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Battle Emperor - Chapter 97


Battle Emperor 97 : the secret spell VS red lightning 【One】

Xie Aoyu spared sorsk this seemingly weak guy and didn't treat him as his sole enemy , but he didn't imagine that this guy had such strength.

not only does he have the dancing Saint sword , but he also has the long lost secret spell.

once this secret spell is mastered , i'm afraid right now only a very few will know of it's real power .

(Mirnouch : i thinks there is more than one secret spell or incantation but this one is for that sword maybe . )

’’Earth Escape Technique!’’

Xie Aoyu escaped 14 meters.

he has seen in many books dancing in the presence of a secret spell ,even so he doesn't know of it's power , but no matter how , if you want to know the best way is to block.

’’help him complete the spell ’’ Jowers roared.

’’The elegant dancing Earth guardians of the secret spell! ’’Sorsk was using his maximum speed to completes the secret spell , dancing Saint sword in his hand wielded it suddenly then shouted loudly ’’dancing protector!’’


The earth is shivering.

The mountain peak is swaying.

Everyone was shocked , that almost nobody can stay still , a huge power was coming out of the ground , Xie Aoyu couldn't help but canceling Earth Escape Technique and coming out of the ground.

Four forms emitted from underground.

They were giant with a three meters and four feet in height, all wearing a yellow armor,wielding longhandled axes, they were the earth protector summoned by the secret spell .

’’Kill!’’ ’’Sorsk thundered.

the four earth protectors howled, wielding their great axes they fiercely attacked Xie Aoyu.

Xie Aoyu dropped from a high altitude , while landing he took advantage of the fall power to roll and evade , behind his back sounded a bang , a giant's great axe drop down to where he was blasting the earth open.

he evades and enters the ground.

Comes out!’’ The sorsk dancing Saint sword suddenly inserted underground.


Xie Aoyu indeed immediately jumped , it's not sorsk power , because his secret spell's power hasn't been transmitted.

Xie Aoyu appeared behind the earth protector , and chopped the blade at its neck.


Lightning Spirit Saint Blade hits hard its nape , but a dull sound came out.

That earth protector neck is perfect, but Xie Aoyu amrs were shaken and tingled with numbness.

’’ Ha Ha , How can my secret spell be so easily broken ’’ sorsk said while laughing heartily.

the four earth protector roared and moved to besiege Xie Aoyu .

Xie Aoyu Dodged , in his mind he was constantly thinking of how to defeat them , eyeing his timing,separately attacked the four Earth protector's feet, legs, torso,arms, head, but to no avail.


the great axe falls.

Xie Aoyu moves sideways to avoid , but the second one come at him , they were attacking one after the other , without giving him the opportunity to use his speed.

the four earth protector were using coordinated movement as if they were human.

’’Whiz! Whiz! ’’

Xie Aoyu twice ducked away from the attack, the fourth axe was coming, and this time he did not Dodge,but to chop out.


a deafening sound transmitted .

Xie Aoyu body turns up, sending up one foot, kicking that Earth protectors face , on which the latter used his helmet to fight back.


his feet tread heavily on it.

The earth protector backs up backward one step , Xie Aoyu seemed like a meteor heading to The earth protectors way.

’’Block him!’’sorsk shouted loudly.

hearing him the other three earth protector attack with full power.

Xie Aoyu laughed , than disappeared into the ground.

Earth Escape Technique!

before the earth protectors force him out , in the blink of an eye he came out already 8 meters away .

after he fought them , he seemed accustomed to their speed and attack range.

after coming out of the ground he immediately jumped up .

a five meters leap.

’’sorsk meet my blade’’Xie Aoyu already far from the attack scopes of four earth protectors.

’’Not good!’’ say sorsk startled.

Xie Aoyu wouldn't allow him to display his secret spell again he attacked at full power.

He brandished a blade and cut down.

the startled sorsk suddenly smiled , he waved his dancing Saint sword.


the four earth protector suddenly disappear.

But above that dancing Saint sword actually a strange brown halo appears, at the back of sorsk a ten meters super giant emerge , its has the same appearance of those four earth protectors.

Dies!’’ Sol Skjod ferociously said with a smile , dancing Saint sword attacked fully.

