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Battle Emperor - Chapter 96


chapter 96 : If I cannot do it , who can 【Three】

a wave of dead qi surged all around . ( Mirnouch : 肃杀 means withering but i prefer dead qi over withering qi )

some weak people present there couldn't even breath , even so they couldn't miss what's going to happen , a fight between eight great young experts who wouldn't want to watch this amazing fight.

(Mirnouch : i hope i got it right this is the most challenging line in this chap ) .

’’fight against us seven ? hmph , you can't defeat me’’ Dào said with a cold snort .

(Mirnouch : 盗 means thief or pirate but it's a name and the pronunciation is Dào , i will do this to all name please comment if u have a better idea )

Xie Aoyu biggest impression on this person is his speed .

His speed is very astonishing.

on term of qi , Xie Aoyu wasn't his opponent before his breakthrough , but his confident now and was somewhat surprised , however from the start Dào showed an alarming speed , people simply cannotdetermine exactly how fast he is .

’’Shadow seizes the life to kill!’’

Dào inclined forward a step with the right foot , touched the ground as the smoke got out from the light , seeming without weight or direction , elusive .

He shows fancy footwork.

Footwork and power both extremely good , Rao sorsk, waluntesi, conceited people seemed a little bit surprised.

( Mirnouch : it says Kill Instead of power and i don't know what he means )

after achieving the ascension level , Xie Aoyu could be said to have a qualitative change.

after his breakthrough from the spirit level , he was completely different , his insight are deeper , he could see the secrets of the movement skill that Dào is using , he moved forward step by step.

he got his Lightning Spirit Saint Blade out of the blue.

with a lightning speed he broke that illusion like form.


In clear sound, Dào illusion like form suddenly congealing to reality,his dagger was split by the Lightning Spirit Saint Blade,his whole body trembled greatly,then he flew backward 78 step before he could stabilize himself,his complexion aghast ’’how is this possible ? , how can this be possible ? , his qi unexpectedly is more powerful at least by one fold and I am unable to contend with him ,What's goingon ? ’’

’’i will help you’’.

two voices sounded at the same time.

that was Sorsk and Rider , the fan in Sorsk hand shakes , Yinguang spilled out , and Rider Unified with his spear and steps forward .

in Xie Aoyu mind that step Dào used reappeared in his mind .

he had an impulse that made him want to gasp that movement skill , he imitated Dào , inclinedforward a step , seemingly driven to Rider , was actually a tip of the toe point, and he seamed to Sorsk as blue smoke , which escaped two attacks.

’’impossible!’’ Dào and Rider startled called out when they simultaneously .

not only waluntesi , all the people present where awestruck .

Presently studies presently sells!

those outstanding geniuses of the young generation can learn skills quickly , but a good footwork skill is still very mysterious , let alone not thought , even if someone teaching it's no easy to learn.

Xie Aoyu just saw Dào displaying his illusion step and learn it like that.

how can he not make them frightened.

’’let's attack all together’’ waluntesi shouts violently to clear the way.

he have to end the enmity between him and Xie Aoyu, he have to take revenge for his brother and after seeing what Xie Aoyu did he vowed to kill him no matter what.

other people also think the same as him


A beast roar sounded like Thunder

it was the summoning badge with Rider and his great strength demon ape

magic apes are the best suited for combat , it's the best choice for every night , the great strength demon ape has strong magic resistance , normal magic is useless against it, and its strength is numbered five among the strength type magic beasts .

Rider jumped on the back of the demon ape and urges it to go for the kill.

suddenly all seven young masters attacked together .

Xie Aoyu without looking at the other six people, his eyes only focused on Sorsk, he wanted to kill theperson, he transformed into blue smoke , turned to cold light , like electricity .

but Sorsk resisted hardly with his fan shaking again and again.

’’Whiz whiz whiz whiz’’.

Countless silver light shot out .

’’Give me a break!’’.

Xie Aoyu shouted loudly , Lightning Spirit Saint Blade shot Bursts of Red lightning , with a fierce power that could destroy mountains , broke those silver light , a blade cut down , Sorsk look changed , his speed not enough to escape , he had to resist.


the blade strikes , the fan broke.


