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Battle Emperor - Chapter 87



(TN: The title 风云际会 means literally the meeting of the wind and clouds, which sounds cooler but I changed later on to Gathering of Geniuses as for the readers to understands the actual meaning behind the words)

Outside the Te Luo City, on the top of a hill.

Jowers, the younger generation who is also a direct descendant of the Pasa's clan, put both of his hands behind, as he looks at the distance in south, where under the moonlight, you can see so many shadows were moving, evidence that a lot of people have already gathered there.

’’Sorsk, do you really think that Gold Eater Beast might have been a great help to me?’’ Jowers casually asked.

The man who called Sorsk is a man who holds a handheld folding fan, as he confidently replied: ’’As long as young master able to get hold of the Gold Eater Beast, your achievements will be unique in terms of metal aspect and what matter the most, that it would be an unparallel boost to your battle strength.’’

Jowers then said, ’’That's it?’’

’’For now, that's it.’’ Sorsk then said in much lower voice, ’’If young master wants to become the next Patriarch, you need to fulfill two conditions.’’

’’Fill me in.’’ Jowers said.

’’First of all, Xie Aoyu, who is Chalice's most hated person, if we can hand him over to Chalice, we would gain an enormous support from his side.’’ Sorsk spoke as he looked at the Te Luo City, ’’Xie Aoyu will be here, and considering his relationship with Bing Wu, he is certainly will be joining us in the competition for the Gold Eater Beast, and this is a golden opportunity for you, young master.’’

As Xie Aoyu's name was mentioned, there seems a trace of smile on Jowers's lips ’’Say, were it not because of Xie Aoyu, the next Patriarch will certainly be that waste, Chalice, and as the title is now closer to me, I want to thank him for that.’’

Sorsk continued: ’’The second condition will be the key to determining whether or not young master deserves to be the next Patriarch.’’

’’Oh, really?’’ Jowers furrowed his eyebrows.

Sorsk then said: ’’Qin Yueyi!’’

Once Jowers hear that name, he immediately lost in thought.

Outsiders may not know that even if the Tian Luo's Qin clan is not part of the ancient families or have any ancient family's roots, but to be able to stand shoulder by shoulders with Pasa clan and Desai clan, two of the top three families, there is a reason for that. It is because there is an ancient figure hidden behind the Qin clan, the very existence of the continent's ten king.

Who dares to contend with the ten king's realm expert?

Never mind one's own strength is considered as otherworldly, but once this person chose to shirks, and then wait for an opportunity for assassination instead, who would have the ability to prevent themselves from being assassinated? And so the Qin clan even without those ancient families roots, is an entity that no one dares to mess with.

’’Young master afraid?’’ Sorsk laughed.

Jowers's eyes narrowed, ’’You have a plan?’’

Sorsk nodded slightly.

Because of Sorsk's ideas and schemes, this once nobody who had not previously been given attention by Pasa clan and those of the younger generation, has now become one of the most popular candidates for the next Patriarch, therefore he still put his trust entirely to the man before him as he smiled and said: ’’I love to gamble, betting is my way of life!’’

’’I believe that we will be the winner!’’ Sorsk smiled and told his plan to Jowers.

Jowers, after listening to the plan, burst out laughing, ’’Good, good, good!’’

Sorsk then said indifferently: ’’Young Master, our main focus now is the Gold Eater Beast and Xie Aoyu!’’


When they left Te Luo City, the moon already rose above the willow tree.

Xie Aoyu, and Bing Wu continue to strode forward, to the Gold Eater Beast's region, and at the same time, they also want to take this opportunity to adapt with their newly increased power.

The sharp rise of the intermediate-level spirit realm to the peak of the upper-level spirit realm, Xie Aoyu felt as if he was dreaming, but he knows that this is an irrefutable fact. While him experimenting with his newly power level, he cannot help but to look towards Bing Wu's back, as Xie Aoyu's heart filled with mixed feelings.

He did not know how to deal with Bing Wu's master.

Alright, let's not dwell much on that old woman, Xie Aoyu shook his head, as just a short while ago, the Butterfly Queen, You Lan Ruo gave him the feeling of being pressured between the life and death on his back.

(TN: related to the scene at the inn on the last chapter)

He also started to bringing things together as he studies his current level.