Saint Blade VS Saint sword.

both Unable to avoid them.


The Xie Aoyu whole body trembled, as if an indescribable boundless strengths transmitted from the dancing Saint sword, shook his five main internal organs , his arm arm tingled with numbness , he almost could not hold Lightning Spirit Saint Blade anymore ,he tasted a something sweet in his throat , blood almost spurted out , he suppressed the urge to spat the blood , and flew backward while upside down.

Sorsk in contrast just took a step backwards.

however sorsk gasped , he was using the secret spell.

’’you could block an attack while i'm using the secret spell , you didn't live in vain’’ sorsk killing intent erupted like a volcano , he is determined to kill Xie Aoyu no matter what.

he was used the saint sword and the secret spell , but still Xie Aoyu could resist , that meant that in the younger generation , Xie Aoyu Holds a great position.

sorsk couldn't think.

the bystander stared in daze , in the mainland , such word spread , the power will recede only to those strong cultivators , only them could establish there own spell.

the so called establish a new spell , it has to be a an spell-caster , and that has a powerful meaning.

an enchanter is a respected occupation , but in the ten billions of people only a thousand or so could be an enchanter bu the other occupation could have survival millions.

that is a spell-caster.

although the spell-caster skills are unique , they're lost , after a few command , the common people understood the fearfulness of a spell caster , and sorsk here is spell-caster.

his skill maybe different from the one who made that spell ,but to understand the secret spell of the dancing saint , his powerful .

’’brother , i remember that is a spell-caster's view , a spirit level spell-caster can destroy an ascension level master completely with his hands down right?’’ hook-nosed man said.

The black lotus man said ’’ indeed , in addition he using the dancing saint sword to with the spell and that will reduce the consumption rate of qi , he will win without a doubt’’.

’’when Xie Aoyu dies , his saint blade will be ours , and all his battle technique , look at his flight technique , even a casual one is so formidable’’ hook-nosed man said.

’’ it's the first time i hear you envy someones martial art technique ’’ Black Lotus said with a smile ’’but i think in his spatial ring there should be at least one or two good martial art technique , according to our investigations , this boy didn't have any good martial art techniques , so if there are two we can divide between us two brothers’’

hook-nosed man eyes shone and said with a smile ’’good i cant wait for him to die’’.

The black lotus man said with a smile ’’he can't contend against that secret spell , he will die without a doubt’’.

sorsk killing intent soared as he wielded his dancing saint sword again.

spark of brown halo suddenly filled the air between heaven and Earth.

giant stood high in the sky Like a tower, attacked with a huge palm that seemed seems to be able tosmash a whole mountain , it excluded a suffocating invisible pressure.

’’Scarlet Electric Fulminating cut’’ Xie Aoyu shouted loudly.

His body burst with an innumerable electric lights , a grand energy focused on a single point.


red light and brown light clashed .

a powerful explosive spreed.

Xie Aoyu took two steps back , and couldn't stay still , that burst of yellow light appears again as a smallsword, a sharp sound came out of the blue.

it hits Xie Aoyu.

Xie Ao Yu was shot out, falling heavily to the ground.

’’HA HA, big brother, we went to the martial art techniques , Gold Eater Beast corpse,gold Shengmu, Lightning Spirit Saint Blade, Ha Ha, it's like a dream ’’ hook-nosed man said excitedly .

the black lotus man nodded while smiling .

both came from afar.

when he saw Bing Wu face dimly , he saw her with a mournful face , her charming eyes float towipetears , his heart ached .

’’dying under my secret spell of the dancing saint sword is your honor’’sorsk says with a sneer.

’’Bang bang bang’’.

the strength of that spell is as strong as a sharp blade , and it was hammering on Xie Aoyu crazily, with incomparable quick speed , he want to kill him through his heart.

The heart is the basis of person. ( Mirnouch : u don't say !-_-)

Once the heart was destroyed, then Xie Aoyu will die without doubt.

the secret spell is unusually strong but when it got there it met with the tri-colored sphere .

the purple part of the sphere that symbolize the the scarlet red lightning overflowed, the secret spell instantaneously shattered .

Xie Aoyu circulated The red lightning through his eight arteries , his lost qi recovered quickly , the strength once more return to him , than he stood slowly.


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