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Battle Emperor - Chapter 45


Chapter 45


Whether it was Xie Ao Yu, or Qin Doug, both of them began choking on their spit.

That Chalice's face which had been full of sincerity was suddenly changed to disbelief, but it quickly reverted. A smile even appeared on his face.

’’Yue er, I know I didn't find you, making you go through a lot of suffering, but I will definitely make up for it in the future, really. Just stop saying nonsense.’’ Chalice's voice was completely calm, unable to see Qin Yueyi's intent to cause confusion or anger at all.

’’Nonsense?’’ Qin Yueyi clung to Xie Ao Yu's arm, leaning against his arm like a little bird, one hand secretly on Xie Ao Yu's soft rib, gently twisting a little, ’’You're not allowed to expose the truth.’’

Xie Ao Yu chuckled secretly.

He really wanted to see what sort of tricks Qin Yueyi could still play.

’’Yueyi!’’ Qin Doug's complexion darkened.

’’Second uncle, I'm telling the truth!’’ Qin Yueyi lifted her head, her face looking serious, ’’I must marry him or else.’’ In that sort of serious manner made even Xie Ao Yu feel like she was speaking the truth. Then facing Chalice, she let out a hint of ridicule, ’’You're already a twenty-three year old geezer, how could you have improper desires towards this young beauty, ah.’’

Xie Ao Yu noticed at this time Chalice's eyes had a hint of anger.

’’Yue er...’’ Chalice's voice was still even.


Making a stop gesture with her hand, Qin Yueyi solemnly said: ’’I'll trouble you to pay attention for a moment. I'm about to get married to a man now, do not casually refer to me as Yue er, as if I was an outsider. You should call me... Young Miss Qin. Thank you.’’

Qin Doug's face was very ugly as he looked at Xie Ao Yu.

For this, Xie Ao Yu could only pretend to not see. Qin Doug and Chalice to him were only newly recognized names of strangers, but he had been with Qin Yueyi through thick and thin. Naturally he would help Qin Yueyi.

’’What is this brother called?’’ Chalice faced Qin Yueyi, he had no choice, he had to maintain an even demeanor. He had to endure at least in front of Qin Doug. That fiery anger in his heart was then directed towards Xie Ao Yu.

’’Xie Ao Yu.’’ Xie Ao Yu reported his name.

Chalice said: ’’So it was brother Xie. Since Yue er...’’

’’Young Miss Qin!’’ Qin Yueyi interrupted in a serious manner to remind him.

The anger increased. Chalice continued to say: ’’Since you've been selected by Young Miss Qin, then you must have the strength to protect Young Miss Qin right. How about we exchange a couple of blows, and if you really have strength, then Uncle Qin can rest assuredly hand over Young Miss Qin to you, and I'll agree to kill off those feelings.’’

He said it in a calm tone, but in reality was forced to play this hand.

If he failed, then Xie Ao Yu would lose face, and definitely would not be able to remain here;if he won, Chalice heart sneered, how could this kid possibly win?

’’En, this proposal is pretty good.’’ Qin Doug nodded his head.

’’Second uncle!’’ Qin Yueyi said in an unsatisfied tone, ’’He's an already an over twenty year old geezer. We're both still young, this isn't fair.’’

The age aspect in itself was a restriction.

The older you were, the more time you had to cultivate. For someone like Chalice who was already twenty-three, then Xie Ao Yu who was between sixteen and seventeen years, there was a difference of six whole years between them.

Six years' time was enough for a person to make a qualitative change.

Xie Ao Yu was confident that if given six or seven years' time, speaking of attaining Emperor or Sage level might be a bit much, but he was confident that he could at least reach Rainbow level.

’’Then I won't use by soul contracted spirit beast Four Arms Magic Ape, using only my hands. He can do whatever.’’ Chalice proudly said, showing a dismissive expression towards Xie Ao Yu.

Soul contracted spirit beast?

Xie Ao Yu was secretly stunned. It should be known that soul contracted spirit beasts were a type of very magical contract. This type of contract's biggest advantage was the spirit beast's growth.

For example, Chalice's Four Armed Magic Ape, its mature equivalent was about a Lower Emperor Level incredible spirit beast, but under ordinary circumstances, for it to grow, it needed at least a thousand years to mature. To shorten the time, other than encountering some extremely rare Pure World Spirit, in order to have hope, it was precisely because of this point that humans created the soul contract.

