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Battle Emperor - Chapter 9


Chapter 9 Fury


Te Luo Si held the Lightning Spirit Holy Sword up. The cold sword twinkled purple as if emanating from a fierce purple lightning dragon.

’’You have good eyes. This is my Ao Te Si clan's treasure... the Lightning Spirit Holy Sword!’’ Te Luo Si said proudly. ’’During that time when your father, Xie Qian, killed my clan, without a doubt he wanted to obtain this Holy weapon;fortunately, he didn't get the chance. Instead, now you will lose your life to the Lightning Spirit Holy Sword!’’

Weapons also have different ranks.

The ranks commonly known by people are common grade, high-grade, top grade, sage grade, holy grade, and emperor grade which is the highest.

The higher the grade of a weapon, the stronger and more destructive it is.

Among the various types of weapons, the main type is the sword. Yet among them, there are very very few swords of the emperor grade. There also isn't very holy grade swords. In the entire city of Langye, there is only one holy grade weapon and that is the Lightning Spirit Holy Sword.

It has the lightning property as well!

Xie Ao Yu eye's contracted, taking on a cold light.

He is of the earth, lightning, and wood properties and before his eyes is a lightning property sword. Not only that, it is of the holy grade. It is easy to guess what is going through Xie Ao Yu's mind.

’’Nice sword. I want it.’’ Xie Ao Yu said with a smile.

Him speaking like this startled Te Luo Si. Bing Wu simply wasn't his match, compared to his cultivation hers was much lower;he also has the Lightning Spirit Holy Sword. If Te Luo Si wanted to kill Bing Wu it would be as easy as falling off a log(easy as pie). Yet, unexpectedly, Xie Ao Yu is acting like this.

Could it be that he can cultivate Qi?

No way, Not possible. I(Te Luo Si) was continuously observing in secret. He definitely cannot cultivate Qi. He is certainly stalling and trying to think of a way to escape. Te Luo Si sneered. ’’You want it? Too bad you won't live to have it.’’ He once again brandished the sword.

When the sword swung, a purple light flashed.

Holy grade weapons just have this kind of benefit.

That is, even without using too much Qi, it can still have astonishing destructive power.

’’I will deal with him.’’ Xie Ao Yu said as he gently pushed Bing Wu away.

Bing Wu who was thinking of attacking again felt an overwhelming power. Her body was like a piece of cotton as it flew back 5-6 meters.

On the otherhand Xie Ao Yu lightly stepped to the left to dodge.

In such a fashion he dodged the attack.

Can it be?!

Bing Wu's maiden heart frantically beated. The idea in her mind excited her. A pair of beautiful eyes were firmly set on Xie Ao Yu.

Te Luo Si also found it to be a small problem. He suddenly stepped and exploded forward, charging straight for Xie Ao Yu while swinging his Lightning Spirit Holy Sword down.

’’Careful!’’ Bing Wu still feeling anxious called out.

Seeing the swing of the Lightning Spirit Holy Sword, as well as its dense cold air Xie Ao Yu couldn't help but call out his desire, ’’That sword, I definitely want it.’’

Hearing this almost bent Te Luo Si's nose, he struck down vigorously.

Xie Ao Yu understood clearly. This is a fight to the death, not a simple contest. The best method would be to kill his enemy in a single hit so he hid the Overlord Dragon Boxing technique while he looked for an opportunity.

Confronting the ferocious Te Luo Si, his body flashed.

Like a ghost he weaved about through Te Luo Si's frenzied attack.

If one said Te Luo Si was the raging ocean, with stormy waves covering the sky, then Xie Ao Yu was a small boat amidst those waves following the winds yet never being overturned nor flooded.

*Swish Swish Swish...*

Te Luo Si struck continuously over 10 times.

The purple sword flashed, filling the area with its after image. Te Luo Si had already determined that Xie Ao Yu could cultivate Qi and that he wasn't weak, so he was even more ferocious.

The sword was swung in a never-ending assault.

During this time, Xie Ao Yu just dodged. At the same time, he was critically examining the Lightning Spirit Holy Sword. Its length and design were both very pleasing. The only thing that wasn't was the fact that its user wasn't him.

’’Lightning Wave!’’

Seeing that he wouldn't succeed, Te Luo Si started to worry. This place was the Langye City and since many years ago it had already become the Xie Clan's. With so many of them around it wouldn't be hard to discover him.

So he used a sure-kill move.

Just that, when he started to use the sure-kill move, Xie Ao Yu started attacking with his fist. He didn't have time to use the sure-kill move. The peerless overbearing attacks of the Dragon Overlord Boxing started.


When he punched his fist, a huge fist's shadow appeared in the air.

[TL: not sure about this one]

The shadow that appeared, despite indistinct, seemed as if a violent dragon... as if the silhouette of the Overlord Dragon. It seemed like the fist was a dragon egg containing the Overlord Dragon.

The suddenness made Te Luo Si unable to react.

Xie Ao Yu used all his strength in this killer blow and as a result he hit his attack first.

Death came.

That fearful blow struck across Te Luo Si's chest.


This punch actually pierced Te Luo Si's chest. A huge hole appeared and the internal organs and blood crashed out of his body. Te Luo Si stared, wide-eyed at Xie Ao Yu, unable to believe what happened as he slowly fell down.

