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Beast Piercing The Heavens - Chapter 102


Chapter 102 - Reinforcement from the Sickle Team

However... the barbarians survived the first round of attacks from the human super team, despite a great number of casualties. The defensive formation, nevertheless, remained orderly displayed amidst the chaos. Because, whenever a gap was made in this ’’wall of barbarians’’, nearby barbarians would immediately fill the gap, holding their grounds with wounded, trembling legs. As for the dead or paralyzed barbarians, they would be quickly carried away, to keep their formation neat and tidy. Like lines of giant stone pillars, the barbarians stood squarely in front of the human super team...

Sadly, the only possible way out was blocked by the flesh wall of barbarians.

’’Go and attack these bastard barbarians indiscriminately! Members of the Feng Family, go and stab their f*king eyes! Yue Family, use your Enchantment Skills! The rest of you, release as much Battle Qi as you possibly can!’’

With a ruthless face, Shisan shouted his lungs out;while his body whirled along with the Battle Qi until a rather long sword of Battle Qi was formed in the air, which he shot towards the barbarians.

’’F*k! Want to keep us in this confinement? You'll have to pay for it with your own lives!’’ The two Prince-Realm cultivators of the Feng Family also yelled overbearingly, while at the same time, numerous short swords appeared from their backs, which were flying towards the barbarians, as if they were carried by the wind.

Much to Feng Zi's excitement, he had just finished the life of a barbarian with his black sword. With bloodshot eyes, he roared, as he charged forward, ’’F*k these barbarians! Brothers, kill them all!’’

All of a sudden, a myriad of swords shuttled back and forth in this battle, followed by some occasional explosive sounds. Whenever a bunch of barbarians fell down, their position would be replaced by another bunch. The barbarian corpses on the ground accumulated to such a great number, that they couldn't bother tidying them up anymore. However, despite this massacre, the defensive formation remained steadfast.

Shisan noticed the cloud of dust from behind, after he had thrown out a cyan long spear. Helplessly, he waved his hands, and looked at the other Prince-Realm cultivators, before he reluctantly gave another order, ’’It's time to fully implement the Complete Retreat Plan!’’

On hearing Shisan's order, Qinghan's face turned ghastly pale. Likewise, Feng Zi, Hua Cao, Qingcheng and Qingwu all wore a deeply-concerned expression. Now, the Prince-Realm cultivators would only protect the lives of the young lords and ladies, rather than the lives of all elite members. It was very likely, that those who were left behind, would be killed anyway, unless some miracle happened.

’’No! Let's wait another moment!’’ By shaking his head unyieldingly, Qinghan consumed all the Battle Qi at hand, and formed a colossal Palm of Battle Qi. At a crazy speed, this palm flew towards the barbarians...

He knew all too well, that the team members could have avoided this crisis if it wasn't for him. If he eventually gained that Immortal Spirit Dan at the cost of so many innocent lives, he would suffer from compunction for the rest of his life. For this unfortunate siege, Qinghan found only himself to blame. Due to these emotions, he babbled some nonsense, while using up the limited Battle Qi around his body.

’’It's an order! Implement my order right away!’’

Seeing the cold, yet affirmative emotions in Shisan's eyes, Shiqi nodded to him in response. An instant later, Shisan jumped to Qinghan, and grabbed the latter by the hand. As his Battle Qi was fully released, a circle of cyan Qi wrapped around Qinghan's body, shielding him from any incoming attacks. Shisan waved his hands once again, as he yelled, ’’Run, run away at your highest speed!’’

The other Prince-Realm cultivators also took the rest of the young lords and ladies, either by their shoulders or waists, and followed Shisan's exemplary action.

’’Run! Run!’’

Nearly two hundred members of the super elite team shouted as one. As the saying goes, armies are to be maintained for years, but are used up in a single day. For now, it was considered as the best time to contribute to the family. Knowing that their possibility to survive was slim, they didn't thwart their morale;but instead, they tried to fight their last battle by using up the last amount of their Battle Qi. The whole team stormed out towards the barbarians, inspired by their undaunted iron will.

’’Grr! Grr!’’

The barbarians howled in anger, as they swung their fists and large sticks in the air, as a response to the approaching humans.

The tension of this battle had reached its apex: either you die or I die!


- Boom! -

Just as the super team flooded towards the barbarians, an accident occurred, which left everyone dumbfounded. Puffs of Battle Qi surfaced from behind the barbarian formation, in a splendid, colorful display! Within an instant, the colorful Battle Qi slammed against the barbarians before they even realized it. A long queue of black-clothed human beings wedged through the defensive formation of the barbarians, just like a sharp spear penetrating into it with brutal force.

’’Haha! It's our people! Our reinforcements! Now quit the Complete Retreat Plan, and fight with the enemies!’’ With a seizure of excitement in his face, Shisan roared like a tiger, as he dashed forward.

’’Ye Yi, Ahh, it's Ye Yi's team! We're saved... Let's slaughter these damn barbarians!’’

Seeing that the situation had turned around, a cheerful expression surfaced on Qinghan's face;he closely followed behind Shisan, and used his Mysterious Trace Steps, as he rushed towards the barbarians.

The arrival of the Sickle Team further threatened the barbarians, who already found it extremely hard to maintain their formation. Under the leadership of the Prince-Realm cultivators, as well as Ye Yi, the barbarians were flanked both in the front and in the rear. They were now in complete chaos, with only the four Barbarian Emperors struggling to fight back.

’’Shisan, ask your members to retreat! Stop fighting here with us! We'll cover the rear, understand?’’

Ye Yi raised his head and bellowed, after he stabbed a nearby barbarians to death with his Horse Beheading Sword.

’’Ahh!’’ Shisan stared at Ye Yi, for a moment, as he hesitated whether he should put his fellow death warriors at such grave risk or not.

’’Big brother, Third Brother, Ninth Brother, and Eleventh Brother!’’ Shisan cried out.

Pissed off by Shisan's hesitation, Ye Yi chopped one barbarian into two clean halves, and widened his eyes, ’’Go, just go! How shall we report back to the family if the young lords and ladies die here? Remember, we're fully responsible for their security. Get the hell out of here!’’

’’Shisan, hurry up, and lead your team out of here! I'll avenge myself once I see Yao Kaka. Ha, let's knock over a drink after this war!’’ Ye Jiu let out a crazy laughter, while fighting single-handed using his broad sword. Obviously, his left arm was lost, and one of his sleeves fluttered peacefully along with his movements.

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