(TN: 天地灵粹 - Pure world spirit? I dunno.)

The so-called soul contract, the one that Chalice was speaking about, his family just happened to have a Four Armed Magic Ape egg. When it was born, it formed the contract.

Since then, every time Chalice levelled up, the Four Armed Magic Ape's level wouldrise. Man and beast were at the same level and received the same promotions, thus solving the spirit beast's long growth cycle.

This was the magical and unpredictable soul contract.

Seeing Xie Ao Yu's face leaking out a surprised expression, Chalice sneered even more, thinking that Xie Ao Yu's strength was average, and he was more than confident in his own strength.

As the Qin family's equal in standing, as Tian Luo's three big clan's number one Pasa family's patriarch's second son, he had absolute confidence in himself.

(TN: 帕萨 Pa Sa? Passat? Pasta? What say you?)

’’I'm reminding you that you're an old man, since you're willingly giving it up, then just give it up.’’ Qin Yueyi turned to Xie Ao Yu and said, ’’Big devil, this is a terrific chance to display your abilities. As this beauty's friend, you must not disappoint this beauty's expectations, ah.’’

’’I'll try my best.’’ Xie Ao Yu felt disgusted towards the people with lofty dispositions like Chalice.

Qin Doug who thought Xie Ao Yu's strength was average then let out an interested look, because Xie Ao Yu was only sixteen or seventeen years old. If he could defeat a twenty-three year old Chalice from the Pasa family, then it would be a very impressive sight.

’’I won't be going easy.’’ Chalice dropped these words, then walked forward to an open area.

Xie Ao Yu also followed.

Thirty meters ahead was an empty area.

At this time the people Qin Doug and the people Chalice brought had already spread out, forming a large circle, standing outside to watch, each of them quietly whispering to one another.

’’You're going to regret this.’’ Chalice's face was smiling, but there was an indescribable terrifying aura behind it.

Xie Ao Yu laughed, saying: ’’Forgive me, my literacy isn't very good. I don't know what regret means.’’

’’Looking to die!’’

Chalice coldly yelled. The clothes on his body instantly bulged up, the muscles tensing up, threads of qi came out of his body, surrounding the area, a violent aura covered the area. Cracks appeared on the ground beneath his feet, pieces of gravel gradually floated up.

Upper Advanced Level!


In a tiny movement, Chalice suddenly stepped on the ground, exploding from the gravel with a terrifying speed that caused the gravel to explode.

An amazing speed!

With just one move, Xie Ao Yu could see Chalice's tyrannical strength.

Even if Chalice wasn't a genius among the Pasa family's youth generation, but he was still the Pasa family patriarch's son, the fighting skills he learned were all top level fighting skills. Just by looking at the fact that he could soul contract the magic pet Four Armed Magic Ape, one could tell that his position in the Pasa family was very high.

The dormant forces within Xie Ao Yu suddenly began to violently move, a powerful breath instantly exploded out, a dazzling golden light filled his body, the bright light covered his body like a golden suit of armor.

Chalice's raised fist that was attacking couldn't be seen.

But in Xie Ao Yu's eyes, it had at least thirteen types of attacks fused together.

Xie Ao Yu stepped forward one step, qi surging. That one step seemed to make the earth within a hundred meters radius quiver, he also sent out a punch, one fist against another.

The golden fist's shadow sent out a brilliant light in four directions, like countless golden snakes wildly slithering, the powerful force swept the weeds into the air, gravel went flying, creating a huge disturbance in eight directions.

One fist broke through the fist's shadow.

An earth-shattering explosion suddenly spread out.

An enormous flow of energy flooded out, carving a deep half-meter ravine into the ground.

In the center of the field, Xie Ao Yu proudly fought, wind blew by, ruffling his messy hair, but his body was like a root, firmly standing, at this moment, giving people a sort of oppressive and intimidating feeling in four directions.

Whether it was the Qin family's people or the Pasa family's people, they all felt like they were looking at an illusion or a dream.

Until the winds faded and the weeds landed.

They were looking at the place eleven or twelve meters in front of Xie Ao Yu, the place where Chalice was lying, at the moment he was in an embarrassing position, his right hand was swollen, the clothes on his right arm ripped, leaving a trail of blood, his bones were broken.

One punch defeat.

He was defeated in one hit.


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