to run towards the human temporary camp, they could've run into Sainan, which would disrupt and perhaps even ruin their plan.

Therefore, the barbarians and demons were overjoyed with the human super team's change of direction, and followed them closely towards the east. The prey was up ahead, almost within their reach, which increased Yao Kaka and Man'gan's expectations to finally run into their juicy target. However, never had a single one of their teams managed to knock this human super team down, even by a single nodge! Of course, it was still too early to say who would eventually grasp the opportunity to kill Qinghan, and obtain the saint-level item. It could be either of the two candidates, Yao Kaka or Man'gan. Only their power and luck would determine who would be the final winner.

’’Remember, our first and foremost goal? To capture the target! Later, if you succeed, I will offer you a handsome amount of rewards!’’ Yao Kaka tossed his head to the nearby snake race demons, and his golden hair swung in the air as he ran forward. Cruelty filled his cold eyes.

At the same time, a bald barbarian in shining golden armor called several gigantic-sized barbarians to his side, and ordered, ’’Slaughter anyone getting in our way in killing the target, be it human or demon!’’

Unlike the complacent Yao Kaka, Man'gan spoke these words in a peaceful tone, yet his majesty wasn't diminished at all. His underlings didn't dare to ask why, but only nodded their heads quickly like beating a drum. Next to Man'gan, a barbarian was holding a crystal ball in his large hands, and leaned towards his master as he pointed his finger to the red dot on the ball, ’’Young lord, our target is slowing down! Can this be a trick? Shall we continue to follow them?’’

’’Whatever trick they try to play on us, just go and trample them flat!’’ The bald barbarian leader waved his hands, as he seemed like he didn't care a dump about the warning. Cheerfully, he continued to run forward...


’’All of you, withdraw all your Battle Qi. Form groups of five, and walk to a teleportation post. Members of the Hua Family, continue to patrol our surroundings. Hua Xin, go and observe the wolf closely. Once we're discovered by that ferocious wolf, we'll immediately teleport away as well!’’

Shisan whispered in an extremely low voice, as he slowed down his footsteps gingerly. Under Shisan's arrangement, the human super team divided themselves in several smaller groups, and silently walked inside the gorge with extreme caution.

The gorge was as grotesque as before, with rampant vines and wild weeds strewn all over the place. Shisan had already comprehended Qinghan's unspoken plan, he wanted to take advantage of this geography, and kill two birds with one stone! For one thing, they could probably escape with the help of the teleportation posts;for the other, the wolf inside the gorge would in some way help them avenge the Sickle Team.

Without knowing the existence of the eighth-grade wolf in this gorge, the barbarians and demons would most likely slip into this trap, and provoke the wolf. If that was the case, then a ruthless battle would be unavoidable.

As Shisan had envisaged all the possible details that could occur in several minutes, he immediately arranged this perfect escape plan. If they were lucky enough, the barbarians and demons from behind would be receiving a painful lesson, after they recklessly intruded this gorge.

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