A clear sound transmits, actually in that folding fan over a hundred needles falls of to the ground they were every where .


A stormy sound broke out , the attacks of another six young masters already arrived.

Xie Aoyu had to give up the hunt for sorsk , his seemingly casual backward block with Lightning Spirit Saint Blade, suppressed Riders Lance , he immediately retreated , shaking the violent qi inside of him.


after the counter the shaking was strong , Xie Aoyu simply didn't resist , and with aid of the strength he soared like meteor to the sky then turning falling on a full 78-meter-high stone.

their attack failed .

’’i must kill them ’’ Xie Aoyu lightly said

the seven young master complexion sudden changed.

the several hundred bystander were also shocked , this fellow was too crazy!

those are seven young expert collaborating , and he say that he can kill them.

’’Dude, this guy is really crazy. ’’As far as hundreds of metres on a small hill, a more than 30-year oldhooked-nosed man smiled and said,’’ However, his power is OK. ’’

standing beside him a middle aged man with a black lotus between his eyebrows he said faintly ’’ power cannot solve this problem , speed is the key , according to the investigation , this kid not long ago he still couldn't practice , his practice time is about 3 years , his potential is good’’

the hooked-nosed man scoffs to say with a smile ’’his potential is big so what , he could avoid their attack but his not smart enough to be one of our people , maybe those seven will live’’.

’’Indeed, he can resists seven people, but that simply does not mean that he can kill them .’’The middle-aged with the black lotus’’it seems without our help he won't succeed’’

When his voice just fell.

Xie Aoyu culled from the top Boulder down sharply.

if i can't fight who can.

Knife breaks, Tyrannosaurus Rex song of heaven and Earth.

Boundless strength contained in the Lightning Spirit Saint Blade but no qi shot out , the man and blade unified , suddenly the blade attack the young masters.

The Ascension level and the comprehension erupted , that full power is astonishing.

Seven masters attacked together.


eight people confronting each other ( Mirnouch : isn't it 7 against 1??)

Intense explosions sounded , seven young masters all retreated a step , Xie Aoyu stood motionless , the Lightning Spirit Saint Blade flew out.

Infinite Spinning Sword of farfight.

the blade shot out , every one was surprised.

Who would have thought Xie Aoyu attacks will be like this , but they took the opportunity move out of the way,a sad and shrill pitiful yell to spread.

Waluntesi from the Crown the mercenary head separated from his body and flew right into Xie Aoyu hands.



The bystanders are all startled.

Xie Aoyu did not stay, step by step, reaches that Gerth and Philip both in front , Lightning Spirit Saint Blade sweeps , a qi hurricane shot out .

the two young masters spirits about to leave their body from fright , they cannot care about their image anymore , evade , escape that's was all what their thinking, but Xie Aoyu separates the empty space between Rider , Dào and Jowers.

Infinite Spinning Sword of close combat!

three blade light shot out

the three of them had to block this attack.

Xie Aoyu body drifting away from sorsk attack, appeared in front of demon ape.


the demon ape stood up .

’’Go away!’’ The Xie Aoyu left arm sweeps away.

That fully 700-800 jin (0.5 kg) great strength demon apes flew like a broken kite,must know that in Xie Aoyu arm protectors there is a thousand jin (0.5 kg) of earth soul stones.

That elbow might is astonishing.

six young master either dead or injured or trying to flee, all in an instant.

Xie Aoyu abnormal performance, not to mention the onlookers, the four-eyes of the two middle-agedmen in the distance , could not believe this sight .


Xie Ao Yu quickly turned around, facing seven masters sorsk he didn't attack , because this is the person he has to kill.

Fan fault, sorsk throw away the rest of the half, hands on his waist.


A soft sword appears in his hand.

bone-chilling cold Sword light , the corners of Sol Skjod's mouth overflow with mocking expression.

when Dào saw that sword he blurted out ’’Dancing Saint sword!’’.

Dancing Saint sword, the sword of a saint.

The weapon also has divisions , emperor level one are rarely seen in the mainland but that sword is in the top three sword because that sword could cut another saint sword.

’’Dancing Saint sword, dancing king, I stand in the dancing earth’’ rapidly Sol Skjod read a series of strange words.

’’a secret mantra’’


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