Upper-level Spirit realm, the amount of the battle Qi compared with the intermediate-level spirit realm has increased considerably a lot.

As the battle Qi upgrades, first of all, Xie Aoyu's mastery of his fighting skills will amplify as well as the might of the skills which will become formidable than ever, along with his speed and strength which would also experience a tremendous amount of improvement.

Once they are fully adapted, they already left the Te Luo City about six or seven miles away.

Before them, there are towering ablaze.

A team of people rushed out.

’’The Imperial Crown Mercenary Group!’’ Once Xie Aoyu saw the crown symbol on their chest-plate armor, his face's complexion becomes heavy suddenly.

The number of the participants from the Imperial Crown Mercenary Group amounted to approximately more than 200 people, each and every one of them have their spirits trembling with excitement, they wear uniforms, complete with swords on their belt, led by a young man who looked about 20 years old, carrying a long sword, as his pair of eyes peering towards Xie Aoyu, with his eyebrows knit together show a portion of his anger.

’’Are you Xie Aoyu?’’ That young man asked, coldly.

Although Xie Aoyu inwardly alert, but on the outside, he still looked very calm, ’’That's correct, I do not know for what reason you took so many people to block my way, is it because you have lost the gloves, and want to take it back by force from me? ’’

That young man coldly said: ’’That pair of gloves thing, can wait, and besides, what did you feel when you see my face for the first time, isn't it a little familiar to you?’’

As he was reminded by the man in front of him, Xie Aoyu discovered that this person is indeed a little bit familiar.

It was so familiar, but he had never met him, but somehow the man's face was not unfamiliar to him.

’’Valencia?’’ Xie Aoyu's brows furrowed.

’’That was my big brother!’’ The young man's face suddenly darkened, ’’I am his younger brother ... ... Valentez! You killed my brother, and you have to pay for it now!’’

What was expected to come finally came.

Initially because Xie Aoyu must treat and cure Ziyan, as time was pressing, but then that Valencia guy was blocking his way, since the very beginning, he knows that between him and the Imperial Crown Mercenary Group will not ends well as they are destined to become archenemies.

However he did not regret for what he had done.

Even if the same thing happened again, he would still choose that very option.

He just did not think that it will come so quickly (TN:the revenge), Xie Aoyu indifferently replied: ’’Your brother can only have himself to blame. If he did not force me to the dead end, I would not decapitate him.’’

’’I do not care anymore, as I am now going to decapitate you at once, to serve as a revenge for my elder brother!’’ Valentez thundered ferociously.

As he roars, the sound of a sword out of its sheath follow.

Only to see that more than 200 members of the Imperial Crown Mercenary Group also released their long swords.

Long swords within the fierce flames under the moonlight, thus making the atmosphere filled with glittering lights, with more than 200 mercenaries move in together, and shout in unison, capable to make anyone trembles in fear against their imposing manner.

’’You are going to use the human wave tactics against me?’’ Xie Aoyu said with a heavy tone, as he did not think that Valentez would be so crafty, by choosing not to use his own hands.

’’Although I am very confident that I can kill you, but I don't want to have my time and my battle Qi wasted here.’’ Valentez certainly have no desire from the beginning to act by himself alone.

Of course Xie Aoyu understands what goes on inside Valentez's mind.

He not only wanted revenge, but also, to ensure that he would be able to hunt and seize the Gold Eater Beast with his hands, he needs to reserved his power so that it can be used when hunting the Gold Eater Beast, and so this is why he choose to not fight by himself to prevent him from wasting his energy.

Similarly, even if Xie Aoyu would be able to overcome this battle, it is inevitable that it would consume him lots of battle Qi.

Once his battle Qi squandered and since those who participate in the Gold Eater Beast's hunting are top -notch individuals within the younger generation, his chances will also be greatly reduced.

This battle, even if he ends up as the victor, he would cost his chances in the competition for the Golden Life Tree.

But if he does not fight, he will not be able to break through the situation.

Xie Aoyu found that he really is in big trouble this time, because if Bing Wu is not here right now, he could easily use his Earth-Escaping technique to leave, but now his hands are tied.

’’Ready!’’ Valentez shouted coldly, as he moves backwards slightly.


More than 200 mercenaries roar simultaneously.

The cold dense aura of the long swords together with the streaks of cold lights across the way, as all those mercenaries rushed forward to kill the enemy before them.


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