The Lightning Spirit Holy Sword also fell to the ground.

Xie Ao Yu walked forward, and picked up the Lightning Spirit Holy Sword. ’’A good sword heh!’’

He ran his finger across the body of the Lightning Spirit Holy Sword. Immediately a *dang dang* sound was emitted. The sword quivered, as if a very cold chilly wind blew across one's face.

’’Ao Yu, You... You...’’ Bing Wu was completely stunned.

Xie Ao Yu then stored the Lightning Spirit Holy sword, as he took on a cruel appearance and said, ’’I am an expert.’’


The shocked Bing Wu couldn't help but laugh out loud. She pounced onto Xie Ao Yu chest, happily saying, ’’You really can cultivate Qi. Awesome! Awesome!’’

Her delicate body had long ago developed. Hugging Xie Ao Yu like this while jumping about caused the heavenly refuge on her chest to rub Xie Ao Yu's chest. Which in turn gave Xie Ao Yu an intense male reaction.


Bing Wu felt an uncomfortable bump in her lower region, looking down, she immediately let out a scream.

’’Hehe, I'm also a man.’’ Xie Ao Yu laughing dryly said.

’’Letcher.’’ Bing Wu said as her hand shot out and hit him. She then turned around and ran.

’’If its broken, then what are you going to do?’’ Xie Ao Yu said as he rubbed his crotch.

This caused the embarrassed Bing Wu to run even faster.

Xie Ao Yu looked at Te Luo Si's corpse, mumbling to himself, ’’Even with this stinking smell, I was still aroused by that little girl Bing Wu. Men are sure enough men.’’

He then took the interspacial ring from the finger of Te Luo Si.

The binding force on the ring was gone so he checked what items were inside the ring. There were some fighting techniques, unfortunately he didn't have the chance to really read them.

He cleaned the Lightning Spirit Holy Sword and then turned to leave. At this point, he thought like he saw a shadow, as if someone ran away.

Xie Ao Yu was perturbed. His ability to use Qi cannot be known because the one who poisoned Xie Qian still hasn't been discovered. If the killer learns about his ability then he will also be in danger. Xie Ao Yu immediately chased and called out, ’’Xiao Bai burn Te Luo Si's corpse.’’

Using Qi, his speed was incredibly fast.

Besides the time with Bing Wu, when they were headed to the new restaurant to eat food and took the shortcut. The path had very few people in it and no one blocked him so he quickly caught up.

’’Xie Gang!’’ Once he saw the person he recognized who it was.

It really is Xie Zhe's hunting dog, Xie Gang.

Xie Gang seeing that Xie Ao Yu discovered him, immediately started running for his life.

With him running this fast, obviously he already saw me killing Te Luo Si. Xie Ao Yu's mind was made up. He already thought about the crux of the issue.

If Xie Gang didn't see it, he would definitely try to bully me not run away. He would definitely find trouble.

At the same time another question arose in Xie Ao Yu's mind.

Since this place is extremely remote, what are the chances would Xie Gang be here and coincidentally see Te Luo Si come to kill him? A thought flashed through Xie Ao Yu's mind.

This past year, even though he had continuously trained hard, he was still aware of the happenings that occurred in his Xie Clan. That is that someone has been murdering those among his peers in the clan. To the point that even Xie Lian came out and ordered him to not go out lightly.

Seeing Xie Gang this time, he noticed a trend.

Those who were murdered in the Xie Clan, all seemed to be people who more or less had grievances with Xie Zhe and Xie Gang.

This train of thought raised Xie Ao Yu's blood lust.

He threw the Lightning Spirit Holy Sword.


The Lightning Spirit Holy Sword emitted a sharp sound as it sailed through the air.

Xie Gang who was running for his life heard the sound and turned his head to look. Scared out of his mind, he quickly dodged to the left. However, the Lightning Spirit Holy Sword scraped the left side of his rib cage.

A bloody cut appeared with blood freely flowing. Blood and flesh changing roles.

[TL:I think its saying the flesh is now covered in blood as opposed to flesh covering the blood]

Xie Gang screamed in pain.

In a flash, Xie Ao Yu leapt over. He placed one foot Xie Gang stepping on him.

’’Speak! Why are you here?’’ Xie Ao Yu coldly asked as he grabbed the Lightning Spirit Holy Sword and placed it across Xie Gang's neck. The piercingly cold blade of the Lightning Spirit Holy Sword made Xie Gang shudder in fear.

’’I, I...’’ Sweat dripped from Xie Gang's forehead.

Xie Ao Yu said coldly, ’’Are you guys allied with Te Luo Si? Secretly killing those brothers and sisters of the Xie Clan?

’’No.’’ Xie Gang screamed.


Xie Ao Yu's hand twitched.

A scratch appeared on Xie Gang's neck and blood started flowing.

’’If you don't speak, I will kill you right now. In any case people don't know that I can cultivate Qi, so no one will suspect me.’’ Xie Ao Yu said coldly. ’’If you speak, I can let you live.’’

’’If I speak you won't kill me?.’’ Xie Gang said with a trembling voice.

The sword in Xie Ao Yu's hand flashed in front of Xie Gang. Scared he said, ’’I'll speak, I'll speak! If you don't kill me, I will tell you who is poisoning the Sixth Elder.’’

The Sixth Elder is Xie Ao Yu's father, Xie Qian.


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